How to use Caret Browsing on Microsoft Edge

Use caret browsing on Microsoft Edge to be able to navigate web pages with your keyboard. Learn how to select Caret Browsing to be able to copy chunks of text more precisely by moving from letter to letter and line to line using the text cursor.

Sometimes, it is useful to be able to navigate a page of text just like you would on MS Word or some other word processing software. With caret browsing you can place your cursor anywhere on a body of text, and use the arrow keys of your keyboard to move the cursor from character to character or line to line. This is useful when you want to copy a block of text from the web but the mouse (especially the touchpad) is too imprecise to select the lines you want.

This "caret browsing" feature – named for the caret (or text cursor) – is already a feature of other browsers like Firefox and even the Internet Explorer (although Google Chrome does not have it). Microsoft Edge also brings you caret browsing – either briefly for a single tab that you're working on, or permanently for all your browsing activities. Find out how you can use caret browsing on your Edge browser, if you're a Windows Insider or just interested in Edge features while waiting for its launch this month.
Caret browsing feature on Microsoft Edge

How to use your keyboard to navigate the Edge browser

If you are on a website where you want to select a block of text only for that website, you will want to use caret browsing just for that tab. To access the feature temporarily, hit F7 (which was also the shortcut key for the feature on Internet Explorer). This will bring up a window, asking you if you want to turn caret browsing on. Select Yes to turn it on. When you want it off, just hit F7 again.

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You can also have the feature turned on permanently. If you find yourself using the feature very frequently, it will be more convenient for you to be able to toggle it once and for all. Edge will let you do that too. To turn caret browsing on permanently, you have to go through the Settings menu. To get there, click on the ellipse icon (...) at the top right corner of your browser
Advanced setting for caret on Microsoft Efge

Hit the Settings option from the menu that opens up. This will bring up the Settings sidebar. Scroll down to the bottom of the sidebar, and you will find Advanced Settings. Hit the View Advanced Settings button to open up a new sidebar. The second option on this sidebar is the toggle for "Always use caret browsing". By default, this will be toggled off. Hit the toggle to turn it on, and you will be able to use caret browsing for every webpage that you visit.

Caret toggle on Microsoft Edge

With this keyboard navigation feature activated, your mouse pointer becomes the text insert cursor of word processors, even though you can't actually edit text on the webpages. Instead, you can accurately copy blocks of text. To do so, place the cursor before the block of text you want to copy. Hold down Shift, use the Right Arrow or Down Arrow keys on your keyboard to select the phrase or block of text you need, line by line.

You can also navigate around from link to link with the Tab key and use the Enter key to open links when caret browsing is activated.

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