Scalebound game preview: Another potential hit

Unless you have living under rock for couple of days, there is news spreading like wildfire that a new game from Plantinum Studio is making its way to Xbox One. Let's take a good look at it in this article.


Scalebound is one of the titles Platinum games, the same developer behind games like Vanquish and Beyonetta, is working one. Let's talk in brief as to what to expect from this game. First and foremost, we know that this is going to be really exciting as it's coming from one of the industry veterans with a couple of amazing games at its credit. I wouldn't say that they are amazing. Groundbreaking would be a more fitting word for such games. Back when Vanquish released in those early days, it changed the very definition of narrative first person shooters with heavy focus on an emotional connection between the characters that woe as players couple feel pretty easily. This is what Platinum games is hoping to achieve with Scalebound, an action RPG slasher game scheduled to release in 2016. They are trying to offer something different from what we have come to expect from an action game. So what is it that Scalebound is going to bring to the table when it's released? Let's take a better look at it.

An action game first

While there will be element of some drama and emotional soap operas, it will be an action game first and foremost. The focus will be to bring a combat focused game that it a lot deeper than what they have made in the past. You need to remember that Beyonetta 2 was a pretty darn good game with a combat heavy theme that took more than a year for some players to perfect the art of battle. Heck, people like me couldn't even perform those complex combos that required us to hit a particular button at a particular point of time. Those were some amazing days for action RPGs where you had freedom to do anything that you'd like to do as a developer. Nowadays, publishers have bigger stakes in gaming. They don't want to take any risk that will not pay off in their opinion. That's why we see the same iteration of games every now and then reappearing on surface. They are afraid to take bold steps in order to create something new and refreshing.

Scalebound is going to change that for the better as it's going to have a totally refined combat and a completely different character this time around., Nothing from the previous games will be carried on to this game, which is great news for fans as they will get to play a totally new thing from these unbelievably talented developers. They know what they are doing with this game at least I hope so. I would be really disappointed if it turns out to be a mediocre game. A lot of people are looking at Platinum games, hoping that they would not fail us.

Xbox One exclusive

As much as I would like to see this game release on my favorite platform, I can't see that happening right now. First and foremost, it's an Xbox exclusive, which is meant to stay exclusive for the time being (or it might be permanent exclusive). We simply don't know much about what happened behind the closed doors between Platinum Games and Microsoft. Whatever happened back in there is probably not good for PC gamers.

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If it was from a developer who has had any sort of record in developing a PC games in the past, I would have kept my hope alive for a PC version. But it's coming from someone who has never developed any PC games before. They have only been focused on consoles so far, overlooking a massive crowd on PC. What a shame really to miss out on such a huge opportunity. Things are bound to change this time around,. Everything happens for the first time, right? So we might see a released of this game on PC sometime after the Xbox One launch is done. I am pretty hopeful that Microsoft is going to make them port this game to PC as well as Microsoft has made almost all their Xbox exclusives available on PC as well. If you overlook a couple of games like Forza and Gears of War, they have nearly brought everything else to PC, which spells great for PC gamers who are eagerly waiting for some sort of announcement for a PC version. No doubt, we are hungry for this game. Let's see the hope alive. As long as there is Microsoft involved in it. I am hopeful that this game will come to PC. But then again, I think of Platinum games, who have had no experience with PC since their inception. They have never ever ported any game to PC as well, which will make their job a bit tougher if they'd ever decide to port this game to PC. It would be a real treat, but I wouldn't keep my hopes up for this one. I am wondering if their game will ever find its true home that is PC.

2016 release

Some people were hoping while other were literally begging to Platinum games to release this game earlier, but it's not coming this year. Bad news for you if you were expecting it earlier. Nevertheless, better late than ever. What's good news is, this game is still on track for a release and most of the work has already been done. Now they are working on optimizing this game and fixing its bugs for the next couple of months.

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