Playstation E3 2015 conference review and game highlights

Sony just nailed it this year with their conference and got everyone talking about them. So what is it exactly that we liked so much about the show? Let's take a look.


PlayStation conference was one of the last conferences of E3 show, and boy, was it spectacular. It delivered on its promises and showcased a lot of heavy hitting exclusives and multiplatform games. And we were saying that Microsoft won at this year's E3. Heck, they didn't even come close to what PS4 has to offer now. Just look at the impressive lineup of games for PS4. The number of games that is coming for this platform is pretty huge. I will let you debate and decide as to which one of the conference was the best, but for now, let's review the Playstation conference and take a look at the games that were announced there. I am not going to include each and every games announce since that would make this a pretty boring and big article. So, only big AAA games are mentioned here. If you want to take a comprehensive look of all the games announced, you can watch the whole Sony press conference below.

The Last Guardian

For those who are new to gaming, you won't understand what this franchise means to gamers. When Sony opened their conference with a gameplay demo for The Last Guardian, the whole crowd went wild. You could clearly hear someone screaming "I am going to fuc*ing cry". This is how special The Last Guardian is for some gamers. After being in development hell for nearly 7 years, everyone presumed that it's dead now. But to our surprise, Sony delivered on their promises and showcased a spectacular gameplay from this game. Of course, this was not the only bombshell the dropped tonight. More on that later. Let's talk about their reality headset, which was next.

Sony's VR headset

Sony is betting big time on this project. I bet they are already making a couple games just for this headset. Although it was supposed to take considerable time on stage, Sony didn't take much time with it. They didn't even showcase any game for it. Just a mere announcement was made that the project is coming along pretty well right now. Judging by the development progress and lack of games for this VR set, I would say that it's still far from being in finishing stages.

Uncharted 4

This was pretty huge. Although we had seen a gameplay footage from last year as well, this year's demo seemed more beautiful in realistic. It seems as if they have made the maps a little bit larger this time around, introducing a semi-world gameplay for the first time.

You can expect the usual corridor shooting with a really good narrative plot here. It's Naughty Dog Studios helming this game after all. They can't put a foot wrong. The whole demo lasted for more than 15 minutes, which gave us a pretty good idea of the game's gameplay mechanics, shooting as well the settings of the game. My only complaint is, this game isn't going to release in 2015. They have delayed it to 2016 now. So we will have to wait for a bit before we can get our hands on this amazing shooter.

Collation's open world game

The next game to be introduced to us was Collation's new RPG that they have been working on for last couple of years. We already knew that they had hired a couple of pretty famous guys to work on their special RPG project. So we know what kind of game it's going to be like. In this age of internet, you can't hide anything from gamers. They will sneak around and manage to leak stuff before you can properly reveal it on stage. Nevertheless, this game still had kind of a surprising element in my opinion. The gameplay was so sick! Everything from the bows to quivers looked astonishing. I just hope that they manage to deliver on their promises as they have never done an open world game before.


This is the only game that didn't get any in game footage at all. All we got to see was a cinematic trailer, indicating that our Hitman is back. While we would have loved to see some gameplay footage, we had to be content with the CGI trailer for the time being. We already know that they are going to showcase much more later in their own conference. Why spill the entire bean at once? Take some time, tease the game, and then reveal it properly. Square Enix seems to know this formula pretty well. They have mastered this art. And now I can't wait for their own conference when they will reveal more details about this title.

Street Fighter V

Sony is purely doing it for the fans. They know that this is not going to make them much money, but still they have signed an exclusivity deal with Capcom to keep to only PC and PS4. It' never going to make it too the Xbox One. This is what Capcom, the developers behind this game, stated when they were asked if there is any chance of this game appearing on Xbox One. So there you go guys. If you want to play this game on console, you gotta have a PS4. I feel sorry for the Xbox guys who have stayed loyal to this franchise for a pretty long time now. But this is all business. You are going to have to join the PS4 camp now if you want to get a taste of some legendary fighting mechanics.

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I fell for poor Microsoft. They had no idea this was coming. While Microsoft's gaming conference was pretty decent one, nobody expected Sony to come out in full force with so many games to showcase. It's as if they knew what gamers want and they just gave it to them. Sony delivered on 3 games that fans have been demanding for years now – Final Fantasy 7 remake, The Last Guardian and Shemune 3. No wonder, everyone was freaking out in joy. It's never been a better time to be a PS4 owner. You know that there are tons of good games heading your way.

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