Ubisoft E3 2015 press conference highlights

Today is E3 2015's last day, so how did Ubisoft fare compared to rest of the developers in their showing? Were they any good? Let's take a look at the games that were announced there.


Ubisoft - a fresh gaming company that has become of the biggest names in the gaming industry right now. They are a force to be reckoned with. It seems as if they know where they are going with their new strategy to focus on fewer, but bigger open-world titles. Unfortunately though, the last couple of years haven't been good for them at all. It's been a mixed bag it you look at it. With the constant failure to deliver what they promise in their shiny looking trailers, people have started loathing this company more and more. It's hard to believe that once a fan-favorite is seeing these days now. It will be one of their biggest jobs to reinstate people's faith in Ubisoft once again. And they have done just that at this year's E3 with new surprising reveals and IPs. Let's take a closer look at some of those games that Ubisoft revealed today –

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

The original South Park is a pretty excellent game, so I am excited to see that this game is making a comeback as a sequel now. The only thing I am not really sure about is that they are not going to work with the same developer now who worked in the original game. Obsidian Entertainment is not going to be involved in this project at all. Yes, this news is not going to be appealing to those who are fans of Obsidian, but Ubisoft is no mug with RPG games. They know how to make a pretty solid game. I have my faith instilled in the studio.

For Honor

For Honor was a really nice surprise. When the gameplay demo begun on stage, I honestly didn't think that this is going to be any good, but holy cow! Was this good. I mean, you just have to look at the gameplay. It has everything you want in a combat oriented game. If you love sword fighting, you gotta give this game a chance. Of course, there is a lot we don't know about this game yet, but we know that combat is going to be awesome, which is what truly matters in these types of games. I am not looking for anything else here to be honest.

The best thing about this game is that it's going to have a single player mode for those who don't want to play with friends or families or just want to be left alone to fight with AI enemies. Well, there you have it guys. No more multiplayer shoving if you don't want it. Props to Ubisoft for not being afraid of piracy this time around, there is no doubt that people will pirate it and play it for free since this game has a single player mode, but at the same time, they are getting some positive PR for including this mode, which is certainly going to go a long way for them. They are certainly thinking about long terms here.

The Crew: Wild Run

Released in 2014, Ubisoft's the Crew wasn't as big as they were expecting it to be. Not a lot of gamers showed interest in this game as it included same repetition over and over again. But they are not giving up on this game, at least not yet as they are planning to release a new expansion pack for this game. Yes, they are going to do it despite not a lot of players playing this game right now. There are chances that most of the players, including me, will come back to the game if this expansion proves to be any good.

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The Division

I can't believe that they haven't released this game yet. Announced back in 2013 as a sprawling open-world shooter, this game is yet to even reach close to be in the finishing stage. They stated that they are hoping to release this game in 2016, which means that this game could end up getting delayed by some good margin once again. I for one am not holding my breath for a 2016 release any more now. Although, they have said that they are looking forward to releasing it pretty soon, the lack of an exact date is pretty unnerving for fans. Part of the reason for being sad is that this game looks pretty awesome. It sees that there will be finally a multiplayer game that can challenge its single-player counterpart in terms of narrative and story. We all know that story pretty much sucks in multiplayer games, but not here. They are promising a pretty intriguing story, so keep an eye out for the release window of this game as they could be announcing it anytime now. Let' just hope that it doesn't take them too long to release this game. It would mean nothing when people start forgetting about the Division slowly.

Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

As a part of Ubisoft's tradition, they unveiled a new game at the end of their show. We already knew that they are hiding something behind the wraps, but we didn't know that it's going to be this huge. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands look like a game an open-world lover would certainly want to play.

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Taking place in Bolivia, a country ravaged and torn apart by drug cartels, you are placed in the shoe of one of the four US marines who has been assigned a mission to eliminate most of the drug mafias from the country. Judging by the gameplay, you can approach any mission from any manner possible. If you want a stealth approach, go out in the nighttime and there will be less chances of you getting caught. On the other hand, if you just want to eliminate the target, bring a sniper rifle with you to the mission. It's not going to be possible otherwise as going back to your hideout to get your sniper rifle isn't an option here. The world is so huge that travelling from your hideout to the place of mission is going to take a good couple of hours. It's just like the real place. If it wasn't for the fast travel, you'd be frustrated by the extraordinary huge map.

Overall, Ubisoft's show was pretty solid with tons of new games and fan-favorite sequel announcements. I would give it 8 out of 10 for the effort and presentation.

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