Ghost Recon WildLands Preview

Ghost Recon WildLands was a pretty nice surprise this year when Ubisoft revealed this game at the end of their conference. Let's see what's good and what's not as we delve deeper to take a look.


Ghost recon franchise has gone mute in last couple of year. After the critically acclaimed Ghost Recon: Future Soldier that released back in 2012, we haven't had a major entry in this franchise since then. So we can say that the next entry in the franchise was long time coming. And with what they have showcased so far, we are pretty hopeful that this is going to be great. So without any further ado, let's take a look at Ghost Recon Wild Lands and see what this game has to offer to us -

Open world

For the first time in years, Ghost Recon game is going to be open world game. It means that we are finally going to be able to wander around in the vast landscapes without needing to complete missions in a given timeline. There are no time limits our boundaries as to how far we can go in the map. The maps are procedurally generated with tons of new villages and towns to explore and save. The further you go, more complex it's going to get. So if you are new to the game, don't go too far or you are going to be killed sooner than you thought.

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In case you didn't know, you are going to be chasing drug cartels here and wipe them out as you are a a part of US military team that has been sent over to clean up the place and get rid of these scumbags as soon as possible. Of course, being an open world game, you are free to do side quests and do the main quests at your won pace. There is nothing preventing you from taking a break and just go hiking in the mountains in this game. There are tons of things you can do besides shooting terrorists in the face. For example, you can choose to partake in concerts or races going on in the game. It's your game. Do whatever you want with it.
Ubisoft Paris is making this game with a couple of other studios. It's seems like it has become a culture to work on games with more than one studio. Sometimes, the result is pretty great with diverse mechanics and colors in the game. Other times though, the game turns out to be totally messy. Don't get me wrong. Love Ubisoft games. They make some of the most innovative games in the industry. It's just that they sometimes tend to get lazy with their game designing. I hope that it's not going to be the case with this game as I am really looking forward to Ghost Recon Wild Lands. Go take a look at the gameplay footage. I am pretty sure that you'll be stoked up to after seeing that.

Taking place in Bolivia

This game is set up in Bolivia, a country with a history of drug cartels and battles. Although there are no more cartels roaming around freely in that country,. There are some issues they still need to tackle. This game only going to highlight those lingering issues that this country is still unable to tackle swiftly. There are still some cartels running their business freely in this country with ease. The government is corrupt and people there are pretty helpless. Ghost Recon Wild Lands depicts it perfectly.

No single player

Bad news for you if you were expecting this game to be a single player game. Apparently, you will not be able to play this game in single player mode even if you want to. You will need to have your internet connection on all the time if you don't want to get logged out of the game. For gamers in developed countries with high speed internet, it's not going to be much of an issue. But for us Indians, this is where the main problem arises. Nevertheless, this is game is only co-op and not a full-blow multiplayer experience, so expect a little tone down in the design, which in result should make it easier to play this game on low speed internet connections unlike many other MMOs.

Multiple ways to approach a situation

One of the things that attracted me to this game is that they stressed that there will be multiple ways to approach a situation. If you want to go all guns blazing, go ahead, no one is stopping you from doing that. You can totally load up a shotgun and blow people up with that. Just remember that this is going to be pretty difficult. You are not a Rambo here. You are just a US marine who is deployed in this country, so you better take a more cautious approach. Only a couple of hits are going to be enough for you take you down.
Moreover, these drug cartels are not fools. They are going to retreat for a moment, acting as if they have gone away for good, and then they will retaliate when you least expect them to. When you will go back in your camp, they will ambush you and hunt you down. Don't leave anyone alive if you want to live here. It's not only bad for you and your team, but it's bad for villagers as well who live nearby. They will inflict pain on them and execute them in broad daylight in front of everyone. It's brutal. That's why going all stealth is a much better option. Use a silenced weapon and get them one by one without letting them know. Personally, I am going to be using this approach for sure.

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The fear of downgrade

Ubisoft has downgraded most of their games they have launched recently. If you take a look at games like Watch Dogs and The Division, they all looked really promising in the trailers, but as the release day came closer, they looked much worse that what they showcased us in trailers.

That's why I for one am going to be cautiously optimistic about this game and if you are wise, you'd do well to do the same as well. Just wait for it to launch. Don't pre-order it.

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