Trello - An App for Task Management

There are plenty of todo-list apps in the Google Play Store. Most of the apps are either too complex or simple for most use cases. However, Trello is one good app that helps you manage your tasks effectively. In this article we are going review this handy Android app that can help you with task management.

Trello is an excellent app in the To-do list task management category. It has a lot of features that help you stay on track and get your work done. Let's see how to use Trello and what are some of the effective use cases of this app. For those who are not sure from where to download this app, you can simply type in 'Trello" in the top search bar of Google play store. Tap onto install button and let the app install in the background.

How to use Trello App

When you first open the app, it presents you with the existing boards. At the bottom of the screen you find the button with symbol "+". And when you press the button then it creates a new board in the list. At the top bar of the app you find the icon for search and notification. At the extreme right you can see the button that opens the list of menu items. The menu items are - Help, Settings and My card.

You can view Trello in a simple view - Board, List and Card. You arrange the board as per your theme. You make a list of cards and arrange as per the action taken. And your tasks are listed in a card.

To create a new board, click on the plus icon. This creates a new board with default name. You can then rename the board as per your choice. In order to add new content into the board, just click on the button below existing. If any of the task or the content in the board is no longer applicable, then simply archive it.

You can edit the name of the task and the containing card any time. The date on the card can be adjusted once your content is revised. The card allows you to change the name, description and also lets you add and remove the attachment.

Send Email to Board

Each card also has a specific email attached to it. If you want to update the content, just send an email to that address and the card gets updated. Here the subject of the email becomes the card title. And the body of the email becomes description of the card. And any attachment that you put into the email becomes attachments for the card. Do note that the attachment limits for the card are based on the Trello's limits and for that reason you can't attach file bigger than the size allocated for your account. You can also add the @username of the person you want to share the card with and he gets to view the card that you added or updated from email.

Sharing Boards or Cards

Trello allows two ways of sharing the links to board or card. You can either share the content as private or public. In case of the public shared link, anyone who has access to the link can view the board/card. If the link is shared privately between limited number of users then only people who have access to the board can view it. Follow the steps below to share your board or card.

1. Tap into the Board menu and click on more link.
2. Look at the bottom of the menu for the option "Link to this board".

Copy this link and share either with your team or with public. If you wish to view the card or board in another application, you can access the JSON data of the board too.

Archive Card

Each card has an action menu on it's side. Once you click on this menu it gives you options like copy, move, subscribe and archive. By archiving the board or card, it doesn't appear on the front layout of the screen. You can undo it by accessing 'Archived items" and then clicking on "send it back to the board" option.

Deleting Card

You can access the archived board and from there you get the option to send the card to board or deleting the board. Though archiving a card/board keeps the data, deleting the card or board will not be reversible.


I know notifications can be irritating and get you distracted most of the time. This is one reason the Trello app groups them up and you can view them only by tapping onto the menu icon. The same procedure applies on web based app as well.

App sync with Web app

If you choose to use the web app along with the mobile app then its better to keep them in sync. This way you don't have to worry about different changes being made to your list. Also syncing helps keep the archived items separate from the working ones.

Trello Use Cases

The app can be really good for writers who are drafting a book/column. You can write themes for your content and then use them to finish the draft. You can also use the card for references and other pointers to help you write.

Trello can help you shop the easy way. You can make a list of items to purchase and only shop for those items. This way you don't end up buying items that are expensive or off your list. As this app can be shared with other users, that means you can share this with your wife or other family members. You can check mark the items after purchase and then archive the list at the end.

There are many other interesting Trello app usage tips that you can read on their official blog. For example, you can create a card from spreadsheet. This can be handy if you have too many things from the list. You can also drop URLs onto your cards and create list of tasks. If you have too much of content to search for then you can use search wildcards for the same.

Trello is a very handy To-do list app. You can use it for project management, time management and other task based uses. If you wish to use the app for casual usage then the free plan for the app is more than enough. If you need a good android app for task management then "Trello" is definitely worth checking out.



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