How to remove your contact from Truecaller?

Almost all of us use Truecaller - an app that lets us know the callers details. But, having your details on Truecaller can be unwanted many times. Want to know how to remove your name and contact details from Truecaller database? Read this article to have a clear idea on how to remove your unlist your details from the service.

Truecaller has always been a popular caller ID service. It has a user base that runs into millions. It is indeed a useful app that lets you know the contact details of a caller from an unknown number. However, at times it becomes necessary to unlisted your number from the Truecaller database. This short article aims at guiding the users on the steps to be taken to remove your contact details from Truecaller.

How does Truecaller display details of callers?

Truecaller uses the Crowdsourcing to collect the contact details. It means it syncs the address books, or phone books of its users on its servers. Thus, even if you have never used the service for your number or on your device - your name and contact details will still be available on Truecaller database. That's because someone or the other might have saved your contact details on their phone and using Truecaller. And thus allow Truecaller to access your contact details. Not bad till that point, right? But still be a cause for concern in some extreme cases. Read on to know how.

What are the threats of having your contact details on Truecaller?

Please note that I am not foresaying a disaster. It is just that it is a possibility. At times, Truecaller lists your address as well. Especially, that happens to be the case with landlines.
Truecaller sources the data- as said before, from public sources. Thus your land line number is prone to be public scrutiny. The information can be dangerous when it becomes accessible to strangers or spammers. If some spammer or telemarketer calls you from office, it could be fine. But what if someone enters your house? You will definitely not want it, right? That's where comes the necessity to remove your number from the Truecaller directory. If you are the one who thinks on those lines, keep reading to know more.

How to remove your number from Truecaller?

Well, if you are the one who feels as above, here is the list of steps you need to take to remove your number from Truecaller. Not that you will be safe just by removing your name from Truecaller. It could be one of the steps involved.

First of all, you will need to deactivate your Truecaller account. Please note that cannot remove the contact details if you want to keep using Truecaller. Here are the steps to do that on your Android, WindowsPhone or an iPhone. Go through the simple steps as below.

For Android -
  • Open Truecaller.
  • Tap the icon showing People.
  • Navigate to Settings ->About.
  • Tap on Deactivate Account.

For iPhone -
  • Open Truecaller.
  • Tap the gear icon.
  • Navigate to About Truecaller..
  • Scroll down to Deactivate Truecaller.

For Windows Phone -
  • Open Truecaller.
  • Tap on three dots.
  • Navigate to Settings ->Help..
  • Tap on Deactivate Account.

Once you have deactivated your Truecaller account, it is time to remove your number from Truecaller. To do that, proceed as stated below -
  • Go to Truecaller Unlist page. Visit
  • Enter the number you don't want to be searchable on Truecaller. Ensure you have added the country code (and area code in case of landlines) correctly.
  • Check one of the reasons listed out for unlisting. If you want, you can provide your own reasons in the Other form.
  • Type in the Captcha code in the space provided.
  • Click on Unlist.

Done! Your number will be unlisted.

Please note that Truecaller has stated that it will unlist your number within 24 hours of receiving the request.

Any further action needed?

Though Truecaller states that the number will be unlisted within 24 hours, there have been instances of the number still being active. It is likely to continue being visible to the users. We would suggest you to ask your friends to keep checking whether they receive your contact details on their Truecaller app. If they don't get your number, you have been successful in removing the number from Truecaller database. If, however, they do - you will need to ask Truecaller to unlist your number by citing your communication in this regard.


Well, that was how you can remove your contact information from Truecaller database. That way, it would be a safer you. If anyone of my readers has tried the option to unlist, they are welcome to share their experiences here below.

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