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"Online" is the buzzword of the day. Given the heavy amount of online presence we share, we tend to have a plethora of passwords. Having to remember a host of passwords is quite annoying. That is exactly where is the need for a Password Manager arises. Among a great and huge list of paid and free options available, we will focus on a recent Password Manager app today – Zoho Vault.

In today's digital era, we have accounts in various services across the web. And many of these services being sensitive enough, need a strong password. As for instance, a weaker and easily guessable password for your online banking account can prove to be fatal and play havoc with your finances. A weak password in any account or service makes your account vulnerable to hacking. An effective Password Manager is thus the need of the hour. Our today's app Zoho Vault is one such capable password manager. Let us find out more about the app in the following paragraphs.

What is Zoho Vault?

Well, as stated before – Zoho Vault is an online Password manager. The app promises better security with its encryption. The service is available in the form of iOS and Android apps. You can also use the Zoho Vault services as extensions on Chrome and Firefox.

Zoho Vault definitely passes all the requirements of a good password manager. Yes, there are certain shortcomings – but more on that later.

How does Zoho vault work?

Starting with the Zoho Vault is quite easy. It works across different platforms with a single account. You will need nothing more than your email ID for the registration.

Just register with your email ID and a password (well, that would be the only password you need to remember, so make sure you choose a secure one). Once done, you will need to confirm your email. The procedure is similar to most of the account registrations let you do – you will receive a mail in your registered mail ID. You need to click on the link to activate – that's it! Your account is created.
Create a Passphrase for your Zoho vault account. Make sure you have selected a passphrase different from your account password. It is the phrase you would use for saving your future passwords to the vault. Please note that the passphrase will not be saved by Zoho Vault. It is just like the Master Password used in a host of password managers.

As I said before, the application works as a browser extension to make things easier for you. Once the account is created and you have signed in to your Vault, install the browser extensions. The extensions will help you auto fill the passwords.
Adding passwords to your Zoho Vault is quite easy. You just enter them on your website as you would normally do and Zoho will ask you whether you want to save it to the Vault. Or else, you can add the passwords via your browser extension.

Features of Zoho Vault

Zoho Vault lets you share your passwords among your team members. You just create different Vaults and give access of these Vaults to your team members. This segregates your personal credentials from the official ones. Zoho Vault calls these separate Vaults as Chambers.
The service offers you support for Two Factor Authentication. It is accessible in any platform and any device. It supports almost all popular browsers.
When it comes to privacy, Zoho Vault performs to the level best. Any data you have entered in to the Chambers stays to be completely private. Your passwords are protected using AE-256 encryption. In fact, no one can enter your Chamber without knowing the Passphrase which only you are aware of. The data on Passphrase is never stored anywhere on Zoho. If you want to know more about the security aspects of Zoho, you may visit https://www.zoho.com/vault/application-security.html.

Any issues?

Well, yes – as I stated in the beginning, the service has some issues. Some of these could be disturbing for someone using a password manager for the first time.
Captured passwords cannot be added to the Chambers directly as you would do with your regular websites. You need to add the password manually to the chamber in such cases.
Zoho seems to falter when it comes to the websites that have non standard login pages. It cannot handle oddball sites, or the sites that have a two page login process. In those cases, you have to manually enter and save the passwords into your Zoho Vault. While entering those passwords into the website for logging in, you need to open your Vault and copy paste the credentials into the website.
Zoho has apps for Android and iOS, but initial usage has indicated that there are some initial hiccups. On Android, it has been found to take a little long for the auto fill pop up to come up. However, the issue seems to be hitting only certain devices and not a universal issue. There were occasional lags with the pop up getting displayed. Rest of the features are comfortable.
On the iOS app, the Touch ID is not enabled by default. Having to enter the passphrase repeatedly gets quite annoying. Hopefully, the developers will fix the bugs in the future updates.

In conclusion

Zoho Vault, as a browser based extension, works quite effectively. It does offer you all the essential features that you would expect from a Password Manager. Best part is it does support two factor authentication as well.
For those who are concerned about storing their passwords online, we would assure you that there is nothing to worry. Zoho encrypts your passwords and thus no one except the one who has access to your passphrase will be able to get to your passwords. The Zoho Vault is the best password manager for you if you have no multi user accounts.

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