The Nest Smart Learning Thermostat: A Review

Nest Learning Thermostat is a home automation thermostat from Nest, which has been taken over by Google and thus has got a bog launch this January. The market was ready for it and people got curious across the globe since the big bang launch of this second generation device. Here is a glimpse on its features and performance that can make it easy for you to decide whether it is going to be your pick.

The Nest Smart Thermostat

The Nest has introduced the latest thermostat as their flagship product for a smarter home and it was taken over by Google in this January for a sum of $3bn. So the launch was a world event and caught the attention of people worldwide with a good kick-start in the market of US. The features include Remote control via browser and apps, Automated temperature control, Smart schedule learning and DIY or professional installation options.

The Design

The device has a stubby looking, cylindrical shaped aluminum unit as its centrepiece placed right in the thermostat itself and it has a sharp colour display. The finish displays a flawless mechanized design which has an aluminum chassis that keeps rotating to navigate through the menu. There is this manual temperature adjustment feature. This second generation device has cut into the depth of the device by half, yet it can easily accommodate the thermostat, two wireless receivers and a proximity sensor.
The screen is round in shape with a bright and colourful disposition. It is easy to work with. Heating and cooling are marked both by colors and numbers. There is a green leaf that appears during the selection of temperature which shows that Nest has thought about saving energy.

The Setup

The Nest smart thermostat have scored well is the setup. It offers both professional installation service and DIY. The Nest setup takes the device towards the completion of installation all by itself. If you like to make some changes in the settings it can be done through via the remote app. One can control the Nest directly from the Nest apps that can be installed both on the phone and the iPad.

The Performance

Nest claims to learn when you are at home and also says that it can adjust the heating and cooling functions automatically with far more efficient result. On e uses only that much which is required and this is how Nest takes care of the savings that is the biggest benefit of getting along with smart thermostats.

The Auto Away Feature

Nest features, the ability of controlling the thermostat from anywhere, be it a remote area of the house or the office. They call it the Auto Away feature. This Auto Away makes the thermostat sense its motion around itself, and it automatically shuts down the heating or cooling operations when you are away. The Auto Away can also detect the situation and time when you are away from the house and as per its "acquired learning" can keep the home within a certain range of temperature.

The temperature an also be set through this "auto away" feature directly from any mobile device or a browser. If you choose to do it manually, you have to do it before you leave the house and can increase the conservation of energy even more. You can even change the range for Auto Away while you're on the move, through the Nest app.

The Amazing Apps

The Learning Thermostat of Nest will amaze you by showing its skills on how fast it can learn your habits. The Thermostat Apps, can be used on Android phones iPhones, iPads, and Android tablets which indeed give you a feeling of worth for which you have paid for.

Saving Up on Energy

Nest has been tuned up with the responsibility of saving on energy. Users who are using both the heating and cooling systems can enjoy this facility of saving in energy ass the Airwave technology in Nest utilizes the cold coils of the air conditioner and keeps blowing the fan even for quite a time after the compressor switches off, which indicates that it squeezes out every bit of chill which it could fetch from the unit.

The Good

Installing Nest is easy and the interface soothes the eyes. It has the capability to learn the preferences of its user regarding heating and cooling over a period of time. Therefore, it doesn't require a separate programming to do its work. The Wi-Fi network and its utility apps give you total control and maneuvering on the stuff even from a good distance.

It has got that required industrial design with an easy setup and intuitive method of working. Its smart learning feature is a good match to its exceptionally sound software support.

The Bad

One of the hitches that is found in Nest is that the Thermostat requires a constant source of power connection. The granular control is lesser in comparison to Evohome or Honeywell. Didn't show good result in controlling hot water. The manual mode in the Auto Away feature doesn't switch into the auto mode before one comes back home.

The Bottom Line

The Nest thermostat looks smart because of its intuitive heating system. Though there are competitors from good brands like Honeywell with better granular control with better potentials for savings especially for bigger places, but if you enter the Tech-stores, you would find Nest grabbing the market of the majority and has thrown quite a tough challenge in front of them.

Price: $250


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