4 popular Wake Up Alarms smartphone apps

Are you searching for a smartphone app to wake up you like an alarm clock? This article provides information on Android wake up apps. You will get details of each app's unique features, tech specs and where to get it, as also user feedback and reviews.

Father Time waits for nobody, steadily ticking away the seconds, minutes and hours. At some moment or other in our lives (likely more than we would care for!), we have not kept pace with Father Time, horrified to wake up late for an all-important meeting or for keeping our date with a morning fitness/exercise regimen to keep our health in some semblance of an order. Setting an alarm on our bedside clock is often completely pointless – we just shut it off and go right back to sleep.

In today's contemporary times of smart devices we have a plethora of gadgets to help us sleep well, including bedside monitors and wearable devices . Yet others help us wake up. Talking of the latter, there are some really cool apps out there. Check them out…

Snap Me Up app


Snap Me Up alarm app

Developed by Dehun Inc, the Snap Me Up app is ideal for really heavy sleepers. The alarm will ring and not stop unless & until you take a photo of your face, which forces you to get out of bed and turn on the lights. You can't cheat either! The app has a facial recognition software so you cannot shut off the alarm by taking a photo of any object or of somebody else. You have to take a selfie of your own face. Of course, your images are for your own self & totally private - only you can watch them.

How it works

You have to look at the camera, turn on the lights and open your eyes. Instantly, your face is snapped. A timer can also be set by you when required. The alarm does not get dismissed till the time our face is detected on camera + you take a photo of you face. The images taken well get automatically stored in a unique album tagged "My sleepy snaps". You can thus subsequently have a look at the images, add filters and even share them with your friends.

It is important to note here that you must first show your face and be detected before you tap the camera button? If you don't show your face, the app is not going to work. Also, it is necessary to have a stable Wi-fi connection otherwise you are likely to face very slow uploading of the app.

There are 2 options that you can use with this app are:
  1. Normal awakening option: You can wake up by watching 3 photos snapped randomly from all your images.

  2. Video awakening option: You can wake up with a video of up to 8 seconds maximum. It gets stored in your gallery.


  1. The images taken are in colour format and have filters.

  2. An alarm chronology has been incorporated.

  3. The clock feature has both day and night mode and is available in the A.M. / P.M. format.

Tech specs

  1. Requires Android

  2. Current Version: 4.1.1

  3. Size: 6.8M

  4. Installs: 100,000 - 500,000

Updates as of this month

The tutorial has been improved for better understanding. The UI has been worked upon as also loading of images and bugs with the volume. The 'create Gif' has been removed and a filter mode added. The clock has been optimized.


u>App Likes: Quite a few sleepy heads have benefited with this app and even found the pictures of themselves in just-awake mode quite hilarious. It thus automatically starts your day off with a smile! Those who have complained about problems of a dark screen and incomprehensible pictures have been told by the developers that they need to switch on the light to be a visible image on the screen.

App Dislikes: Those who selected the video option are annoyed that it is a paying feature after initial use. Others have been fed up of having the 'my snaps' feature crashing & the subsequent forced closure of app on tapping or dismissing an alarm.

For queries and problems with the app email: dehun.inc@gmail.com

Where to get it: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dehun.snapmeup&hl=en

Walk Me Up


This app has been developed by India-based developer Bazzinga Labs. The app literally gets you out of bed because its alarm will not stop ringing till after you get out of bed and take a pre-assigned number of steps. It has inbuilt intelligent algorithms to detect shaking.

How it works

You have to set the desired number of steps for which you can enable voice feedback too. You can set the quick alarm in terms of minutes or hours as per your requirement. You can select the option which ensures the alarm will go off even if our smartphone is in silent mode. The app is also smarter than you if you think you are smart enough to do some shaking – this tactic won't work for you!


Walk Me Up alarm app

  1. There is a uniquely labelled 'Evil mode' whereby you can disable the snooze button.

  2. You can change the sensitivity of the step counter.

  3. You can change the duration of the snooze.

  4. There is a quick alarm feature.

  5. You can apply a label to the alarm and make changes to the ring tone & volume.

  6. The alarms can be set to be repeated.

Tech specs

  1. Requires Android 2.3 and up

  2. Size: 2.1M

  3. Installs: 100,000 - 500,000

  4. Current Version: 3.9.3


App likes: Only a couple of users have liked the app, specifically the no snooze mode. It seems the alarm just won't stop till you take the fixed number of steps, no matter how many times you snooze. It thus does function as a good wake (walk) up alarm!

App dislikes: Quite a number of users have had varied problems with this app, such as constant crashes and problems with the sensors. One complaint was that the app does not work work if the phone is turned off which thus defeats the purpose of having the app in the first place. Another user said it does not work at all on certain smartphones. The developers have taken the trouble to address various issues and have given the instruction that the app will not work in your smartphone is in your pocket. You need to hold the phone in your hand when the alarm goes off and start walking. Also, using the Settings, one must increase the step sensitivity & decrease the shake sensitivity if one finds that the app does not recognize the steps.

For problems: walkmeup@gmail.com

Where to get it: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.moosa.alarmclock&hl=en
and for iOS customers: http://bit.ly/walkmeupalarm

Puzzle Alarm App


Developed by London-based Wro Claw Studio Ltd, this app requires a little brain power to shut off the alarm! When your smartphone gives a buzz, you have to wake up and work on a puzzle. The puzzle is random, popping up from the inbuilt selection of puzzles. So basically it ensures that are wide awake & alert to shut off the alarm.

Puzzle alarm app

Note that the alarm will not function if you enable a power saving mode. You can purchase an ad-free version of the pay through Google Play billing service. You should also have a look at the permissions. Last update in December last year, that update ensures that your current settings will be saved as default for the next alarms.

The developers have issued 2 important guidelines:
  1. You need to store your music in the phone storage and not in an SD card. If you store the music in the SD care, the alarms will go into mute mode.

  2. You will need to turn off the feature of automatic updates for the app, otherwise the alarm will stop.


  1. The puzzles are varied in type. It could be memory cards, unique patters, a simple captcha or even a math puzzle. There are 3 puzzle difficulty levels.

  2. There is an option to increase the volume of the alarm clock. It can even give out a loud explosive sound which, with external speakers, can be even more enthralling.

  3. For a softer alarm clock, you can select from three soothing melodies.

  4. There is a unique 'Time to bed' other than the usual'Next alarm' notification to set the next scheduled alarm.

  5. You can opt for recurring and multiple alarm clocks.

  6. To prevent the alarm from creating a problem in case of an incoming call, there is a feature which ensures that the alarm gets postponed for 5 minutes via the 'Read phone status and identity' permission.

Tech specs

  1. Requires Android (varies with device).

  2. Size: varies with device.

  3. Installs: 500,000 - 1,000,000

  4. Current Version: varies with device


App likes: One user has rave about, so much so that it has been considered to be the "best technological thing to happen to me in years"! Others have considered the concept of solving a puzzle as being most unique concept of an alarm and regard it as a life-saving app to ensure punctuality to wherever you need to be as it definitely wakes you up. What's more, the alarm is not considered to be as unbearable as one would think and the easy way to customize it gets a thumbs up.

App dislikes: Apparently it works initially for some users, but for some strange reason later started giving problems. It seems it won't really go off or check if the user is really awake while at other times the app won't open at all. Due to various bugs, puzzles not selected by the user pops up or the app works on alarms that the user has not actually set at all in the first place.

For problems contact: support@wroclawstudio.com

Where to get it: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wroclawstudio.puzzlealarmclock&hl=en

Sleep Cycle App

Developed by Sweden-based Northcube AB, the app turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a motion-sensitive alarm clock. An app measures when you toss & turn and determines the various phases of your sleep, using this record to track when you are in lighter sleep, ready to be woken up. The analysis thus ensures that you are waking up in a natural, relaxed manner.
Important Instructions:
  1. You should be having the facility to charge your smartphone at your bedside.

  2. You should be able to place the phone in the manner as per the instructions shown by the developer via screen shots.


  1. Your movements are monitored while you sleep using the sensitive accelerometer in your smartphone. Subsequently, the app will find the optimal time to wake you up during a 30 minute window which will end at the alarm time which you have set for it.

  2. The wake up window can be customized from a regular alarm clock up to 90mins.

  3. The app provides very detailed sleep statistics & sleep graphs for every night. You can even find out on which day of the week you sleep the best!
    Sleep Cycle alarm app

  4. There are 15 alarm melodies and you can select your own music as the wake-up sound.

  5. You can snooze by shaking or tapping the phone lightly.

  6. You can set your alarm and exit from the sleep cycle. The analytical skills feature will continue to work in the background.

  7. There are some very useful notes which let's you know exactly how certain activities affect the quality of your sleep, such as excessive food indulgence or experiencing stress during your day's activities.

Tech Specs

  1. Requires Android: 4.0 and up

  2. Size: 18M

  3. Installs: 100,000 - 500,000

  4. Current Version: 1.3.696


App likes: The app does indeed wake up the user in a peaceful, gentle manner and the graph analytical data of sleep quality has been found to be pretty useful. A few skeptics about its functionality have been surprised by its workings and one user even rated it as value for money. The option to select one's own wake-up song is also a plus point in this app's favour.

App dislikes: A major problem with the app is that it tracks sleep movements of both people on the bed and not just one even if the smartphone is only next to the one who wants to use the app. There have been complaints too of the alarm not going off.

For problems: support@northcube.com

Where to get it: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.northcube.sleepcycle&hl=en

Do give your own feedback on any apps you may have found useful or disliked, whether those mentioned in this article or others. Let's help people out there to keep their date with Father Time!

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