Common reasons for disabling AdSense accounts

Webmaster forums are full of complaints regarding Adsense account ban. In this article, we will discuss the reasons behind disabling of Adsense accounts and also give some tips to avoid disabling of your AdSense account.

When you go through the Adsense official forum, you will find thousands of publishers complaining about their Adsense account being disabled without any reason. I personally believe that every Adsense account termination have some valid reason behind it. This is because of the fact that Google also makes money through your account and they don't want to lose that without any reasons. In this article, we will discuss the reasons behind disabling of Adsense accounts.

Invalid Clicks

The most common reason behind the Adsense account termination is invalid clicks. The invalid clicks include:

  • The clicks made from your own computer

  • Multiple clicks made by another computer.

  • Any other clicks that looks suspicious to Google bots

  • The first case is the most common one with the newbies. When they see that they are not earning any money through Adsense, they start clicking on their own ads, which results in disabling of their accounts. The latter two cases are generally due to click bombers. Click bombers are the people who try to disable the Adsense account of their competitors (enemies) by making invalid clicks on their websites.

    AdSense Disabled

    Participating in link exchanges

    Recently, Google has penalized the websites that were involved in buying links for their websites to achieve better rankings. Even some of the major players have also been punished and their PR had been reduced. It is quite probable that Google may ban such publishers who make use of illegal methods to increase the traffic and Adsense revenue.

    Objectionable content on your website

    As per the Adsense terms and conditions, if you post any objectionable content on a website having Adsense Ads, your account may be disabled. The objectionable content here include porn stuff, hacking tutorials or abusive articles. Thus if you want to keep your Adsense account safe, you should follow the terms and conditions properly.

    Linking to websites having Copyright materials or Illegal Stuff

    Another reason for Adsense account disabling is having links to websites that host copyright materials or porn links. Very few AdSense publishers are aware about this clause and thus this is a common mistake done by many of them. However, the Adsense team gives you a warning in this case before disabling your Adsense account. You are provided some time to rectify the mistakes (remove those links). If you remove those links on time, your account may remain safe.

    Accounts Obtained by Illegal Methods

    In case you have obtained the Adsense accounts by any illegal method, there is a good chance that it will get banned in future. Generally, it happens when you complete the first $100. However, it may happen earlier depending on how unlucky you are. There are a number of Adsense account sellers present online that can provide you Adsense account for $10-$100. I do not think there is any point in buying those accounts unless you have got some extra bucks to throw away to the scammers.

    I think I have covered the most common reasons for account disabling. Staying away from such reasons will help you keep your account safe and give you passive income for years to come. If I have missed any of the reason for Adsense account disabling, you can mention it using the comment box below.


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