Microsoft E3 2015 conference highlights of the games announced

Just like other years, Microsoft brought some good games to showcase at this year's E3. What were those? Let's take a look at some of their games they showcased today.

It seems as if Xbox One sales. It's dwindling down even after the recent price cuts, which is kind of surprising to me. What else can they do to try and save this console from the impending doom? Well, we certainly saw what they are capable of doing at this year's E3. Microsoft came ready with their big games and some indie titles that looked really beautiful on screen. While we still don't know when most of these showcased games are going to be released, let's hope that they are going to do it soon enough. Without any further ado, let's take a look at some these games –

Halo 5

Halo 5 was the first game to be showcased on the floor. There were some multiplayer and some awesome dingle payer footages showcased over there. The plot details were also elaborated, but if you are a newbie, don't try to get into that. It's too complicated for those who haven't played Halo games before.

Anyways, this game was welcomed with applaud and cheers from the crowd. While nothing groundbreaking was introduced here to add to the Halo franchise, it stays true to the roots, which is what fans want from this game. The moment you talk about innovation and change in a game, they freak out. It's pretty clear that Microsoft played it pretty safe here with this game as they don't want to be the reason for a dent in their number of copies sold. There is no doubt that this game is going to do pretty well critically and financially, I just wish they had taken a bit more risk with this game though.

Sea of Thieves

The next game was pretty surprising change of pace for everyone. From the AAA big-budget game to a pirate themed game? Hell yeah, I would take it any day. The caveat with this game, however, is that this going to be a multiplayer affair only where you will play with your friends to plunder your enemies' ships. I for one can't wait to hear more about it. They have promised to reveal more information about this title pretty soon.

Fallout 4 mods

We all know that mods are not console things. You can't use them on consoles as they are pretty limited in scope. On the other hand, PC is open-ended. Modding is PC community's work only. So if you are playing a game like Fallout 4 on a console, you are going to be aloof on a lot of custom missions and gameplay enhancements made by thousands of fans of this game. Not anymore. If you are a Xbox One player, you can still get to play Fallout 4 mods on your console. How amazing is it going to be? As awesome as it sounds on the paper, this is actually going to be pretty cumbersome to implement. How are they going to bring PC mods to the consoles? That's the first and foremost question that needs to be answered by the team. Well, let's leave it up to them. The news f the hour is, you can play Fallout 4 mods from consoles too. I know it sounds pretty ridiculous to even type these words as no one could ever imagine such a thing happening on a console.

Gears of War 4

Gears of War was next to be announced with a lengthy gameplay demo on stage. Nothing new to see here. It was basically more of what made the franchise so big. Again, Microsoft backed out when it was time to take some calculated risks with this franchise. It's getting stale now.

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Forza 6

Next up was Froza franchise, a staple racing game for Microsoft. That's why you see almost all the games making their way to PCs, but not Froza or Gears of War. These 2 games are what Microsoft banks on for most of the time. As expected, this game looked pretty crispy and the best thing about it is that it's going to look even better than what they showcase at the stage. The hype is real! Strap up, get your gears ready as this game races it way to release in 2016. No fix date has been announced yet, not even a release window. All we know is that this game is going to be released sometime in 2016.

Tomb Raider

The next up in line was another big hitter that is expected to release this year. It was one other than our favorite, Tomb Raider series. Yes, Lara is back guys! She is back on hunt for treasures. The more she finds, the crazier she gets about them, the deeper she goes in hope of finding more, and the tougher her journey becomes.

It's a shame that this game is not going to come to other platforms, at least for the time being. But hey, it's befitting Microsoft and keeping them in the race. We don't want them to lose that race by a huge margin and exit the consoles business. Imagine what would happen then. Sony would have no real pressure from other side. They would have the monopoly. In other words, they would be able to do whatever they feel like pretty freely. It will spell chaos for gamers.

That's why I think this news is good for everyone, including the PS4 and PC gamers who don't even get to play this game.


Overall, Microsoft had a solid but a pretty safe show. They certainly weren't expecting Sony to come out all guns blazing at them. If they would have seen it, they would have come better prepared for the battle and maybe, there would have had a better presentation. I am not saying that Microsoft had a bad E3 2015 conference. Not at all. There were tons of new games announced, new features introduced and the best of them all, Backwards Compatibility was also confirmed which will enable you to play your Xbox 360 games on Xbox One with pretty ease. I am saying that Sony has a better show that Microsoft. They managed to send Microsoft home with a bloodied, bruised nose.

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