Best games of E3 2015 convention to look forward to

E3 2015 came and left behind a lot of new games and surprises. There were tons of games revealed in this show. So we are going to take a look at those games that are worth the wait.


The time of surprises and revelations are over guys! It's time to analyze what is mediocre, what's good and what's awesome. E3 2015 was one of the best shows in a pretty long time. We haven't had such a blast in last couple of years. With the unexpected announcement of a couple of games that we thought are pretty dead, things are looking pretty awesome for 2016 as the lineup of games is pretty solid. Let's take a look at some of the best games from this show –

Fallout 4

In my opinion, Fallout 4 was one of the best from the E3 2015. The moment logo appeared on screen, the crowd erupted in joy, knowing that the game that they have waited for years to be revealed is finally here now. What's more surprising was that you can play this game this year as the launch is only 5 months away. With the promise of a much bigger world than Skyrim with tons of things to do and see, we are pretty excited to see what this game has to offer when it finally launches on November 10, 2015. Being a huge fan of Fallout 3, I a pretty excited for it. And if you have played previous Fallout games, you must be excited too. "Nuclear winter is coming!"

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Dark Souls 3

Isn't it a bit too soon? We were pondering the same thing when a leak suggested that Dark Souls 3 is ready for a 2016 release. We just played ark Souls 2 in 2014. How come they are ready with another game in such a short time? Well, I am not complaining. They did a damn good job with Dark Souls 2, and I am hoping that they are going to do the same with Dark Souls 3. There is just no doubt in my mind that this is going to be another tough game to beat.


People have been coveting for this game for a pretty long time now. Most of us thought that this is dead. Amongst the rumors of this game being secretly cancelled and then started from scratch again and then cancelled again, we thought that this is as good as dead. But they surprised us with some gameplay footages that they showcased back at their conference. It was as good as it comes. This time around, the focus is going to be on gore more than anything else. You will load your balky guns up and hunt monsters in hell. Well, it certainly seems pretty dangerous, but hey we are pretty adventurous guys, right? At least in games we are!

Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

Ghost Recon franchise has been milked to death by Ubisoft, a company that holds the right to use Ghost Recon in its game. Apparently, they are slapping this name on every game they are making. Whatever it is, they don't care. The worst thing is that they know that it's going to sell like hot cakes once this name gets attached. That's they reason why they are doing so.

This game, however looks like their first game in a long time that's worth a look. It's going to be a multiplayer open-world shooter where you'll be able to hunt down drug cartels with your friends and wander all around the world map. The details are pretty sparse at this point and we don't hope to learn anything else anytime soon. Knowing Ubisoft, we are expecting this game to see next year at the very same show. So say goodbye to this promising game for now.

The Last Guardian

Everyone had given up on it that this game will ever be revealed. After showcasing the trailer back at E3 2009, Sony kind of scrapped this project right away without letting us know. Apparently, the trailer they showcased was not representative of the game at all. Everything was pre-rendered in the trailer.

Fat forward 6 years, they have come back, but this time they are showing some real gameplay footage with a promise that this game is going to release in 2016. Well, they are not saying that this is certainly going to release the very next year, but let's keep the hope alive that this isn't going to be delayed again.

Star Wars Battlefront

Honestly speaking I was pretty disappointed when I heard that there isn't going to be any single player mode in this game. After all, I have grown up playing single player Star Wars game. Being the first one to derail from the single player mode, people were reasonably pretty angry with the exclusion of their favorite mode. But we forgot about the single player mode when we saw the gameplay reveal of Battlefront, which, not to mention, is pretty groundbreaking. The graphics look pretty, as always as they are using the updated version of Frostbite engine. Not only it's less taxing on hardware, but it makes the worst of gunfights look pretty.

Forget whatever you know about first person shooter as this is going to be pretty different from what we have played so far in other FPS games, they are introducing a couple of pretty new modes as well, which is going to make this game unique and help it stand out from others such as Halo 5 and Fallout 4.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst

The Faith, our protagonist is coming back after a long time from the original game. Fans have been begging EA to make a sequel to this game and it seems that they are going to get one now. Only this time, you won't be able to hold or shoot a gun at all. While some people are disappointed by this new feature, I am pretty excited to know that whole focus will be on the parkour mechanics. They didn't announce when this game is going to release, but we can expect a release date pretty soon. Most likely, this game is going to release in 2016.


E3 2015 was full of exciting games that is going to change the landscape of gaming. With more and more focus shifting toward the persistent online worlds, single player games are getting less attention now. This year's E3 was a solid proof of that. We hope that it can change in next year.

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