Top 5 Android Launchers in 2015

Launchers are one of the most popular apps on Google Play store. They help you customise the superficial look of your phone as far as the Interface is concerned. Being an open source platform, Android allows you to alter the way your smartphone presents the user interface. You can opt for amazing animations, beautiful fonts and the way your device interacts with you. If you are looking to find the top launchers for your Droid, here is the list of my picks.

You have brought home a new phone and love it the way it interacts with you. But after using it for a couple of months, a sense of boredom with the look sets in. You crave for a change. That's exactly where the Launchers come into action. There is a wide range of launchers available at your fingertips. Though these launchers may not be able to change your phone's performance, yet they alter the superficial appearance of the interiors and the user interface. You may opt for what has been offered by the launchers by default, or may choose to change slightest ever details even. You may decide to keep your interface and home screens simple or complicated as per your needs.
The launchers available on Google Play Store let you do all that. There is one for every taste and liking. I would present a list of a few top launchers along with a brief description about what they are capable of.

Google Now

Coming from the one who knows Android better than anybody else, it is the best of them all. If you are fond of pure, unadulterated stock Android experience - Google Now should be your first pick. It offers you faster transition effects that are devoid of any unwanted fancy. It intuitive. It just comes up with cards based on your location, time and your regular browsing habits. You have Google's own virtual assistant OK Google.

The best part with Google Now launcher is it gets tied up to your Google account and thus has access to your calendar, Gmail, browsing history and what not. This enables you to get context sensitive information at your fingertips without any extra effort.

But, there is nothing you can customise on your own. It lacks the additional customisation options provided by other high end launchers. You need to be satisfied with Google thinks you are worthy of.

Google Now is for those who are in search of consistent Android experience and stability. Whats more, it now comes with an update which gives you a feel of Android Marshmallow on your smartphone!

Nova Launcher

This must be the most popular launcher of the lot. It comes with a huge suite of customisation options. It has a few world class animations, icons and themes. You get the basic version for free, but if you feel the need of added features, you can opt for paid version - named Nova Launcher Prime at Rs. 150. The pro version lets you completely customise unread badges. You can set any of of your installed apps to display the unread notification count ( You need to an install an additional app named Tesla Unread for this functionality to work properly).

With the Nova Prime, you can create your own gesture controls and swiping actions. The ability to hide apps and infinite scrolling of app drawer are a couple of key features provided by Nova. If you want more, you are welcome! There is a wide range of themes that are compatible for Nova launcher. You can download the ones you like from Google Play Store. It does change the look of your Droid completely. Even if your device is not upgradable to Kitkat or Lollipop, you can get the feel at least superficially if not functionally.

APUS launcher

It is one of the coolest launchers out there. It has a user base of about 200 million users. It has gained the distinction of being one of the best and comprehensive launchers available on Play Store. It has become one of the popular launchers because of themes, icons and a couple of APUS' own features. The best part with this app is it's a free and you do not need to pay anything for the high end features it offers. It has some innovative options like locking the phone with a double tap on the home screen.

There are some unique features that APUS offers you. It has a Wind Chime feature that acts as a reminder for prime calendar events and notifications. It offers you intuitive search ability and the unique feature. APUS Boost cleans and boosts the RAM in a single tap. The launcher is quite subtle and simpler.

As a free app, it is really worth a try. It has its own animations which are top notch.

Hola Launcher

Hola launcher is an economical among the lot. The best part with the launcher is the smaller size of the app. It also excels being a less resource hungry launcher. It is light on your resources, but not on functionality and features. It wakes you up automatically with a new theme each day.


It has a wide range of themes, clock and weather widgets. In fact, it has been voted as one of the fastest launchers on Android. It has a feature called Hola Boost to clean up system memory hogged by non responsive apps. There are a few Hola specific apps like HeartApp which recommend the top apps you may be interested in.

Simple swipe gestures make it easy to organise your apps. The launcher also carries a Priority Apps feature which lets you organise your most used apps on your home screen.

Smart Launcher 3

Smart Launcher is quite minimalist in looks and appeal. The interface tends to be simple and intuitive. The launcher does not hog too much of your resources. A word of caution here though. The app is directly linked to the Applications Manager and as such, if you delete an icon - the application itself gets deleted.
smart launcher2smart launcher3d
It lets you create your own gestures. It can be use both in portrait and landscape modes. Used by over 20 million users, the launcher receives constant updates and so it has support for all the latest APIs. It offers you a good theme collection. You can mix and match them to make your own custom theme.

You can try it for free by installing the basic version. If you like it, the Pro version available for download at Rs. 232 on Play Store.

Final say

So which among these is the best one? I would wish to add a note of caution here - this is not the end. There are many more available on Play Store. It all depends on what your personal preferences are. Nova launcher, however, is the undisputed leader in terms of alternate Android launchers. When I say alternate launchers, I am keeping Google Now out of the context because it is Google's own app and happens to be the official launcher on most of the smartphones. But if you are rally new to the world of launchers, Nova is best suited to you as it one of the most intuitive and feature filled offering.

Article by Timmappa Kamat
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