Camera Comparison among Top Flagship Smartphone Devices of 2015

For most of us, the camera is one of the priorities while choosing a phone. As you are always carrying your phone with you everywhere you go, you are more likely to shoot pics with it than on a professional camera. What do the current breed of phones offer us as far as this most important aspect of smartphones is concerned? Let us compare the flagships and find out.

Smartphones these days have become more and more intelligent in terms of their abilities as a camera. They have practically replaced the normal cameras we used to carry with us on special occasions. Are these capable of producing the same results as the DSLRs and other professional cameras? We will compare the camera capabilities of these four competitors.

The year has witnessed the launch of new smartphones with improved camera interface. We will compare Google Nexus 6, Samsung Galaxy S6, LG G4 and Apple iPhone 6 in our quest for the best camera app among the flagships. We will compare the devices on the basis of a few key points -

Which of them offer better access to the camera?

Let us find the convenience factor of the camera app on these devices. Whenever you spot something that needs to be clicked, it should be easier to access the camera rather than having to go through a series of button presses which may make your subject moved away from action.
All these devices have a short cut to the camera from the lock screen. The Nexus 6 has a swipe gesture from right to left for accessing the camera while iPhone 6 features a swipe from bottom. However, Galaxy S6 and LG G4 provide you with physical shortcut keys which tend to be more user friendly and convenient at that. On LG G4 you can double press on the volume down button brings up the camera app and you are ready to go with clicking your precious moments. Galaxy S6 allows you to double click on the home button to reach camera from anywhere on the interface.

Thus in a nutshell, Galaxy S6 and LG G4 offer better accessibility.

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Which phone has ease of use and faster in clicking images and videos?

Any camera buff will tell you that a good camera app needs to have a good toggle between video and image capture modes. Having to struggle with the settings to switch between video and image will create frustrated moments. So which phones are designed keeping this in view?

Once again, Galaxy S6 and LG G4 have the clearly visible toggles. Galaxy S6 lets you click an image simultaneously while you are shooting a video which is a thoughtful innovation. Nexus 6 and iPhone 6 have a complicated process for the simple task. On an iPhone, you need to swipe to be able to switch to video mode. Nexus 6 makes it more complicated with a longer process. You need to swipe which brings up a menu and then select the video mode. At times, the mode takes a bit longer to switch and you may miss the action you wanted to capture.

Which phone supports better video features?

Most of the people today use their camera phones to shoot short movies and also indulge in video blogging. Though there are better options available in the form of apps for this purpose, let us check how do the default apps perform.

The iPhone 6 excels in its capability to shoot videos. It has a simple interface, yet has awesome functionality. You can change the exposure levels as you shoot without the need to pause and continue. The exposure transition is smoother. It has good auto focussing system and also supports tap to focus feature.

Galaxy S6 lacks the aforesaid exposure control. It supports the quick tap to focus functionality and has 4K video shooting capability. All the modes and settings are easily accessible. Even the LG G4 supports the tap to focus and is quicker at that, but again it lacks the exposure control. One can safely say iPhone camera app is a big boon for the videographers out there.

Nexus 6 leaves a lot to be desired. It does not feature many options for video recording. It does not even has support for tap to focus functionality.

Which device has better preset Auto mode?

Most of the users will look forward to an automatic mode that can take care of the needs of the situation around. The auto mode on iPhone 6 is simple and at its best. It has excellent shortcuts which work effortlessly and also reliable at that. You can control the exposure on screen which helps you fine tune the images.

Galaxy S6 has similar set of features in its auto mode along with easily accessible settings key. You need to exit camera to access those settings on a iPhone camera. LG G4 offers you two automatic modes - simple and auto. The simple mode allows you take snaps by tapping anywhere on the screen. There is no control over flash, HDR or exposure. The auto mode has usual set of options, but no control over HDR.

Lastly, Nexus 6 again falls short of one's expectations. You get an access to basic settings, but they are not so easy to access though.

Any additional options?

Slow motion and time lapse are some of the options which are most sought after these days. One can get both these functions. It provides slow motion video at 240fps which is too impressive. Galaxy S6 also has both these features on offer, but the slow motion is a bit unimpressive at just 120fps. LG G4 has no support for time lapse function, but offers slow motion at 120fps again. Nexus 6 again fails here with no support for both of these functionalities.

Filters and effects are one of the features you cannot miss on your camera phones. Though some users may term them as gimmicky, they tend to be essential at times. Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 support such filters. They allow you to a preview of how your video/image will look after applying a filter/effect. LG G4 and Nexus 6 do not allow the preview before you actually shoot them.

Panorama mode is supported on all four flagships.

My Views

Well, having used all these phones only sparingly (as I do not own any of them) with friends and the dealers, I would treat iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6 to be good in terms of having a good stock camera app. LG G4 features a Manual Mode which gives you an excellent control on your images which should be a blessing for the pro users - the kind of people who work with DSLR cameras. Nexus 6 is quite unimpressive with its camera app. It seems Google needs to do a lot of homework to be able to match with the current lot of smartphone cameras.

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