Things to Do after Installing Windows 10

Windows 10 is officially released and you have finally installed it on your computer. You don't know what to do next? Check out this checklist of post-install tasks that helps you get the essentials on your desktop.

Whether you purchase a new hardware with Windows 10 pre-installed or go for a clean install, the tips below will help you get the most out of your new OS. Windows 10 ships in with the basic apps that you'll need to do most tasks. However, you need additional software to make your desktop more productive.


Create a Clean Restore point

The first and foremost thing to do is to make sure you have created a restore point. This should be done before installing any drivers or software. This is to ensure that you can always revert to this state if any driver gets corrupted or if any virus makes system unstable. You can take backup on a DVD or use the existing partition space for the backup. Just make sure that this restore point is accessible when you have some system issues.

Install Antivirus

Before you download anything from the internet, it is better to install antivirus on your system. If you have genuine copy of Windows, you'd be able to use Microsoft System Essentials and Malware Remover. If you use any paid subscription of antivirus, then download and install that antivirus on your system. You can download free version of AVG or Avast if you are unsure of which anti-virus to pick for long term.

Install Drivers

Though Windows 10 is a new operating system, most of the hardware vendors have now updated the drivers. You should search and find drivers for USB port, LAN, Graphics and Audio. These are the minimum drivers you should have. If for some reason, you don't find device specific driver, then Windows 10 will use the generic driver to get you started.

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Install Media Codecs

If you are a movie buff and download movies or music in different file formats, then you need to download media codecs. My preference for Media Codec is - K-Lite Media Codec. This codec pack bundles up most common media formats to play common DVD formats. These codecs allow you to play various media file formats which are by default not supported by Windows Media Player. Along with these codecs, you can install media players like VLC Media Player or Winamp to play respective media files. You can also download Mega Codec Pack if you do video encoding on your computer.

Install Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge is definitely an improvement over Internet Explorer, however, it is not as smooth as some of the webkit based browsers like Opera and Chrome. If you are used to extensions in Firefox or Google Chrome for your routine workflow, then you should definitely be using these browsers than Edge. Chrome browser boots up quickly and is less resource hungry compared to other browsers around. It also comes with various extensions and features that make browsing quicker and more productive.

Create User Accounts

If you are sharing the computer with other members in your family, then better get their own user accounts. Make sure to create only one administrator account. Make all other accounts as standard user with limited privileges.

Enable Windows updates

Windows 10 will start to release its security fixes and other updates over a period of time. It is important to keep your operating system updated on a regular basis. Make sure to enable automatic Windows updates if you are connected to broadband. Don't disable the automatic updates unless you are on a slow speed internet connection.

Install Backup Software

There are many free and paid softwares that you can use to take a backup. You can also use cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive to take regular backups of important files.

Clean Up

After installation of drivers and softwares, your computer will have a lot of temporary files that will need to be cleaned up. You can use softwares like CCleaner to get rid of such unnecessary files from your computer. Do use such softwares on weekly or monthly basis to speed up your computer. Also remove the unwanted software and services that you don't need.

After installing all the above things, you should have the essentials on your desktop. By no means is the list complete, however, the listed options in this article will give you enough essentials for a productive desktop. From here you can configure, install or update the softwares of your choice.

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Author: Anwesha29 Jul 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Doesn't Windows 10 come with its own set of Antivirus? I am currently using Windows 7, but it was packed with its default Antivirus and when I tried to install another, it slowed down the system like hell. Finally I had to remove it. So, wouldn't it be the same with Windows 10?

Author: Mahesh29 Jul 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Yes, W10 does have Windows Defender since it's Technical Preview builds. And it does slow down the system. This is one reason I migrated to paid antivirus program.

Author: Anwesha29 Jul 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Okay, but then can you uninstall the default program? I didn't try it though, thinking it may interfere with the smooth functioning and I am continuing with it. On the contrary I had to uninstall the paid ones.

Author: Mahesh29 Jul 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

You can disable the Windows Defender from Security options. Antivirus like Avast or AVG let's you disable the existing antivirus like Defender during the installation stage.

Author: Anwesha30 Jul 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Okay, I'd definitely try what you suggest. Thanks a lot for sharing this useful piece of information. Hope to get more of such kind of information from you.

Guest Author: jack02 Aug 2015

I installed Windows 10 but I can't sign on to the computer due to my password not working. I have gone onto another computer to Outlook and the password works. Any suggestions?

Guest Author: Yashaswi Pai08 Sep 2015

I ditched windows 10 for "Linux mint". It is faster, with no viruses and good security too. Something as core to computer systems like an operating system cannot be believed if it is coming from a private company. Operating systems should be free. Let them charge for the software. Open source and other systems will ultimately purge Microsoft windows hopefully in another 10 years.

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