Is Adsense a reliable source of Income?

It is strongly recommended to diversify income sources so as to remain financially stable. This applies in online world as well. However, most of the bloggers are dependent on Google Adsense only for earning money online. This most explains in detail about the limitations of Google Adsense.

I have seen that the craze for Adsense is increasing particularly among the new bloggers. Most of them are fascinated by the big Adsense cheques that they see all over the internet. It is easy to find posts in favor of Adsense on almost every website that is using these ads. But in this post we will discuss the limitations or problems associated with Adsense. Following are the reasons for not depending entirely on the Adsense.

The Visitors have become smart – CTR is falling

When Adsense started very less people were aware about this program. As a result, the visitors were also not familiar with the ads and thus the click through rate was also quite good. More clicks certainly mean more money for the publisher (it depends on some other factors also). But the situation has changed over the last few years. Now the people have really become quite smart and as a result the Adsense CTR has declined to 1-2%. Of course, if you are a premium Adsense publisher, you get special privileges that allow blending the content with the Google ads. This gives exceptionally high CTR for such publishers.

Adsense or Google is not your Employer

Yes, it is really true. When you accept the terms and conditions of Adsense, it says that your Adsense account can be terminated at any time if the Google feels the need to do so. So, when you depend entirely on Adsense for blog monetization, you are living at the mercy of Google. One notice of Adsense account termination and you come back to the point where you started from (0). Again, if you think that account termination does not happen so often just browse over the Adsense forums. You will get to know about thousands of publishers complaining that they got their Adsense account banned for no reason. Even the big players are not safe. So far, I have seen two big players (earning in the range of $10000-15000) per month getting their account disabled.

Google keeps updating its algorithm-Panda and Penguin

Another reason not to depend entirely on Adsense is the regular change in the ranking algorithm by Google. The change in the ranking algorithm can affect your site traffic which is directly proportional to your Adsense earnings. The problem with the changes in the algorithm by Google is that it is unpredictable. The uncertainty caused by these changes has made bloggers think about finding other reliable income sources.

Diversification is the Key-Whether it is Offline or Online Business

When we talk about a business the first thing that comes to mind is "risk". It is only this risk associated with a business that compels them to remain glued to their jobs. Again, depending on a business that is based on advertising income is really not a wise decision. This is because the income can fluctuate depending on a number of factors. Thus, you should try to diversify your income sources. For instance, suppose you are successful with Adsense and own three –four websites. Since, you are successful, you must be aware about the basics and thus you can use your knowledge to make niche sites and sell them online. This is just one possibility and there are many ways to twist the earning sources.


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