Microsoft's big game: Xbox One is backwards compatible with Xbox 360 now

Microsoft is the first ever console company to announce backward compatibility for their console. Let's see how this is going to change the gaming landscape forever.

The dawn of a new era

How quickly can time change in this gaming landscape is truly astonishing once you begin pondering. Looking at Xbox One now, it's pretty hard to believe that it's still the same piece of hardware that was introduced a couple of years ago at E3. In fact, it looks pretty far from that. Back at E3 2013, Xbox One was introduced to us as some sort of online consoles with mandatory internet connection play even offline games. Besides that there were several their requirements like Kinect will have to be brought with Xbox One if you want to purchase it that certainly didn't go down well with gamers. Of course, it didn't take Microsoft long to realize that they have committed a mistake here. Soon after the E3, they reversed a lot of their decisions. We no longer need to have a constant online connection to play games nor do we need Kinect if we wanted to buy Xbox One.

For a company a huge as Microsoft, showing signs of flexibility was kind of surprising. They don't do that usually unless they are in danger of lagging behind. And that's exactly what the threat is right now. They are severally lagging behind their rival console PS4 and have not managed to catch up to them ever since. They have their work cut out right now and will do anything to get in the good books of consumers.

One of Microsoft's surprising moves is that they are going to make Xbox One backwards compatible with all the previous games of Xbox 360. It simply means that you'll no longer have to re-buy the same game all over again on the next console as all the previous games can simply be inserted into the Xbox One and played with ease. Honestly speaking, I didn't see this move coming. Heck, no one could see that coming. It doesn't matter is they have done it out of desperation or anything else, this decision is certainly going to put Xbox One is a lot of people's good books. They have got one strong reason to stay in the Xbox camp now. After all this, it's going to be pretty tough for Sony to make a comeback. Anyways, we are looking forward to the Sony show to see what they have to offer to us. It sees that they will have to come up with something huge in order to render Microsoft's conference dull and pale in comparison.

Will Sony do it?

Well, this will be a huge blow for Sony. Microsoft didn't do it inadvertently. They sacrificed a major portion of their revenue just to put a dent on the image of Sony. They had to do it. Well, now that Microsoft has pulled out a rabbit from their hat, what does Sony has in store for us? Can Sony triumph this announcement? Will they announce something even bigger than what Microsoft just did at their E3 convention yesterday? Even if they weren't prepared for it, they will have be innovative here as fans will certainly been putting a lot of pressure on Sony to announce a similar feature. Well played Microsoft. It was easy for them to do it as it's backed by cloud technology. But for Sony, it's going to be a whole different ball game if they were to announce a similar feature. Can you imagine them doing that? That would be a huge thing for everyone!
Sorry to disappoint you guys. But there is no such thing coming from Sony this year. I just had a look at their whole conference. While the whole thing was stuffed with exclusives and other third party games, they didn't even mention the backward compatibility anywhere during their conference. But we all know that it's going to happen. Sony just can't afford to let Microsoft run with this huge initiative. They are surely going to ponder on Microsoft's new stage and come up with a new offensive against them. This is really going to be exciting.

Maybe, they weren't expecting this kind of announcement this year. So we should definitely place our hoped in next year's E3 when this feature will finally be announced for Sony's console as well.

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No more HD remasters

So what this backward compatibility announcement really means for gamers? It simply means that you won't have to buy the same game again that you brought for last gen. Whatever worked on Xbox 360 will work on Xbox One for sure. While they only have 18 compatible games on store right now, they are working with developers to help them make more games backward compatible for Xbox One. That's great news for gamers. If you were complaining about lack of games on Xbox One, you have no excuse now. Just look at the heavy catalog of games now. The Xbox One certainly is going to benefit from this announcement as they are looking to catch up with Sony's PS4 for quite some time now. In time, they surely will as Sony is starting to take it for granted. They should remember that they were playing catch up not too long ago. Of course, being an experienced company, Sony knows that already. Maybe, it's time for them to announce more big heavy AAA tittles, but they haven't yet. It will be interesting to see what they are going to announce in the coming days in response to this recent Microsoft announcement. Knowing Sony for last couple of years, they are not going to sit after taking this huge blow from Microsoft. They would already be brainstorming ideas for their next announcement to do something about it. Good luck with that Sony. You are going to need something really big to take the initiate again now.

Microsoft has been lagging behind for most of this generation now, and most of it is their own doing. They can't blame others for that. Now that they have finally started to sort things out, it will be interesting to see what Sony does as things heat up more.


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