Interview with Balakrishnan who blogs at

In this post I have come with an interview with Balakrishnan who owns a number of popular blogs including the Let us see what Balakrishnan has to say about his blogging experience.

Welcome to Tell us about yourself and your websites?
I own number of websites and proud owner of blog
I am Founder and CEO of the following popular sites.

  • Human Ranked Directory Project (
  • PR Urgent News – Free Press Release Distribution (
  • EuropeBanks.Info (
  • Linux/LAMP Server Tutorials (
  • GoSubmit Internet Directory (
  • PHP Favorites – Bookmarking site (
  • Best PHP Scripts (
  • Free WYSIWYG PHP Editors (
  • Quick Business Name Generator Tool (
  • PaidDirectories.Info (Paiddirectories.Info)
  • Free PHP/MYSQL Login Script (
  • Webmasterpals Forum (
  • Top Best Themes for WordPress/vBulletin (
  • Free DNS Lookup tool (
  • Indian Banks List – (Indian-Banks.Info)
  • US Banks List – (
  • TCP/UDP Ports – (
  • Free tool to Hide URLs (
  • Top Best Games (
  • Learn German Tutorials (
  • Indian Name Generator (

Tell us about the beginning of your online journey?
It all started way back in 2004, where I remember Google was just expanding their operations and who would forget overture, altavista etc. Those days I was unemployed and barely people believed in people making money online. Even I was forced by my parents to go for job. Even educated parents are not believing this.

When I started the biggest problem was not having credit card and you can't do anything online without a credit card. So I borrowed it from my father, spent about $20 buying cpanel hosting and learned a lots about websites and marketing techniques.

Do you manage your websites by yourself?
I started learning php and mysql including html and came a long way. I learned everything myself and it was so much fun learning about php programming, creating websites, hosting, SEO etc. I never depend on employees and prefer to do everything myself from a small office. You wouldn't believe after 7 years I don't even have a single employee and I work in a small office room all alone.

How many hours you spend online?
I spend virtually all day online and there is no limit to it. In fact to tell you the truth, I spend playing video games more time than doing my work. I am crazy over video games for PS3/Xbox 360.

Tell us about the present statistics for your website?
I run many many sites and often most get a million views or more monthly (50-60k uniques monthly)

Do you think online business is easier in comparison to offline business?
In fact offline business is much easier for anyone and its very hard to succeed in online business nowadays. All the gold rush is over in this dot com boom and everything is pretty much saturated now and there is too much competition everywhere. Those started in early 2002 are surviving now. If you go to job, I always think that "You cannot be rich working for someone".

With your own business, online or offline, you get big rewards for big risks. Keep in mind that risk is very high in businesses nowdays and if you do not do well, you may collapse. The safe bet would be go for a job.

Do you think you had achieved you professional goals or do you feel that still a lots need to be done?
I have met my goals in life and I can't ask for a better than the life today. In fact it took about 7 years of hardwork to reach what I am today. With every penny I earned online, I spent it with pleasure and I never asked for more. Even $10 was so great to me and I was never greedy. Today I have everything with me iPhone, iPad, Macbook and you name it.

If you had not been blogging than what else you had been doing?
I would be a college professor or who knows.

What qualities are needed in your opinion to succeed online?
It takes lot of patience and plenty of hard work to succeed online, especially with the competition nowadays. Those days in 2004 with AdSense I would barely get 10 cents daily and when you see that small kind of money your website making, you really get disappointed and sometimes it may change your mind to go search for job or work offline. I waited for about 5 yrs to make small money with AdSense and guess what, it just isn't easy!

What are the blogs that you follow except your own?
I visit plenty of blogs through Google search and I just can't name them. I visit mainly honkiat, smashingmagazine etc.

What advice will you give to other budding bloggers?
I never blogged for making money. I always believed in money comes later once you start working and create nice content for your website. I always thought that sharing my knowledge through blogging that somebody in some corner of the world would benefit from the information.

here is my advice:
Do only blog when u feel blogging and not daily. Focus on creating high quality content rather than auto blogging or posting useless posts.


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