Pocket Android App Review and Ratings

There is a lot of interesting content on the web and it's really hard to keep track of it all. Bookmarking the URL is just not enough. Pocket App solves this problem by letting you save the bookmarked content. This way you can access the content later and read it any time you want. In this article we are going to take a look at the Pocket Android App.

Pocket Android app allows you to read the saved URLs. It removes the clutter out of complex bookmarking apps in the market. So you're not just bookmarking the URL but also getting the copy of it. You can also archive the content and read it later. The content gets stored on your device and you can read it even without internet. For those who need a lot of content for offline viewing can find this app really useful. Let's see different options of the Pocket Android app.

My List

When you open the app for the first time it gives you "My list" view. Here you get to view the content stored by you using the webapp. You can customize this view to look as content with image grid or the text grid. And from there you can choose which view suits your reading style. This view also shows the content saved on your device. In order to access content that is not stored on your phone, you may need internet connection to access that.

Reading Options

When you open any link or content stored in the device you get few reading options for the content. You can refresh the currently stored page to see the updates. You can use the text to speech option to let the system read the content for you. As the current T2S voice is more of robotic in nature, you may instead read it yourself. You can add tags to existing article or content and sort it for future reference. Making article as a favorite is also easy with the options from the top hamburger menu. You can delete the article if it no longer feel relevant to you. And finally the option that lets you customize the reading experience. It lets you choose the background color from light, dark and sepia. You can also zoom in and out of content. Font options by default are set to serif but you can adjust that as well.

Content Support

Pocket is good for storing the text content into their servers. However, the app also accepts images, videos and audio. However the support for those content types is not local. And you'd need native apps for opening that content. In future I hope they add support for Powerpoint and Excel spreadsheets. I am sure there are many users who would benefit from archived spreadsheets and power-point slides.

Adding Bookmark

Only webapp currently has the feature to add the bookmark. Inside the webapp you'll find that it allows you option to add the URL. Once added you can find the responsive minimal view of the page. Not all the links can be compressed like that but Pocket tries to minify content if possible. Android App doesn't have the add URL option. So you can't add bookmark from the Opera or Chrome browser on Android to Pocket app. I hope this feature gets added in future as many people are moving to surfing the web from the tablet and phones.


The app syncs instantly with the bookmarks created on the webapp. Depending on your internet connection, you may find syncing takes few seconds. Also the syncing process loads only the content which is readable on the device. So the images are scaled based on the device size. And if responsive view is not available then it creates local copy of webpage. In such case it takes more time to sync the content compared to other regular webpages. It can sync across multiple devices once activated.


Pocket app allows you option to select the content from the recommendations. Pockets keeps an eye on your content. And from there it creates list of similar content stored in the server. It fetches the content in similar category. And it allows you to save that in your device. You can then sync it with web and device and read anywhere you want. This recommendations feature is now even extended by social signals. Now you get your social profile with the pocket and view and save the content saved by other users. The current beta version also includes the ability to follow the person and search for other users. In future this may even go forward with additional features.


For those who have paid for the premium version of the app get the option of archiving the content. In this process the content of that article gets available to you even if the website shuts down. And in cases where the content gets pulled out for some reason, archiving helps you read that content for years. As long as you are premium user, you can access that content. However free version also lets you access the content but only with some limitations. If you are free user then do try the limited yet functional archiving feature.

Rating: 8/10

Premium version costs 45$ or 3000 Rs per year which allows you the feature sets such as content archiving etc. However you don't need the premium version if your content consumption is low. Pocket is definitely a good App to use if you consume a lot of content on the web. Reading the saved content on your Android device during the internet downtime or offline hours can be a fun activity. And with more features added to this app in future it'd be interesting to watch the progress of content storage system like Pocket. You can even subscribe to premium version if your content consumption is heavy compared to the others.



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