Five Most Common Technology Myths

We often find people around us discussing technology, the dos and don'ts when it comes to taking care of gadgets. How many of us have really given all those advises some thought as to whether they are really true or not. So down below, I have listed 5 very common tech myths which many of us have believed it to be true.

Technology is everywhere but so are all the bad information related to technology. People always are beside you advising all the dos and don's regarding your priceless tech devices. So here are 5 common tech myths you may not even be aware of.

Myth 1 - Leaving Your Phone Charging Overnight Hurts The Battery

It happens almost every time. You get home at the end of the day with a phone to be charged and leave it plugged in almost whole night so it's fully charged when you wake up. Is this a good idea? My answer would be yes. It is totally fine. Phones are pretty smart when it comes to battery. As the battery starts to fill up, it automatically slows the rate of charging. So, you can leave your phone plugged into the charger overnight without too much risk, provided it's not a counterfeit charger, and you don't let your phone overheat.

Myth 2 - You Need To Manually Close Apps

If you open up the multitasking, all you see is a number of open apps, so is this a bad thing? No. Not at all. Operating systems like Android, and iOS are really good at managing memory. Unlike the computer though, it will start to slow down, if you leave several programs running but mobile OS will automatically close apps when you need memory and reopen the app when you come back. Because of this, having a RAM on your phone full is actually a good thing. It means you are taking advantage of having as many apps ready to go as possible. Sometimes, you might need to force close a misbehaving app but besides that let your phone figure out, what to keep open.

Myth 3: You Need An Expensive HDMI Cable

Unlike all other video cables, HDMI is digital. This means that the signal is 100 percent ethical regardless of what cable you are using. Whether it costs 100 or 500. Don't fall for the marketing. The more expensive cable will not get you better image quality. Either you get a signal over HDMI or you don't. The only time while buying the HDMI makes sense is that you need a long cable. Normal HDMI cables will be totally fine up to a length of 5 meters however higher it can be as long as 15 meters and these will cost you over a little bit more. For the vast majority of people, you can safely avoid the price of the HDMI cable and just get yourself a cheap one.

Myth 4 Tech Specs Are Always Comparable

When shopping for a new phone or computer, it's easy to compare the specs on the box. More is always better. Not necessarily. There are tons of videos on this but you cannot always take specs on face value. Take for example the recent fastest phone comparison. On paper, the Galaxy S6 with 8 core should easily beat up the iPhone with only 2 however on actually testing they are surprisingly close. The same thing goes for things like Megapixels. Sure, more is better in theory, but lot of time a higher megapixel cam can give you worst results than a lower one. Specs are absolutely important however not always the straight forward as they seem.

Myth 5 Computers Should Never Run Warm

In a perfect world, all computers should run in room temperature, but in reality running warm can actually be a good thing. With devices getting thinner and thinner it's not uncommon to see processors reaching 100 degree Celsius and new devices such as the new MacBook. But is it safe? Maybe. The Intel core end processor in the MacBook relies on the aluminum construction and they dissipate heat. This means that hotter the CPU is allowed to be, the more freedom it has to write at a higher clock speed. This also holds true for the traditional computers. As long as it blows the safe temperatures, running hot off temperature can allow the computer to reach the highest performance that it can.


Author: Timmappa Kamat23 Feb 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Those were indeed much helpful ideas. I have the habit of leaving the phone on charging overnight for obvious reasons. However, I always felt a little disturbed thinking I may be shortening the battery life. Your reasoning has effectively cleared my doubts.
Another similar issue i have been coming across is about the chargers. It has always been said that you should always use the charger that comes out of the box. Using any other although connectors match is not recommended. Is there any truth in it, or is it a myth again?

Author: Akshaya25 Feb 2016 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 3

Yes Sir. Regarding the charger, its always better to use the charger that comes out of the box. Because each charger is made up of particular voltage that will be used by the phone while charging. So a charger with higher or lower voltage capacity for your phone may harm your device. But nowdays, almost all phones come with usb charger which has a capacity of 5V so using a charger from some other phone may not affect your phone as much.


Author: Timmappa Kamat28 Feb 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Thanks for that information. That was indeed much helpful. You saved my money on an extra charger.

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