Top 8 tips for saving your smartphone battery

The battery is an essential, yet much overlooked component in a smartphone. Most of the smartphone users will agree to the fact. We have seen huge developments in the smartphone technology. The battery is one component that has been lagging behind. How can you save your battery to serve you more? What are the ways to improve the battery back up of your smartphone. We will go through a few tried and tested tips to conserve the battery life on our devices.

There has been an unprecedented growth as far as the smartphone technology is concerned. We have the crystal clear displays and the super fast processors. But, one of the most important factors to use those features - the battery - is experiencing a slower growth. The battery life has assumed a top spot among the factors considered by consumers when deciding on a smartphone to purchase. We will attempt to list out a few great tips that will help you get more out of your battery juice.

Why battery technology is lagging?

It has more to do with the trend of thinner and smaller smartphones. Each transistor will tend to draw less current , but collectively it will need more power. There is a limit to how much energy can be stored in per kilogram of lithium and since the smartphones are getting thinner, we are limiting ourselves with the space. Most of the batteries these days fall under Lithium ion type. They offer benefits like low cost and are safer, but have limitations related to the backup. It is quite difficult to find a material that is small enough and capable of holding more power. Until we find or synthesise such a technology, we need to stay put with Li-ion batteries.

#Tip 1. Change the settings for email retrieval

If you have multiple email accounts, the email sync can be a resource hog. If you receive a lot of emails (well, we know most of the messages we receive tend to be spam), it can result in your phone needing more energy, and thereby more battery power.
Configure your email app, or clients to receive mails over a predefined schedule. Most of the smartphones have the settings for enabling the same. A good schedule would be to set it to push mails once every 30 minutes or more. The email clients also have an option to refresh them manually, if you are not much dependent on the emails.
Please note that a smartphone configured to receive the email messages automatically can use up to 10% of your battery life for email sync alone!

#Tip 2. Disable location tracking

The GPS feature on your phone consumes more battery. Most of the map (or navigation) apps and fitness apps have the location tracking enabled by default. Watch out for such apps on your smartphone. You can switch off the location preferences from your phone settings itself so that none of the apps will use it. If you want certain apps to use the feature, you can set it off for those apps for which you have no need of location tracking from the app settings in the individual apps.
You can disable it on your iPhone by navigating to Privacy menu and Location services under it. If you have an Android, go to Settings and disable the location permissions for an app by tapping the Permissions.

#Tip 3. Use Auto Brightness

As you can see if you check the battery tab under your smartphone settings, it is the screen that consumes more battery than any other component. A brighter screen will make your battery drain faster. The best way, thus to preserve your battery is to use the lowest possible screen brightness. A low brightness level will save you around 50% of the battery than that at full brightness.
However, a screen with less brightness will not be properly visible under bright light. Almost all the smartphones do have an option for Automatic Brightness. Make it a point to use Auto brightness for your screen.

#Tip 4. Use AdBlockers

While you are browsing the web on your smartphone, it keeps downloading ads. The ads - especially the video ads - consume much of your battery power. Using a good ad Blocker service reduces the consumption quite considerably. These ad blockers extend your battery to a good extent.

There is a good choice of options if you search for an ad blocking service. Even some browsers have the settings enabled which block the ads on websites visited. 1Blocker is a good example of good quality ad Blocker for your iPhone. If you are on Android, you can check out a wide range of options available on Play Store.

#Tip 5. Download Music, Don't stream

No one downloads music these days. We have all grown fond of streaming music. Yes, it saves the memory you will need if you were to download music to your phone. But this most popular method of listening to music drains your battery really faster.
Studies have proved that streaming music for around two hours will cost you 10 per cent of your battery life, while listening to the same music downloaded to your device will cost you just five per cent. That means, if you are a music lover who likes to stay tuned in to your tunes, streaming can cost you a huge battery drain. Agreed, the storage space on your device is equally precious, but with the current breed of phones that support USB OTG functionality, you do not necessarily need to store your music right on your phone anymore.

#Tip 6. Turn off WiFi when you have poor coverage

Pay attention to the areas with weak reception. Whenever your Wi-Fi or cellular signals are weak, your battery tends to drain more. That's because your device keeps searching for the best possible reception and in turn uses up more energy.
Disable all the connections that need wireless. Airplane mode is the best option here as it will turn off all connectivity options with a single tap. However, if you need to keep a certain connectivity on, you can do so by going into the phone settings. For instance, keeping the network mode to Auto will keep searching for the 3G (or 4G - as the case may be). If you are sure your area has no 3G/4G connectivity, it would be advisable to switch to GSM Only mode. Same goes for the Wi-Fi. If you have a strong Wi-Fi and a weaker cellular connection, you toggle weaker one to off.

#Tip 7. Check apps consuming more power

Many apps tend to work in the background. There may be a few apps you would not need to work in the background. Both iPhone and Android have means to check the battery being used by each app on your phone. Disabling the background activities of the apps you want to use only on the foreground can help save a good deal of battery.
Check for the apps that stay active in the background for extended periods of time. There are many apps that fall under this category. News apps and email clients are big culprits. You can check the battery power being used by each app by navigating into the settings menu and then Battery submenu.
If any of your apps is consuming more battery, disable the background processes for the app ( Make sure it will not affect the usefulness of the app). On an iPhone, you can do this by going into Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh. You can disable the background activity of any app here. If you use an Android, go to Settings -> Data Usage under Connections tab. Choose the app and check or uncheck the Restrict Background Data box as per your preference.

#Tip 8. Switch off unneeded notifications

Most of the notifications we receive are from apps. It would be advisable to disable notifications from games or such other apps which are unnecessary. If an app has notification enabled, it needs you have a constant connection with the notification server. This will cause your phone to wake up for a few seconds which will drain battery unnecessarily.
You can disable notifications per app basis. Both Android and iOS let you do it. On an iPhone, go to settings and tap on Notifications. Now tap on the app name and disable Allow Notifications. If you are an Android user, you can disable notifications for an app by going into the App info for a particular app and disabling Show Notifications.

A few myths

The conventional methods used so far believed in turning off the radios. Those tips suggested you to turn off all the apps and connectivity options. But practically speaking, these methods produce negligible results.

What if still no success?

If you still think your battery drains faster, the only option left is to use an external battery. There are other options as well. You may opt for a power bank. Another good option is the extended battery packs available with major vendors. In my opinion, using a power bank would be a better option as you would have no bulkiness of your smartphone as in the case of extended battery packs.

And finally...

That was a list of some practical tips to help you save your battery backup to some good extent. I am sure you would be able to get through a couple of more hours if you follow the tips properly. Keeping your WiFi or Bluetooth, or even data connectivity off just to save the battery would be something I would treat impractical. If you have to uninstall all the apps, keep every connectivity shut down and phone under sleep, what's the use of owning a smartphone and having so many features on it? Hopefully, my readers will agree with me. If you have more tips on improving the juice, you are welcome to share your ideas here below.

Article by Timmappa Kamat
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