Unity and Unreal 4: two game engines with incredible possibilities

Game Engines are tools that ease the process of developing a game with graphics. There are plenty of game engines both free and paid. So, if you are interested in knowing how games are developed or willing to create your own complete game then you should definitely take a look at the two of the top game engines described in this article. So, read on to know more.


Game Engines make our lives much easier when it comes to developing games. If you were to develop a game from scratch using programming languages like C++, Java or anything like that then you will have to do a lot of coding just for showing up a blank window on your screen. So, you can imagine how difficult it would be if you were to program the entire game with rich graphics on your own. For letting indie game developers skip all these difficult tasks, several companies have developed something called Game Engines that have the required graphical and physics components pre-programmed in them. There are some excellent free game engines out there, which can help you get started and eventually create a game with high-end graphics on your own. So, if you are a newbie game developer, it is worth knowing these game engines and their features to make the best of your time. So, without further ado, let's start exploring them.

Free Game Engines


Unity is a free game engine which should be perfect for a newbie to get started if he has at least a basic understanding of programming and some game physics (There is also a paid version of Unity which should be bought if your company makes more than some specified amount of income using Unity per year). It is always better to know the required math for game development to make complex games but as a beginner there are many ways to learn Unity. What you can do is open the demo projects in Unity and see how everything is built up. You can also check their documentation and learn about all the functions and their usage and also about the tools and user interface of Unity. Other than that there are plenty of video tutorials on YouTube and also on Unity's official website.

One of the best features of Unity is that you have to write the code just once and then you can deploy your game to pretty much any platform out there including Android, iOS, XBox, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and many more. It contains physics already included in the game engine whereby you don't have to code up gravity and all those stuff explicitly. The programming languages that you can use in developing games in Unity are C#, Javascript or Boo. You can also combine different languages by writing different methods in different languages. Rich graphical 3D games can be created using the Unity Game Engine. Even 2D games can be created. Popular games like Dead Trigger 2, Bad Piggies, Temple Run and more are created using Unity. So, it's worth learning it.

Unreal 4

Unreal 4 is a game engine from Epic Games. It is a game engine used by many game developers and large companies. But Unreal 4 can a be a bit difficult for a newbie in game development to start with. But it can help you create some amazing 3D and 2D games. It can help you develop games for different platforms like Android, Linux, Windows, Mac, PlayStation and more. One of the amazing things I like about Unreal 4 is that source code of the game engine in C++ is available for download. This can help advanced game developers optimize their games to the best of their needs. Above all, understand how everything in the game engine really works under the hood. Some of the games created with Unreal Engine are Unreal Tournament, Spider-man 2, Assassins Creed Chronicles series, Batman series and many more.

So, if you have at least some experience with game development or coding you can download Unreal 4 for free and start learning it. Video tutorials are available on their official website.

The Bottomline

If you are interested in game development, these two game engines are definitely going to help you out a lot in making your task easier as well as professional. Both these game engines require some coding experience to make the most out of them. Since both of these are free to download why wait? Go ahead and download them, install them and start your adventurous journey of game development.


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