How to make optimum use of Google Chrome - Top 10 tips

Chrome, the internet browser from Google is the undisputed king of all browsers out there. Completing seven glorious years of existence this year, it has millions of users worldwide. Here are a few tips on how to make an optimum use of Chrome.

The world began using the internet with Netscape Navigator long ago, but at present - it is Google Chrome that reigns the all important browser world. Launched by the software giant in 2008, it has never looked back on its successful journey to be the most widely used browser. It was the first browser to introduce the concept of combining a Search Box along with the Address Bar. Though the browser has always been a front runner to be a clutter free interface, it does offer you some power features. You need to dig beneath the surface to be unearth them. This article makes an attempt at finding out a few such advanced features that are tucked away under the hood.

1. Maths under the search box

The Chrome Omnibox (it is a term coined to explain the feature where an Address Bar makes its presence along with a Search Box), has the power to do your calculations. You do not need to use Google search for it. Just type in your figures and the box comes with an answer even before you search for it.
You can even do your unit conversions easily.

chrome tips

Almost all important conversions are supported - be it length, area, temperature and weight. Type in "15 kilograms to pounds" and you get the results even before you reach to the Enter button.

2. Use guest browsing

Browse as a guest. That way you will be able to hide your social profile or any search box suggestions about the sites you visit from the people who use your laptop or PC. This indeed serves as a big privacy control for you.
You want to activate Guest Browsing? Head over to People under Settings and check the Enable Guest Browsing box. When you want to use the Guest Login feature, click on your account and select Go Incognito.

3. Want a definition? Use Double Click

Use Google Dictionary utility. Search for this extension from the Chrome Web store and add the extension to your Chrome installation. You can get the extension from this link as well -

Chrome tips 2

From the extension settings, set the triggers you would like to use with the double click feature. You just need to press the trigger key and double click on the word or phrase you want. A pop up will display the meaning of the word selected. It will also guide you to the more information on the word selected. That saves you time and also helps in staying uninterrupted with your workflow.

4. Fire up the Task Manager

Well - if you are not aware of it, Chrome has a task manager just like your Windows has. If your Chrome has some issues and you are trying to troubleshoot the problems, you can close down the tabs, or processes that you think has issues.

chrome tips 3

You can open the Task Manager by navigating through More Tools and you will find the Task Manager. It will show you a list of all your tabs and running processes. It will also show you the system resources these processes are using. Just navigate to the process you want to stop and click on End Process.

5. Save all pages on a tab as Bookmark

Agreed - we normally use the bookmarks feature to save our favourite sites. But, what if you want to save an entire session of your browsing to bookmark? Chrome lets you do it. Here is how.

chrome  save all open tabs

Go to Bookmark from Settings menu and navigate to Bookmark Open Pages. All your open tabs are saved in a single bookmark. You will need to name the group with a phrase you would want to remember it. When you want to open it, you just go to bookmarks manager and select the group you want to open. All the pages from that particular session will open in separate tabs.

6. Use Chrome as Media Player

Is your machine running out of storage space, or you are not willing to install media players to accommodate different file formats? Well, no issues - you can use Google Chrome as an alternate media player.

chrome as media player

Chrome supports almost all popular file formats and plays media files for you. You can use it to view, or listen to a large number of audio, video and photo files. And you can do it the easiest way. Fire up Chrome and open a new empty tab. Select the media file from your file manager, drag and drop the file into the open tab. That's it - the file will begin to play from within Chrome.

7. Go back still more

Here is a little handy feature on Chrome. Let us say, you have opened a couple of pages in a single tab. And now you want to go back to the page again. No need to head on to the browsing history. There is little shortcut that does it.

go back still

Click on Back button on the address bar and hold it. You will get a pop up showing you a neat list of pages you opened in that tab. You can click and hold the Forward for the same purpose. If you want more results then what is displayed, scroll down to the last item that reads Show full history and it will take you to the browsing history.

8. Unclutter the bookmarks

The bookmark page on your browser gets cluttered with some bloated information that makes it confusing. If your bookmark has a lengthy description and you do not want it, you can get it shortened so that you can identify it easily.

unclutter bookmarks

Just head on to your from Settings. You will get a long list of your saved bookmarks and their lengthy (sometimes unintelligible) descriptions. Select the one you would wish to edit and select Edit. In the screen that appears, change the title field to what you would wish to be rather than the longer one. You can leave the title field empty if you wish. Do not change the link field. This will help save you a few KBs of memory.

9. Get more information on the sites visited

You might have seen the icon next to the address of your Web page on the Address Bar. You will either have a padlock icon, or a blank document icon (it depends on the nature of the site you visit - secure sites have the padlock icon beside them).

chrome site info

Click on it and it provides you the additional information on the page you have visited. This additional information includes the origin of the site, the cookies stored by the current page and the security information of the page you have just opened along with a host of other details related to the site.

10. Unleash the experimental features

Though Google Chrome is not in beta or experimental mode right now, it does have some experimental features. Do you want to have a look into them? Here is how you can do it.
chrome flags

Type in Chrome://flags in the address bar and hit Enter. You will find a really huge list of experimental features you can enable, or disable as per your wish. The features include showing Auto fill corrections, FPS counter etc. But, please be careful when playing with these settings. If may break your Chrome installation. If you are not an ad aced user who knows what you are doing, never ever indulge into changing the settings.

Parting words

Those were a few quick tips that could lend a helping hand in speeding up your work a little. Though not available in way that can be found easily, these features tend to be much handy in getting your tasks done in much less number of clicks. Maybe I have missed a couple of them. But, I must say they are much useful both for a power user, or a normal user out there.

Article by Timmappa Kamat
Timmappa Kamat is a technology enthusiast. He has an active interest in newer technological developments. He is fond of new gizmos & gadgets. He loves to share his knowledge through tech-savvy websites as a freelancer. A Mechanical Engineer by profession, he is equally interested in blogging, with his own blog. He wants to carve a name for himself in blogging arena one day! If you need any clarifications about his articles,please respond here below or get in touch with him through his profile.

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Author: pranay anumula26 Dec 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Few things to add: you can also play the game with Chrome, then you can play dinosaur game (when the internet connection is lost, the dinosaur arrives, click on any button to play with it).

Another detail: if incognito mode to view website without cache, then sometimes cache will screw your surfing. So this can help.

Author: Timmappa Kamat26 Dec 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

The incognito mode has been explained in the article. Yes, I just forgot to mention that the incognito mode lets you surf without cache. That's a good reminder. There are still more tips to be used with Chrome, but those will need a little technical know-how, else they can break your browser installation.

Author: Godson27 Dec 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Informative article. These tips will make surfing the internet more efficient. I especially liked the Math under the search box feature.

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