EA E3 2015 conference highlights and announced games

Just like last year, EA came up with some games to showcase at this year's E3 as well. So what did they have in store? How did they fare in comparison to their rivals? Let's take a look.


EA, one of the most hated gaming companies of US, made its way to E3 once again to shake off the confusions and embarrassments of last year and embark on the way to new legacy. Just how successful they were at doing that though? As it turns out, EA's conference had pretty much everything we all expected, with the addition of some new surprises. Let's take a look at what those surprises and other games where and review their game conference of this year in much more detail.

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New Mass Effect game

A new Mass Effect game never seemed like a possibility as they had already said that the trilogy brought the end to our protagonist's story. If you were disappointed that you will never get to see more of Mass Effect universe ever again, prepare to be shocked as Bioware has revealed that they will be launching the next entry to this franchise pretty soon. And the best thing is, it's coming sooner than you'd expect. The last entry from this about time we get a sequel to this game now.

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Mass Effect 4 will be a totally new story from the inception. Our Protagonist from first 3 games won't be making it to this game as he was already dead in Mass Effect 4. No guys, he is not going to be resurrected or brought back from dead somehow. He is gone for good here. The last game showcased that he had gotten fatally wounded by his own friends. It was pretty vague. They never did show him dying on screen. As optimistic as we are, we thought that there is chance he will also star in this upcoming game, but no. There would be a new hero this time around. Get ready to embrace him whether you want it or not.

Mirror's edge: Catalyst

Fans have been waiting for the next entry in Mirror Edge franchise for quite a long time now. This critically acclaimed game has only one entry up until this date only. Released back in 2008, Mirror's Edge 1 was one of the best parkour games of that time allowing you to move in any direction and jump from one cliff of the building to another without any hassle. This allowed for some very tense and intriguing chase situations where you had to either chase someone down within the given town or run away from your enemies like there is no tomorrow. Sometimes, people used to get stuck between walls as the game was kind of buggy, but most of the bugs were patched up by EA soon after this game was released in the streets.
Mirror's Edge Catalyst will see faith in a totally new town. This time around, the focus is going to be on giving players more option to venture in the world, in any direction they want to. We are free to do whatever we want to as the players. Dice, the developers behind it, clearly avoided the term open-world when asked if this is going to be an open world experience. Instead, they were adamant on the fact that this is a free roaming game where you're allowed to go wherever you want to. While both terms sound the same to many, there is a huge difference between the tow. The term free roaming means that there will be certain limitations to how far you can go in the world. Say if there is an objective for you to complete, you are not going to be able to tread far off from it. On the other hand, open-world experience means a kind of experience where you are free to do quests at your own pace. Heck, you can even choose to not do them if you just want to wander around. That's not going to be the case with this game though. Instead, you are going to be given different alternatives to complete a quest. If you don't want to choose the main way, take a different path. This is one of those few games that encourage you to wander off the path already set for you. It's certainly going to be exciting to see how they are really going to implement this strategy and idea in this game.

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Star Wars: Battlefront

Star War Battlefront is the next entry in the Star Wars franchise. Apparently, EA has been milking this franchise for years now ever since they got their hands on rights to use Star Wars in their games. I mean, they used it for their MMO that released back in 2013 and now they are using it again for their another MMOish game. What kind of mockery is this? At this point of time, I have stopped caring about any Star Wars games that come out from EA. I am not going to touch even the dingle one of them until I am convinced that it's going to be good. Honestly, last coupe of Star Wars game they have released have not been that good. They really need to up their game if they want to do something special with it otherwise, it's pretty much a ruined franchise. Here we go again. EA is on the verge of ruining another franchise. I don't think it's the first time we have seen them do this to a game. They have already ruined legendary franchise like Dead Space and they are repeating the history all over again with this game. To sum it up, not a lot of people were excited to see this game running on the screen. It must have been embarrassing for EA to show this game in a hall full of people who didn't even clap once for this game. Well, that was pretty awkward.


Just like the last year, EA focused a lot on their annual sports franchise and left out their other fans in cold. We were hoping for them to show something different this year, but sadly, this is not going to be the case here. Barring Mass Effect 4 and Mirror's Edge Catalyst, there is hardly anything else coming from them that I am really interested in.

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