Periscope Android App Review

Periscope is a new social broadcasting app for Android. The app is based on the concept of real time video streaming over internet. The app works just like Twitter or Facebook with the medium of Video broadcasting. The app is very interesting for those who want to explore the real social life. In this article, we are going to discuss how the Periscope Android app works.

Periscope is an innovative social media broadcasting app. It allows you to video broadcast right from your smartphone. You can use either Android or iOS app in order to broadcast your stream. There are many use cases of this app. Depending on how you wish to use this app, it can be a form of entertainment or leisure time or informative content consuming platform. Let's check out more about this app.

Global Live Stream

When you open the app it shows the global list of live broadcasts. Some broadcasts are likely to be a close match to your earlier streams. And some of the broadcasts are likely to be recommended based on the friends you follow. It is not perfect suggestion system as of yet but it works to show you some interesting live broadcast.

Broadcast Map

Another tab on the top menu opens the Google maps showing the location of the live broadcast. You can just click on the number icon and then get the list of people broadcasting. You can also zoom in to the Google map location and find out more broadcasters from location. For example, let's say New York has around 30 live stream broadcasters then you may have to zoom in to see them. Navigating the map is easy and makes things more interesting as we can narrow down the broadcast search.


Periscope comments can't filter the abusive words as of yet. So surely that is one thing that would stop people from using the app. It does however offer you option to block the user who is harassing you while streaming. You can also limit the streaming to specific set of people. And if you want, then limiting the stream by numbers is also possible. Periscope system, if finds any specific stream getting too many viewers, then it reduces the comment ability for new stream viewers.

Language Support

Periscope has simple answer to localization issues with apps. If your mobile supports the language then so does the app. You can title your name or the stream using the local language. It also supports different type of emoji. You can make use of system emoji for the title and description. You can update the location data during the hosting of stream data.

Private Session

Though private session means you're not being social on platform like Periscope. However, this feature is useful for businesses that wish to host in-house stream sessions. It can also be a good option for families or friends who want to have some privacy.

Periscope allows you to tap on the screen to show likes. The more you tap the more hearts are generated on the screen. And the amount of tapping automatically changes the color of the heart stream. You can also ask a question or comment using the comment box below the stream. If you are running a stream then you get to block users by selecting user profiles. Periscope adjusts the streaming screen based on how you handle the phone. This way you don't have to worry about how the screen auto rotates during broadcast.


In order to avoid bandwidth wastage, Periscope offers hosting of video files for 24 hours. After that period, the video file gets deleted. It has yet to offer the service of uploading the stream to YouTube. This feature addition will surely help business and the individual to update their channel on regular basis with Videos from Periscope. Also there are few limitations when it comes to how many people comment or how many people join the stream.

There are countless ways of using Periscope.

1. Product Promotion: If you are promoting any product then Periscope can be of good use for live demonstration. For example if you have some kitchen appliance to sell then you can use periscope as a demo. The best part is that you can reach larger members.

2. Travel Packages: Those who wish to sell their package in a hotel or resort can use the app. This helps you reach customers. It also helps save money on the external sources for advertising. It can save a lot of money on newspaper or media ads.

3. Events: There are many events that we can't cover with online streaming. However Periscope can be used for such live streaming. You can use it for seminars, workshops, live music events or even bar music show.

These are some of the immediate use cases that I have noticed. I also found this app useful for those who live alone at home. Those who don't have family or friends can use this app and broadcast what they feel. They can also take questions from people and then answer on stream accordingly.


Periscope offers a simple way to stream from your mobile. It has the capacity to reach more viewers who can be your friends or customers. As the app offers more control and simplicity over content, it has the strength to replace other social media channels. Twitter has tweaked the app with small level of detailing and this has indeed made the app experience interesting.



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