How to Take the Perfect Selfies

Tired of blurred and shaken up Selfies? Want to take the best moments captured without latching on to the Selfie Sticks? Here's how you can go on taking the Picture Perfect Selfies without carrying a cumbersome Selfie stick. Check the simple tricks and get on with the best unshaken, clear and closer-to-life Selfie moments.

The Selfie Craze

Selfie! Selfie! Now it is all by yourself to take that Picture Perfect Snap of yourself. Its the days for the Selfies, where each and every moment spent alone or with a group can be captured on the spot. You are always ready with your cams which is readily available with your phones, and as soon as you click that Perfect Selfie, all your contacts are waiting for you to share. But what's the fun, if the pic comes out to be a blurred one, not having the perfect angle and you aren't satisfied with the locks on your face. So though technology allows you to portray yourself at your best, there has to be a technique to get the best out of you, and you don't even need to carry that ridiculous selfie stick everywhere for clicking your picture when you look Gorgeous and just Perfect!
Pictures of objects and scenario have an added advantage of that impersonal and neutral touch, whereas selfies are really difficult as they "appear to be perfect" depending when they match your expectations. And portraying yourself in that perfect light and expression isn't going to be an easy task. The final output will also have to face the hard critique, which is YOU.

The challenge lies not only taking the snap in the perfect moment, but in taking the perfect snap without the help of the selfie stick, as carrying one throughout the day and being ready to fix it up might snatch away the right moment and especially the mood. In most cases selfies taken without a stick are prone to face the frequent flaws like a shake, lack of proper light, the imperfect angle, too close a pose and so on. As the challenges are many, so has to be the number of solutions.

With newer phones things are now easier. Features like wider-angled lenses with screens that have pull flash duty which are common in an iPhone 6S, taking snapshots are now like a child's play. So certainly we aren't talking about the process how it works, but we are focusing on the aspect of the quality of your front-facing photos which would com out equally successful irrespective of the kind of phone or camera you have.

1. The Right Angle

The first thing that comes for taking the right picture is your arm. Whenever you hold the camera at your eye-level or below, the risk of chins increase. And beware of chins as they are the first enemy of selfies proved so far. So be careful when you stretch out your arm, you have to keep the level above your head, and the lens has to be angled down towards the line of face. To make it right, you'll have to tilt your head slightly upward, which will solve the chin problem easily and effectively.

2. Using the self-timer

But holding your arm steadily in an outstretched position can be tiresome. To add to the difficulty, pressing the button or tapping the screen to shoot the shutter is going to give it an inevitable little camera-shake and after all these, what is the most probable outcome are blurred selfies.

But if you use the self-timer option, that most of the camera apps include, can give you a way out to this particular problem even though that can pull down a little of that spontaneous moment. But it'll definitely helps in reducing the chance of camera-shake. Now you can focus on simply holding the phone steadily without any special skill of being able to press the shutter-release at the correct time without a single shake. What you get is that extra few seconds which will give everyone some time to gather themselves and concentrate on the actual camera lens.

3. Don't Forget the Flash

If you are not using an iPhone 6S or any of those phones that has front-facing LED, you need to have to arrange for an external flash to lit up your face. That would make a set of better selfie opportunities, when you people are on a night out and the place is dimmed with less amount of lighting or even when there's no light at all.

In Android smartphone there is an app-based solution like Selfie Light, which will throw light from the screen itself while capturing. But for all general users a rechargeable, self-powered LED light fill can do the work as soon you plug it into your phone's headphone jack.

4. Grip your Phone Better

For a better click flip your hand at times to get a more secure, comfortable grip on your phone for the perfect selfie moment.

Heard of the Lazy-Hands?
Apart from the regular selfie sticks there are some other options available for easier hand-holds, which are namely the Lazy-Hands and the Ninja Loop.

Lazy-Hands are to add a set of finger loops that gets attached to the back of your phone. This does not only comes easy for giving you a tighter grip more securely but you can also operate it with a single hand with much more ease and comfort. Instead of holding the phone at its edge, you can also slide down your fingers through the loops. Prices for these start at $9.99.

Ninja Loop is the other Alternative
Ninja Loop can be the other alternative to the Lazy Hands as they are less bulky and not much obtrusive. You get a similar kind of finger-powered phone grip available only at six bucks.

5. Hang your phone

Replacing the odd carriage selfie stick, a self-sticking phone pad is now up in the market to make the selfie crazy youth happy. That's NanoHold ! An idea of a specially designed sticky-pad you get at $6 that sticks to the back of your phone. Now use it on any flat, nonporous surface like a wall, a window or even a whiteboard. Press! using the self-timer or a similar app like CamMe. Go hands-free and you have a handful of shake-less selfies.

But remember NanoHold cannot stick your phone to a wall for hours, but can hold it there certainly long enough to take a short and sweet photo session of selfies.

Getting the Needful Done

Now that things are more clear with a better way of handling your cameras, take the next step of comforting yourself depending upon the phone you have, the apps that are available and the accessories that are easy to procure. Get the picture perfect and become a Selfie expert!


Author: Timmappa Kamat24 Dec 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

The first tip of taking care of chins is indeed a gem of a discovery for me! I have always had an issue if getting proper selfies, though I am not much crazy for them. Yet, at times when I'm in a special group and then the need for a selfie arises. Your tips truly proved wonderful.

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