Hands-on review of Teewe media streaming dongle

Are you thinking about buying a streaming dongle for your TV to stream media from your laptop or smartphone to your TV? Read this hands-on review of Teewe dongle to find out its pros and cons.

I've been using a Chromecast last few years at home. It has been very helpful in keeping the kids away from the computer by streaming the YouTube videos on our TV while we continue to use the laptop. While our use of Chromecast is somewhat limited to watching videos once in a while, my brother-in-law uses his Apple TV quite often to stream all sorts of videos and music.

I was of the impression that Chromecast and Apple TV rule the streaming world and there are no strong competitors. But my recent experience with Teewe proved me wrong. Let's see what makes Teewe a strong player among the streaming devices for TV.

What is Teewe?

Teewe is a HD media streaming device, similar to Chromecast and Apple TV. Once you connect this dongle to your television and configure using an app/software on your smartphone or your computer, you can stream videos/music from your devices on to your TV screen. While you continue to use your computer for other purposes, the videos can play in the background and stream to the TV. In short, this device will help you use your television as a screen to play media from your computer or smartphone.

You can connect Teewe dongle to any TV that has an HDMI port. This device is powered using a USB, which can be connected to the USB port on your TV. If your TV doesn't have a USB port, you can connect it to a power source using the USB power cable.

Teewe Dongle Review

Design, Specs and Compatibility

Design:Teewe looks like a big USB drive or internet dongle and is slightly bigger than most internet dongles. It is made of good quality plastic. It has an HDMI port and a USB port.

You need to connect the device to the HDMI port on your TV using the included HDMI cable. Also, connect the device to an external power source or your TV's USB port using the included cables. And then use an app in the smartphone or computer to control the device and start streaming.

Teewe will work with any television that has an HDMI port.

Output: HDMI
Processor: Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU, Quad-Core GPU
Memory: 1GB DDR3 RAM
Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n (Single-Band 2.4 GHz)
Supported platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

What is inside the box?

The Teewe 2 box contains everything you need to start streaming with the dongle.

1. Teewe 2 dongle
2. USB cable
3. Power adapter for USB
4. HDMI extension cable

Teewe box contents

What do you need to get started with Teewe in your home

To stream videos using Teewe, you need the following:

1. A WiFi router (no internet connection necessary, unless you want to play content from internet)

2. A TV with an HDMI port.

3. A computer or smartphone


Setting up Teewe 2 is pretty straightforward. Just plug your dongle to the HDMI port on your TV and connect the USB to power. Change the input on your TV to the HDMI port where the dongle is connected. You will see the setup screen on the TV.

Now, install the Teewe app on your smart phone or computer and launch the app. It may take a while to locate the device. In my case, it took a few minutes to locate the device on the first try but it was faster on later attempts.

Once the app connects to the dongle, you will be prompted to verify the code displayed on the TV. If your app shows the same code, you are connected to the right dongle. In the next step, give a name for your streaming device. And then you will be prompted to connect to the WiFi network by entering the password.

There is an annoying bug here. Even if you choose to mask your password on the smartphone, Teewe app will display the password in plain text in a popup. So, if you don't want others to see your password, move away the screen from others when you enter the WiFi password.

Read step by step instructions to setup and configure Teewe


I have been using Teewe for last few weeks and so far, I have nothing to complain except the lag in the YouTube videos due to my poor internet connection. Of course it is no fault of Teewe. It's time to upgrade my Asianet Broadband connection.

When the internet is fast or when I am streaming the videos on my computer, it plays very smoothly on the TV. When playing videos, no lag or performance issues noticed so far.

However, if you are mirroring the entire screen from your computer, then a slight lag is noticed. Even though this is not a noticeable issue when playing videos, hardcore gamers may find this unacceptable. Mirroring option is available only on the computers and not on smartphones and tablets. Also, some lag is noticeable when you stream photos.


The retail price of Teewe 2 is Rs 2,399, which is Rs 600 cheaper than a Chromecast.

It is currently available in Amazon.in at a discounted price.

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Buy Teewe from Amazon.

Advantages of Teewe - a comparison with Chromecast

When Chromecast was not available in India, Teewe came up as an alternative for Chromecast. Even after Chromecast was made available for purchase here, there are still compelling reasons to choose Teewe.

1. Price: Teewe is 20% cheaper than Chromecast. Even though this is not a big price difference, for the price conscious people, this would come as a good reason to consider Teewe instead of Chromecast.

2. Apps: Chromecast doesn't have its own app to manage the media. We have to depend on the Chrome browser extension or other third party apps to stream with Chromecast dongle. On the other hand, Teewe has its own apps to manage and stream content. Teewe supports many platforms and there is an app for each platform. Teewe app can play local media as well. Using a single app on each platform, we can stream a variety of media types including photos, videos, music and so on.

3. Teewe app aggregates content from various channels like YouTube and Indian TV shows, season by season. This gives an advantage to the Indian audience who are keen on watching television shows.

4. Teewe has a better RAM (1 GB DDR3 RAM). Chromecast has only 512 MB SDRAM

5. Teewe has Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 processor , Chromecast has System-on-chip processor

6. Teewe provides one year full replacement warranty along with Lifetime support. I myself experienced the quality of their customer support when I had to speak to them regarding some queries. On the other hand, you can't easily talk to a Chromecast support person. Your best options are online troubleshooting and asking your questions in their forum.

What needs to be improved with Teewe

Nothing is perfect in this world and so is Teewe. There are couple of areas that need improvement:

1. The setup program should not display the WiFi password in clear text if the user has chosen not to show the password.

2. There is a time lag when I am browsing the photos on the phone. It takes 1 to 3 seconds to display the photo on the television.

3. Sometimes, it takes a few seconds to boot up the device when powered on.

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Hi Tony! Thanks for the review. Should you have any further questions regarding the device, please reach out to press@teewe.in or visit www.teewe.in. Thanks again for your support. Happy Reviewing!

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