6 Amazing S Pen compatible applications

S Pen is a stylus for Samsung Note series. It makes difficult tasks simpler for the user. There are a lot of amazing applications that are specially built for the S Pen. Some of the best applications are discussed in this article. Read on to know more.


S Pen from Samsung for the Note series has indeed changed the way we use our phones. S Pen has made it extremely easy to do some tasks that required a lot of time to do otherwise. With S Pen possessing such amazing innovative capabilities, there is no way that developers can ignore it. There have been a plethora of Android applications supporting S Pen. Using S Pen can improve the efficiency of your work especially when you work with the applications designed for the same.
So let us dive right into the list of applications that support S Pen from Samsung and take a look at the interface and features of them.

List of S Pen compatible application

The following is the list of applications that are compatible with S Pen and can enhance your smartphone experience if you take advantage of them.

Autodesk Sketchbook

autodesk sketchbook
Autodesk is actually a pretty popular name when it comes to designing. Autodesk Sketchbook is an application that has some great tools built inside it to make it a perfect tool for all the artists out there. You can get the experience of drawing on an actual paper. There are different types of pens which you can choose from for drawing; each of which will give you a different feel. There are also limitless choices for colors.
Drawing with S Pen lets you make every pixel in your drawing precise and perfect. You can zoom in up to 2500 percent and sketch your imagination perfectly on the screen.
One of the best tools I like with this application is called Symmetry. With symmetry if you draw on one half of the screen and the same gets drawn and mirrored to the other half side of the screen vertically or horizontally according to the setting that you choose.
If you want to get more serious and make the most out of this application then you can buy the pro version and get some amazing pen presets and other tools to make things even easier and interesting. This application can run on Android devices version 4.0 and above.


squid new
Squid which was formerly known as Papyrus by Steadfast Innovation, is a great tool for jotting down notes on the go. You can import images and combine them into your notes as well. The best part that I like about Squid is that it has the option of college ruled background which gives you the feeling that you are writing in an actual notebook.
You can choose the color and thickness and other settings for your note and start writing with your S Pen. If you want to erase something you can just erase using your finger. So, it saves a lot of time. You can also zoom in and out of your note by pinch to zoom gesture. After you are done, there is an option to export your creation as image or pdf.
If you want to know more about this application you can check out this article.

Scribble Racer

scribble racer
If you like to be more on an entertainment side, then this application is for you. Scribble racers is a unique application which is designed to be played using an S Pen (you can also use your finger but S Pen can be fun to play with). In this game, you have a scrolling background track which gets faster as you progress. You have to be in between the borders of the track. Though this looks easy, it becomes the hardest game when it gets faster.
This application was developed by Pixelclash and can run on Android devices from 4.0.3 and above.

Virtual Tablet

virtual tablet
Virtual Tablet by SunnysideSoft is a great application which can turn your tablet or Note into a wireless digitizer. Wireless digitizer is basically an input device for a computer which you can use to draw or write on your computer. With Virtual tablet, you can do the same. You have to install it on your phone as well as your computer. Now you can connect your phone to your computer via Wifi or Bluetooth. You will be presented with a blank area on your phone which you can use to move your mouse pointer around in your computer.
This application can be used to do presentation videos where you need to write down notes on the screen to explain.
This application can be used to create designs which is hard to do with a regular mouse. If your phone screen size is small then that can hinder your creativity. There is also a paid version with more capabilities.


myscript calculator
MyScript has three different applications for different tasks that can be done using S Pen.
MyScript Smart Note: This application can convert your handwritten text using S Pen to a digital text that can be shared through email, Dropbox, Google Drive or Evernote. You can also edit your text with gestures like strike to erase, split to insert space, and join to put words together in your notes.
Apart from that, your text becomes searchable and you can search about anything right from the application.
MyScript Calculator: This is a great application for mathematicians or users interested in mathematics. You can write your mathematical expression and it will be converted to numbers and most importantly, the answer to the problem is displayed right on the screen. This application can save a lot of time because typing complicated mathematical problems in your phone can be quite a difficult task.
This application also supports trigonometric signs which can be really helpful for engineering students.
MyScript Stylus: This application can recognize your handwritten text and convert it to digital text. It can then be used anywhere on your smartphone.

JusWrite Stylus Task Organizer

juswrite stylus
This application can be used to create events in your calendar. You can select a date from the calendar and write your note using your S Pen and save it to the events. You can even add those reminders or events to different categories and add priorities as well. This application is a well-designed application with great user interface taking advantage of the new material design elements.


S Pen helps to make your tasks on smartphone easy and fast. In the same way, the applications that take advantage of the S Pen helps to make things a lot efficient for the user. The applications listed above are some of the huge collection of S Pen compatible applications in the Android market. So, if you have a smartphone with stylus support then you should definitely try these applications and you will not regret it.


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