MoneyView Personal Finance Android App : Review

There is no one way to manage your finances and track investments. In order to manage your finances effectively there are Android apps that you can use on everyday basis. Moneyview is one such app that you can use to log your income and track spending. In this article, we are going to review Moneyview Android App.

It is frustrating to manage the finance when you are limited to the tools like spreadsheet or paper. In such case you have to go through all the documents and receipts to note the expenses. With mobile apps this scenario is changing. Now you can use the finance management apps for tracking your expenses and investments. Moneyview is one such Android app that allows you to manage your portfolio, track your spending and reimbursements.

When you open the app for first time, it takes some time to go through your stored transaction SMS. This way it collects the data related to your banks and other spends. And then this data is used to show you how the money is being spent and what's left in your bank account.

The dashboard has following sections - Bank Balance, Spend, Top Spend areas, Cash and Latest Transactions. It also shows you the bills due per month. The data for the pending bills is acquired from the SMS that you get for bill due. If you are getting such SMS on monthly basis then app also shows you the due date.

Tapping into the top hamburger menu opens up menu item for "Accounts, Bills, Cash, Spend Summary and Split, Reimbursements".


The Accounts page shows all the bank accounts handled by you. The data is regularly updated when you get the transaction SMS. Also you can modify the bank account balance manually. You can add and remove the bank accounts if you want. You have full control over what goes and stays in your accounts page. If you have monthly EMI payments and wish to track the money left in the bank then account section is useful.


This section gets auto-updated using SMS data. You can also manually add new billers and EMI type. It has most of the categories covered like - internet, mobile, visitors, insurance, investments, DTH/Cable, landline etc. Marking your biller for specific category is useful if you track portfolio or the spend areas each month. For that purpose this section gives you a lot of informative data. For example if you take personal loan and didn't find any category for that. In such case you can add custom category and mark the biller for that transaction. In such case however you have to regularly update the biller.


If you wish to track ATM withdrawals then check this section on regular basis. It can also be used if you want to keep log of the cash spend from your pocket. The section allows manual entries and it shows on the dashboard. So you get the idea of when to update the section for cash spent. If you wish to see the last month's transactions then just pull up the bottom slider on top. And that should show you the number of transactions performed last month. Parallax scrolling lets you access the data from the past upto the first entry in the app.

Spend Summary

This dashboard keeps log of the monthly spend and trend. The trend graph shows you the top spend areas and compares it with previous months. Top spend areas lists the number of transactions with higher amount. The spend summary can be sorted as per daily, weekly, monthly and yearly saved data. The data reflects immediately after you select the option and you can get the idea of the amount spent. It shows the graph for the comparison purpose.


For those who are sharing their bills and money with family member or roommate will find this section useful. They can track the money split in between the users. You can add a single person or the group with whom you wish to split the money. And every time you spend some money in split way for transactions, this section can be updated to keep a log of that. You have to manually update this section for the money pocket split in between the users or the group.


Any transaction can be marked in a category of reimbursed or reimbursable. You have to manually mark the transactions for one of these categories. The marked transactions go into this section and you can track them from here. You can also manually remove such transactions at any time. This is handy for the users who have jobs or the small business where they want to keep track of transactions for which they get reimbursements. Most of the users may not need this section. But if you wish to keep a log of tax deducted money then use this section. That way you get the idea of the amount of money that you have to track for tax deductions.

This app offers a lot more control over the settings and you can adjust as per your requirement. You can set the monthly budget, hide bank balance, hide income, hide cash etc. Also you can turn PIN system on if you wish to protect your sensitive data. This feature is handy if you don't want to discuss the finances with other members of your family or friends who handle your phone.

Use Cases

This app is useful for those who are learning to track their expenses and investments. It also helps you keep track the spend areas. This way you get to decide which spend areas need revision. And where you are not supposed to spend the money excessively. If you are young earner then you often lack the direction for the personal finance, using this app gives you idea of how to work with your savings and finance. You can also make your portfolios and track your investment using this app. Keeping track of tax deducted investment is easy with this app and it should be part of your strategy while handling finances.


Moneyview app keeps a log of spends and the investments very efficiently on your behalf. And you can use this app to make better financial decisions. If you are struggling with the logging your finances then take a look at this app. It doesn't cost any money for this app but expect a premium version in the future. In any case the app is really useful for those who wish to keep tab on their finances.


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Author: Timmappa Kamat26 Nov 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

They should add a feature supporting the bank credentials to be entered so that the accounts get auto-updated. I am using Perfios which works that way. You will not need to add any entries yourself except for those accounts which have no auto update option enabled on the app.

Author: Mahesh26 Nov 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Perfios has a lot of interesting tracking features like Mutual fund tracking, bank account real time view and few others. It's just that it requires initial setup and then it's hands-off experience with it.

Author: Timmappa Kamat27 Nov 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Exactly. I am using it for managing my finances since last one year. It just needs you to set it up with your credentials with your financial institutions and that's it. You will not need any further manual updates to do. The app (or the website) will manage everything on its own.

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