Project CARS review: A gem of a racing game

I am not a big fan of racing games, truth be told. Project CARS, though, caught me off guard. I wan't prepared for such an amazing game. Let's take a look at this game.


I am racing through the rain and storm, hoping that the rain doesn't last long and the visibility improves so that I can race against my rivals and get to the third rank at least. Unfortunately, it look likes the rain isn't going to hold up anytime soon. Then I realized that it has turned into some sort of a horror racing game. Yes, to tell you candidly, I was scared at that time, not only scared of my rivals who I thought have raced passed me quite a long time ago, but of the gloomy weather too. It's the first time anything like this had ever happened with mew in any racing game. I had never felt such immersion in any other game I had played in my life, and believe me, I have played almost everything under the sun. In my 20 years of gaming life, I have never come across a racing game that has kept me hooked for more than 100 hours, but this game has me captive for more than 1 month now. It won't let me move on to other games. Something about it just keeps me pulling back to the same bloomy tracks time and again. Enough of my obsessions. I could go on showering praises on this game since I am a huge fan of Slightly Mad Studio, the studio who developed this game. So let's talk a bit more about this game without any further ado –

It's not for everyone

If you are a casual gamer who don't have much going for racing games, you might want to skip on this entry since there is not much for you to see and do. As I already stated above in the sub-heading, this game is not for everyone. Some people are obviously going to hate it for its steep learning curve that doesn't take time to explain its overwhelming menus and options. Being a hardcore racing gamer myself, I was lost in the options menu. I found it really overwhelming. There were tons of options to tweak things and change setting that I hadn't even heard about before. Maybe if they could have explained those settings a bit more, the game would have been less infuriating for everyone, including me. But I guess, it's not what they wanted to do. They had already stated that this game is meant for hardcore players, those who can get the hang off the things pretty easily in a racing game.

However, that's doesn't mean you can't play this game if you are not a racing fan. I said it's not for everyone, but it's for anyone. If you want to learn it, you can easily do it. But those who don't have the time to learn its complex mechanics will be a bit dismayed by this game, I am afraid. So when you boot this game up, take an hour or so to comprehend everything about this game, including its storyline in advance. If you jump in on story or multiplayer mode straightaway, you will find yourself on the losing side more often than not. Other experienced players are going to curse you for you being in their team. I am pretty sure that you want to avoid those kinds of embarrassing situations. If you follow the tutorial initially, though, you should at least learn to drive a basic car within 20 minutes or so. It's hard, but it's not impossible at all. Once you get through the tutorial, you should be good to go.

A very long game

It will suck up a lot of your time no matter how quickly you churn through the content/ Even if you play this game on super easy mode, it will easily take more than 50 hours to finish all the content it has to offer., I am not even counting the multiplayer portion that you can play for hundreds of hours with your friends, racing with or against them. It's just so much fun to play this game in an endless sea of content. Apparently, they will be dropping more content for us for free of cost. So add a couple of more hours to your gameplay time. The additions are not going to be any shorter either. They are known to drop big chunks of content for free.


Crowdfunding has been met with mixed reaction in last couple of years as some developers have embezzled the gathered funds. They have eaten it all up. The worst thing is, we can't do much about it. There is an agreement you have to digitally sign before pledging that in case anything goes awry, you are not getting your money back. That has happened with a lot of games. They promise a lot of big things, but once they get the funds, we never hear from them again. They can't even be sued.

But then there are some games that wouldn't be made if it wasn't for crowdfunding. Take Project Cars for example. If we hadn't poured money to this project, it would never have been developed. Can you imagine such a game not being developed for lack of funds? It's for game like these that we still have faith in crowd funding platforms. As long as they keep delivering games like these, we will keep showering them with money.


To sum it up, Project Cars is a beautiful game that manages to stack up pretty well against the likes of Forza and Grand Tourismo series. Slightly Mad Studio has done a really amazing job with this game, thus cementing its place as one of the greatest racing developers of all time. There is no doubt about it that there will be more content to come and if they are met with same enthusiasm, perhaps we will see a sequel to this game someday soon. It's just how this gaming industry works out. If a game doesn't do well financially, it's canned for good and then people forget about it. So if you want to save this game and see a sequel, get this game on your favorite platform.


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