Why E3 isn't as exciting as it used to be?

E3 convention has begun this year just like every year, but can you feel something missing? I can. Here is why I think E3 has lost its purpose and meaning.


E3 – one of those biggest gaming conventions where gamers and developers get a chance to meet each other. It's a place where publishers are eager to show of what's in the making in most hyped way possible, so that they can generate buzz to help the game sell better. Needless to say, it's pretty exciting times for gamers as new games are reveled here. In last couple of years, though, E3 convention has lost its value. It's nowhere near as exciting and engaging as it used to be. Here are some of the reasons why I think so –

Fake promises

E3 is a land of big promises. Some of those promises are so big that seems too good to be true. And they are too good to some extent. Most of what you see is pre-rendered footage of a particular game. They are not at all footage from the actual game that you will be playing once it launches. Look what happened with Watch Dogs. What they showcased back at E3 2012 was nowhere close to what the game actually ended up looking like when it finally launched in 2014. The textures were nowhere as crispy and detailed as they were in E3 2012. The detail on the walls and cars were not there as well. Our protagonist look liked a blocky guy in the actual game with a really flawed animation and movement mechanics. What happened to the game that they showcased back in 2012?

It's pretty simple, what they showcased over there was just to hype things up a bit. Watch Dogs never was the game we saw 3 years ago. It was just a tech demo they built specifically for the purpose of showcasing it to public and nothing else. To some extent,. They managed to fool us by keeping us in dark. Now that we know how things run around here, we are afraid to commit to any game by just watching gameplay footage or a trailer from the game. We need the game in our hands before we can pass any judgment about it. Thanks to Steams' new refund policy, we can refund a game within 14 days if we don't like it, provided that we have played for less than 2 hours. We are less likely to be fooled now. Once bitten, twice shy. Not anymore Ubisoft. You can't play the same card this year. We are going to be more cynical of everything you will show this year, no matter how good it looks on screen. We already know what you are capable of doing. Having said that, I am looking forward to their conference this time around. It will be interesting to see if they have anything good to show.

Revealed too early

The other problem with E3 is that games are revealed a bit too early on the stage. Take The Division for example. It's a MMO game that was revealed by Ubisoft way back in E3 2013 along with their racing game The Crew. 2 years later, this game hasn't still been released on platforms. To rub the salt on our wounds, Ubisoft has stated that this game is going to need some more time and they will be delaying it to 2016 now. It means that forget about The Division getting released this year. You will have to wait till the next year now to get your hands on this amazing looking game. No offence, but my question to these companies still remain the same. Why can't you reveal game only when it's closer to launch? Why play with people's emotions? Why not reveal the game only when you are sure it's not going to be cancelled? Look what happened with The Last Guardian, a game that was announced way back in E3 2009 as a PS3 exclusive. There is still no sign or any hint about this game getting released anytime soon. What a shame really. These delays are only an indication that they are revealing the game a bit too early and maybe they should slow it down a bit.

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Only AAA games

The focus is only on AAA games. While we hear Sony and Microsoft sweet talking about how indie gaming is the only future and how they love indie games, we all know that it's pretty tough for an indie developer to be recognized in this cruel gaming industry controlled by big publishers like EA, Ubisoft and Activision. There is no place for indie games here, not at E3 at least, which really disappoints me. These types of games are some of the best innovative games, reaching far buoying where AAA games can go. We need to bring them back to E3 in an emphatic fashion. I am hoping that PC gaming Show of this year tackles this issue heads on.


I hate and love leaks, for they let me know about the surprises that are going to be there at E3 in advance. But I hate them at the same time for spoiling the surprises. I don't know. When I hear about a leak, I want to have a look at it even though I know it will ruin the surprise. My relationship with Leaks is more like a hate-love relationship – something most people can't understand. But I hope that gaming companies have better measures in place to prevent it from happening. Look what happened this year, we know what's going to be showcased at E3 even before it begun airing. For example, we know EA will be showing off Mass Effect 3 and Star Wars Battlefront. On the other hand, Ubisoft will mainly focus on The Division and Assassins Creed Syndicate, and if we are lucky, we might even see some Watch Dogs 2. But it's too early for this game. Perhaps, I am being a bit too optimistic here. But that's the whole point. I will be really dismayed if they have no surprises this year, which looks like the case here.

I hope that E3 will bring new surprises next year with more focus on PC and indie gaming. We don't ask for much.

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