Top Features of Avast 2016 Free Antivirus for Windows

Are you tired of using the Avast 2015 antivirus program? You should try the Avast Free Antivirus 2016 for your Windows PC. You can expect a fresh interface, a new password manager, etc. in this new version of the popular Avast antivirus program. In this article, you would be introduced to all the features of Avast 2016 Antivirus, and even the differences between Avast 2015 and Avast 2016 Antivirus software versions.

If you are using a Windows desktop or laptop, you must be acquainted with the use of one or the other antivirus software. Agreed, with the ever increasing threats on security of your OS, it has now become normal to use some anti-malware or anti-spyware, in addition to an antivirus program. However, if you use an antivirus software packed with most necessary security features, then you can rely on it to do the job of protecting your operating system and PC / laptop. This is where the famous Antivirus software Avast comes into picture. The latest version of this virus protection software is Avast 2016.

With Avast Free Antivirus 2016, you can expect lots of new features, and some improvements over the old features as well. If you are looking for reasons to use Avast 2016 instead of Avast 2015, we shall discuss them in detail. The objective of this article is to have an in-depth study of the various benefits and features offered by the free Avast 2016 antivirus program.

You must be wondering as to what the differences between Avast 2015 and Avast 2016 are. Let us start off with the list of changes made to the Avast 2015 program as well as the newly introduced features for Avast 2016.

New Features Introduced With Avast 2016

  • Password Manager

  • This is an integrated Avast passwords storage feature meant for storing each and every one of your password securely. Apart from the login auto-filling and the browser extension for passwords, nobody knows what other changes Avast 2016 will make to EasyPass. The other thing that the Password Manager does is checking how secure your passwords really are. Do you want your forms filled in automatically on your behalf? Then this new feature of the browser will do exactly that for you.

  • SafeZone Browser

  • The Avast SafeZone browser has now replaced the old SafeZone mode with this new browser. The other key features of this browser include Pay Mode, which will get automatically turned on when you do shopping or carry out some financial transactions. It also carries plenty of useful extensions including Video Downloader and Ad Blocker.

  • Installation Process

  • Just as the installation process changes every time, the Avast 2016 B1 software program has also been completely redesigned to make it simple. You are bound to love it.

  • User Interface

  • The Avast 2016 beta version has a new interface and it has more space than the previous version of the Avast antivirus program. Moreover, it is easily controllable as compared to the Avast 2015 version of the antivirus program.

Improvements Over Avast 2015 for Avast 2016

The Home Network Security of the Avast antivirus software program has been improved so that it shows the vulnerabilities of your router better. Do you work from home? Then this feature is the best feature for you since it will also show you the issues in your router. Only Avast has this feature that no other antivirus program provides.

How to download the Avast 2016 Antivirus?

If you want to know how to download Avast 2016, then visit the official website of Avast and click on the "Download Free Antivirus" button to be able to download the trial version. Once you complete the installation of this antivirus program, the Avast user interface will be accessible to you via the Avast icon in your system tray or through the Avast icon on your Windows Desktop.

The best part is this latest Avast antivirus software is compatible with Windows 10 as well. An important thing to note is that you must register within 30 days of the installation to be able to have the virus protection enabled post that period.

How is Avast different from the others?

Avast is a top free antivirus program that will beat all the other antivirus software programs around the world with its special features and what not. Moreover, the latest version of Avast is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. Moreover, all the bugs that were in the older version of the antivirus program have also been solved and they will continue to be solved in the future too. Moreover, it preserves the original certificate of the websites that you surf while offering HTTPS scanning. It will automatically switch to the browser (SafeZone) when you try to surf banking websites. It also has a Browser Clean-up feature that will allow you to clean unwanted add-ons.

You can also experience the power of the silent firewall, which cannot be easily detected by hackers and yet prevents hackers from hacking your personal computer, laptop or smartphone from which you are surfing the internet. The known issues are being worked on by the Avast Company so that they will not appear in the final version of the new Avast antivirus program.

It would be interesting to track the updates and progress for this popular antivirus software, and whether it is able to prove itself as one of the most popular free antivirus softwares / programs of 2016. Thanks for reading!

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