Interview with Chintan Jain who blogs at Crunchynow

In this post I have come up with an interview with Chintan Jain who blogs at Crunchynow. He is also working on a number of other projects as well including Freebiesbuzz and Lyricsmonk. Here is the interview.

Tell us about yourself and your websites?
I am just like among everyone with simple nature and simple mind but frankly speaking having BIG DREAMS as I am looking forward to be the best role model for all generations along with most successful person of this century. Completed my B.C.A Graduation and now currently working as a blogger and web developer. I like to relate all things with my work though there is no common likeness between them.

Blogging is very effective as well as a kind of inspiration all the day. Currently managing multiple blogs which includes Crunchynow(Blogging), Freebiesbuzz(Giveaway), Lyricsmonk along with Bligbook(HOW TO Guides).

Tell us about the beginning of your online journey?
My online journey began from a contrasting point when I was learning about Ethical Hacking. Though it was completely unrelated but as I said that I like to relate with unrelated things. On the way of learning, the idea of sharing it to people came and next day I started a blog in same niche. However, it was not convincing from Google point of view as they crashed out my blogs. Few month later I registered Imagination) along with with another 4 months period.

Do you manage your websites by yourself?
Blogging is really a tough task to do especially when you want to reach out to every field of your likeness. In my initial period of time, me and my friend Riten Jain both together gave time for our blogs. But as new roles and responsibilities arrived, we had to distinguish our roles. As of today we have
•Crunchynow - Being managed by Chintan Jain Completely
•Freebiesbuzz - Managed by Chintan Jain and Riten Jain
•Lyricsmonk - Managed by Chintan Jain and Tarun Vyas
•Bligbook - Completely managed by Riten Jain
•Labnium - Focusing on new rich keyword(Under Maintenance)

How many hours you spend online?
About my online presence, frankly speaking I am always available online, either on PC or through mobile because I am interested in knowing latest updates and giving support to our valuable readers. But on an average I will be online about 9-10 Hours a day through PC.

Tell us about the present statistics for your website?
Our present statistic shows a good improvement in all our site especially Crunchynow along with Freebiesbuzz(started 2 months ago). All of our websites are on High note; initially we had problems related to hosting, even last month we got our site suspended because of server load. But later on Mr. Karthick helped us to get the best servers for all of our domains.

Do you think online business is easier in comparison to offline business?
Both online Business and offline business are profitable and more valued in terms of their advantages. From past few centuries everyone has been doing Offline Business but probably I think the trend is now moving to Online Business where Building websites, shopping carts, Themes play more major role. Of course I don't say that Offline work like Setting up a physical location doesn't matter, but YES, if you are looking for a huge market then Online Business is the best option to go for.

Do you think you had achieved you professional goals or do you feel, that still a lots need to be done?
About my DREAMS and GOALS, I must say that there are still lots to complete to get to destiny. As I have already discussed with Riten Jain & Angel Jain along with Karthick Kumar & Tarun Vyas about our next move of our Goals and will keep working on it continuously. Reaching out success is very difficult, but the joy of achieving is very special and awesome. As the Success mantra says

"Success never dies, when you reach one, the other one already starts to await you"

If you had not been blogging than what else you had been doing?
I expected this question, it is a must obvious for everyone to ask. The day when I joined college was with only a single aim that study hard would be the best option for me to get the best out of best job. But as with everyone, changes always happen. My life got a Turn over with Riten Jain, along with Angel Jain (the inspiration) for me and we started as a web developer along with blogging on a part time basis.

What qualities are needed in your opinion to succeed online?
Blogging is not a Tough job indeed but YES, I must say that it requires patience along with lot of consistent hard work for a period. As such there is no quality required to be in as Bloggers, but as when you learn about Blogging, I am sure that qualities like Helping, Kind Hearted, Patience, Hard Working will automatically comes to you.

What are the blogs that you follow except your own?
Currently there is no role model for me that I have chosen for Blogging. Yes of course there is no doubt that I follow all sites which are of Tech Stuffs including Tech Tutorials, News, Guides, and Blogging too. For me I always get myself addicted to information being provided on other sites and my task is simple after that i.e. just to implement those things :)

What advice will you give to other budding bloggers?
Blogging is a way to express you in a better manner. In the beginning you will face many problems related to it. Many people might not respond you or you might even generate zero income in the beginning phase, but what I have learn is, if you want something just fight for it. Below is something I would like to share with you all.

"Believe on YOURSELF and not on the WORLD...!"


I hope all of you liked the post. I am impressed with the positive attitude that Chintan has towards his dream, blogging. Keep blogging and stay tuned to for more interviews.


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