Battleborn preview: An upcoming free to play game

Battleborn is not going to be another free-to-lay game. There is going to be much behind it than just being a free to play title as it promises to introduce a lot of new features into the series. Let's take a look at this game.


In the gaming world where almost all the companies are after grabbing some piece of the free to play market, Gearbox doesn't want to be left out. They want to jump on the bandwagon while it's not too late. We all know that things are only going to hit up as more developers start looking for options and delve in deep into free to play gaming. Having seen this coming, Gearbox started working on its first free to play title named Battleborn. Little did they know, Bethesda and Blizzard, both rival companies were also working on similar free to play games at that time, which really kind of spoiled all the efforts they had put on in all those years while they continued working on Battleborn for day and night, hoping that it would succeed. Instead, what they are going to get is some cut-throat competition – a completion from two of the biggest players in the market right now. So Gearbox certainly will have to step up this game and up the ante if they want to stay ahead in the race and win gamers' heart. It's pretty simple; games with more players will obviously do better financially. The math is pretty straight forward here. And that's what all other companies here will try to do. They'd do their best to allure players, making them believe that this is the best they will play. So let's find out what goodies Gearbox has in store for you and how does this game stack up against the like up Battlecry, it's competitor.

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Pretty ambitious

Having heard and seen what they are trying to do with this game, I can clearly see that they are trying to make an online Borderlands game here, which not to mention, is going to be pretty difficult as making an online narrative focused game has never been easy. You have to keep in mind that thousands of players will be flooding the servers all the time, so quests and game world have to be decided by taking this factor into the consideration. A game that doesn't considers this factor, is doomed to fail since it's pretty likely that server issues will be common.

Considering these issues associated with making any online game, Gearbox Games, the developer behind Batteborn, has taken a pretty bold step. This is a studio with no experience whatsoever in making multiplayer games. So how this is going to turn out is anybody's guess, but let's hope that they prove us wrong and deliver something really amazing. Even though they are an awesome, hard-working bunch, I am not going to hold my breath for something truly groundbreaking.

Cell-shaded graphics

Cell-shaded graphics – I am pretty sure you have not heard of this term if you haven't played Borderlands game. It's those games that introduced a new graphics style being incorporated into games. So far, only Borderlands series has adopted this kind of graphics. With Battelborn scheduled to release in 2016, it will mark the first time when a non-borderlands game will have a shell-shaded graphical theme. It's going to be amazing to see how this game turns out when the development is complete. Although you can already see that it's looking awesome. Of course, more work needs to be done and they know that. That's why these folks are hard at work to showcase some content at E3 convention. Even though we have already a lot of footage from this game, they are presumably from an earlier build of the game. It will be interesting to see how this game looks in its latest build. Can you imagine how amazing things would look in the final build when the alpha build is this good? Exciting times ahead!

Free to play

Don't let this word disappoint you. In recent times, this term brings sorrow and plight to a lot of hardcore gamers. Free to play tantamount to exploit and manipulation by game developers nowadays. While they allure you and let you install the game for free, they soon start blocking a lot of things behind a paywall, requiring you to pay before you can proceed.

They have clearly stated that this is not what they are planning to do with this game at all. This game is going to be completely different from what we have seen in other free to play games so far, featuring only cosmetic and aesthetic items for sale in game. Those who are looking for exclusive perks aren't going to find anything worth buying here. Crucial items can't be born from real world currency. You'd have to use your in-game currency to buy items and perks from different shops and vendors scattered all around the region. This is great, especially considering the recent trade in gaming industry to force players to spend money on the game if they want to proceed further. Battleborn will have none of that. In other words, it will be a true free to play action-RPG.

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Story mode

Did you know that this game is also going to have a story mode? Well, I didn't either up until recently when they announced that this game will also have single player campaign. Don't giddy around yet. The bad news is that it's online only. So you'd have to be connected to internet all the time to play even the single player mode of this game, which is a real shame because I know a lot of my friends aren't even going to try this out now.

Nevertheless, story mode already seems pretty strong with some good action-sequences, which never gets over the top. You could play one of the 24 places that will come with launch. That's crazy. The number of things you can choose to become is truly astounding. They are still testing each and every class every day to ensure that things balance out perfectly. No class should be left underpowered or overpowered. And that's what they are ensuring right now. So strap up your gears and get ready to delve deep into the mythical world of Battelborn.

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Guest Author: jerome17 Oct 2015

It is not free. It is 60$ but worth it.

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