Humble Developer Bundle online discount shop for games, books and comics - Review

Humble Bundle is one of the popular discount sales website. The website features discounted prices for games, books and comics and Android apps. Each month Humble Bundle comes with new campaign. In this article, we review the Humble Bundle discounted online shop.

Humble Bundle campaign offers you a chance to pay what you want to get access to the exclusive content. The system also offers you a chance to help the charity from your payments to the Indie developer games. Here are some of the features of Humble Bundle discount website.

Gaming Bundle

The reason Humble Bundle became so famous is because of their gaming bundles. The company always distributed the games which are meant to run on all platforms. Apart from the cross platform games, there used to be platform specific gaming bundles too. Those bundles in the past covered Android, Windows and Linux only bundles. Most of the games from the Humble Bundle were kept for bundle only distribution for longer period. Bundle also showcases the Indie developer games from time to time, which means you get some new games from new development studios.

Book Bundle

The company has another bundle where they have eBooks for sale. This bundle has some of the premium and limited edition books. Usually the offer contains some comics, audio-book and the graphic novels. It's really hard to find the content outside the Humble Bundle shop. So this offer makes the books exclusive to the Humble store only. Most of the books are focused on the readers who are into comics and audio book. The books and other reading content being sold do not have any DRM on them. And also the format being distributed is likely to work on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Humble Store

Humble bundle distributes the bundle based on the availability of developers or creators. However some of the creators are using Humble Bundle as a platform. In such case you'd find their content being available on monthly bundle page. Most of the games are sold repeatedly on Monthly Bundle. Inside the store you may find that some game developers have sold their early access discounts. Also the cost of the games is dropped by a huge margin. So this store can be really handy for people who are into games and want it at low price. They also have the discounted runs on regular basis inside the store. Content of variety of types being sold over there.

Fund Distribution

Humble bundle let's you decide where your money goes when you make payment. You can make your money go to some of the charities such as - American Red Cross, Make a wish, Direct relief and many others. Each bundle has new charity partners who benefit from the bundle sales. If you don't wish to distribute the funds to charity, you have a option to make it go to makers. It gives you a slider to choose where your money goes during payment. You can also let Humble Bundle decide how to distribute the money. So the default option keeps the money distribution even.

humble bundle payment

Paying for Bundle

Humble bundle accepts multiple mode of payment systems. It accepts credit card, Paypal, amazon and bitcoin. The bitcoins system was added recently into their website. Most of the Linux users who don't want to use the credit card make use of the bitcoin to pay for the bundle. In case if your country doesn't have Paypal and Amazon, then you're left with option of credit card and bitcoin. As you have control over how much to pay, it makes sense to pay for the content distributed in the Humble bundle. The minimum you have to pay to get all the benefits is 9$.

Steam Support

Most of the games distributed also come with steam support. But in order to unlock the games you may need to pay for the steam add-on. It costs 1$ in most of the Humble Bundle offers. However in most other cases you may be required to shell out few more bucks to get steam support. If you have console or PC based steam account, then you may definitely benefit from the additional steam support. It adds the humble bundle gaming content directly into your steam account. So you can play from that account itself.


Humble bundle is an interesting offer for those who are interested in games, audio and books. The website has managed to run a lot of indie game discounts to help both gamer and developers. Though not every Humble Bundle is worth the price offered. However there are some of the enough good bundles out there worth checking out.


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