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Assassins Creed games have been a part of many gamers' annual game purchases for so many years no. So how dos his next Assassins Creed game stacks up against other games? Let's find out.

Game Review

After the last year's disaster in form of Assassins Creed: Unity, Ubisoft has long redemption arc to cover right now. They have to prove to gamers once again that they are one of the best publishers in the world. Right now, people are getting tired of their false promises and pipedreams. It's pretty clear that if they don't introduce something good in this years' Assassins Creed game, they are ruined for good. People can only be fooled once, not again. Luckily, Assassins Creed: Unity seems just like the game I would love to play on my PC. Let's take a look at it.

Industrialization era

Assassins Creed: Syndicate is going to be the first game from the series that takes place so far in time. The previous AS games have taken place way before this time. Do you remember Assassins Creed: Unity. The game that came out last year? That game took place during the 14th century – the time of French revolution. This time around, they are focusing on Victorian era. The time when the industrialization began to kick in during the 18th century in London. It's going to be interesting to see as to how far are they going to explore this era? Will it be confined to a few cities only? Or will it be big enough to include other facets of this era? We would certainly be able to tell when this game will finally release sometime later this year.

Refined combat

I am not a big fan of the combat system in Assassins Creed games. They are way too easy for a hardcore buff like me. I don't like being told what to do and all the handholding. Why not let players experiment with your combat system then telling them what to do? Heck, sometimes they will face to approach an enemy in only a particular way. This is something I really loathe about this game. It changes from an open world experience to a totally linear experience all of a sudden.

I hope that a new refined combat system would be able to tackle this situation heads on as its getting on nerves of quite a few fans now. Ubisoft has promised that they are working on this well-known issue. They better do. Candidly speaking, if they don't fix this persistent issue with the combat mechanics, I am finally going to throw in the towel on this game and say goodbye to this series forever. Seriously, what's the point of playing same buggy game over and over again?

A huge open world

All my rants aside, this game looks to be the biggest game-world Ubisoft has ever created. They are being pretty clear when they emphasize that they are hard at work at creating the biggest immersive online gaming world they have crated. Part of me is of course pretty excited to see what they are going to be bringing to table. But the cynical part of me says that there is something fishy about tit. Knowing Ubisoft, there has to a catch in it. A lot of people are suspecting that this might as well be a MMO, which means that we won't be able to play this game without any sort of internet connection. Imagine the uproar on the intent if that happens. Let's hope that Ubisoft is not planning on doing something like this. If they do, though, that would be disastrous.

Trains and other vehicles

For the first time in the AS games, we will be able to hop on to trains and other vehicles. Yes it's finally going to happen as they have decided to introduce one of the most requested features into this game. The gameplay demos we saw, clearly demonstrated that the protagonist can easily hack a train and get onto it for a long drive with ease. Similarly, you can use carts to reach other parts of this huge city.

It only makes sense that they have introduced this feature now. How would things have been without this feature is not even imaginable. I for one wouldn't want to stroll around for hours before reaching one end of the map to another. It's about time Ubisoft gave us some damn vehicles.

Can play as female in this game?

It's obvious that Ubisoft freaked out after last year's fiasco that Ubisoft is sexist. The feminists were alleging this French giant for favoring big, burly men instead of women protagonists. To add fuel to the fire, a Ubisoft representative commented that there can't be any female assassins as it won't suit the game. Little did he know, thee were a coupled of badass females around the Victorian era who managed to make a name for herself by striking fear in their enemies.

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They have been planning to turn this around the whole last year since this PR hit. While this move will help them score a few PR points, they aren't going to go too far with this if they are not planning contentiously integrating more females in their games. I think it's fair to say that they were pressurized into doing this. It's more like they went up to the designers and ordered them to design a female lead for their next AS game. As jarring as it might seem, it indicates a change, change that is good for the gaming industry.

To sum it up, Assassins Creed: Syndicate seems more and more like a copy-pasted game from the last year. Apart from the locale and settings, nothing has changed here. Same old, same old.

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