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Staying fit and in shape has always been a big issue for most of us. More so with the alarming rise in the dependence of machines. Losing weight is a constant thought that keeps us busy. But keeping a diet diary is tougher than keeping a tab on your eating habits. Here is an app that helps you do it - Talk-To-Track. Let us find more about this awesome app in this article.

If you are one of those trying to lose weight, then the diet diary is an essential companion for you. There are a huge number of apps that help you keep track of your eating habits and the calorie intake therein. But sadly enough many of them are quite tough to use. Mostly no one is at ease with all that typing needed to record all you have eaten throughout the day. Moreover, you either need to keep checking the calorie be value on the box or the weight of the food that you gulped.

Talk-to-Track makes your task easier. And we will analyse this app on a more clearer detail in the following paragraphs.

What is Talk-to-Track?

Well, to begin with - it is a mobile app that tracks your diet using a Voice Transcription Auto Tracking technology. The voice transcription makes the app more interactive and easy to use. It has been observed that most of the users of other apps stop using them within a month because having to type all that you have stuffed down your throat is not that easy. By making you talk to your phone while you are having a bite of that cupcake is easier than typing it in the app.

How does it work?

It uses the innovative tracking system. As the name itself indicates, you just Talk to the phone to Track your calorie intake. You speak into the microphone and it takes the responsibility of tracking it.

To explain it more in a layman's language - you only have to speak into your phone's microphone of what you have just eaten and the app does rest of the work for you. It records the food item on your diet diary  and calculates the calories based on the size, quality  and the weight of the food item. "One Large apple" is what you tell your phone. The app will pull the item from its database calculate the calories and nutrients and record them on your diary. Better still, do not worry about the pronunciation and accent. Talk-To-Track is capable of understanding a wide range of accents, phrases and pronunciations.

Here is how you go with it - speak loudly into the microphone of your phone, say "10 Grapes". Now check whether your entry has been correctly transcribed. If you are sure, upload it to the daily diet diary. You will get the result instantly - the number of calories and the nutritional info being added to your diet diary as a running record.

The app brings a funny angle to the otherwise boring task of making diet entries. And it is faster than having to type those long entries. And it learns your eating habits.

What features does this app have?

The most interesting point with the app is you simply talk to the app and track the calories you have gulped down. Other important features that the app promises are
  • It does learn from your eating habits. It remembers the common foods you eat. It remembers the quantity as well!
  • Accurate tracking of the food items eaten.
  • It keeps a nutritional information of the food in addition to the calories. This is one feature that sets it apart from other similar apps.

Maintaining your diet diary need not be a separate task anymore. You can do it along side your routine tasks like reading a newspaper, watching TV, or working on your laptop. And that saves your time which you otherwise would have wasted in typing those longer names and quantities of the food items. Add to it the cumbersome task of finding it from the database. Talk-to-Track eliminates all those extra chores and gets intermixed with your regular routine.

Developers have stated that the app uses powerful algorithms to track the calorie count. The patent pending natural language technology has a massive database of over 300,000 food items.

Any issues with the app?

Well, practically speaking - the app works quite smoothly and as promised. There are a few voice recognition glitches. At times, the app fails to listen to what you just talked to it and misinterprets the item. As such, it becomes necessary to check it before uploading. However, there are no issues with common food items though. Once the app learns your eating habits, you will tend to see less number of such mistakes.

There is an issue just like you would have with other food tracking apps. You cannot be sure of what quantity of food you have eaten. But, you cannot term it as an app issue at it is common across all those diet diary apps.

The biggest issue with the app is however it's unavailability in Indian versions of app stores. Hopefully, the developers, and the community as a whole thinks about launching the app for Indian users soon.

The Developers

Talk-to-Track is developed by FitClick. For the uninitiated, FitClick is a social fitness community. It was founded in 2009. In fact, the app is indeed well developed and has a great interface. The community  has over 750,000 active members.

With the FitClick community, you can participate in weight loss campaigns and track your workouts. It also lets you create a customised diet and fitness plan based on your needs. The community has a program for creating foods and recipes based on your eating habits and fitness requirements.

And finally..

Talk-to-Track is indeed the best calorie counter that we have ever come across. It is of much help in today's faster lifestyle. What makes it unique in comparison to other apps in the similar genre is the simplicity with which you can record your diet. Actually the app blends in itself into your daily routine and thus does not need a special attention. Besides being part of your weight loss regime, it doubles up as  nutritional guide as well. Worth having, definitely. The app is available for Android and iOS platforms. We just hope to see the app being available in India as well very soon.

Article by Timmappa Kamat
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