Bloodborne game review: Brutality at its best in a RPG

It's been a couple of months since this game was released, but people are still flocking to buy this game as apparent from the sales chart. So I decided to sit down and profess my love for this game.


Form Software, a Japanese developer no one even heard about a couple of years ago, is one of the most popular developers now due to the list of recent amazing games it has released. Truly, they have done some amazing job on Dark Souls and Bloodborne games. It's just that they are not working on other stuff. They are only working on games that are quite safe – games that they know are going to sell pretty well as they already have a well-established fanbase. That's the thing with most of the developers and publishers nowadays. They just don't want to venture into uncharted territory. But Form Software made an exception this year when they released Bloodborne – a new combat-oriented adventure game that aims to expand on their already rich world and lore. There is no denying that Form Software is a force to be reckoned with now. Whatever they will make now is going to sell like hotcakes no matter what as fans have come to trust them in the last couple of years. There is hardly anything they can go wrong with any games. Yes, they know that sometimes fans ask a lot from them, but every time, they manage to exceed our expectations. It's such a shame that their game doesn't feel as well as some of the mainstream games like Call of Duty that doesn't bring anything new to the table except some minor engine and gameplay tweaks. It's really saddening, to say the least. Nevertheless, they are a globally recognized gaming company now with future looking really bright for this studio. So let's take a look at their latest offering that is Bloodborne.

A PS4 exclusive

If you are impressed by all the gameplay trailers and are looking to get this game on PC, prepare to be disappointed. This game is never coming to the PC as Sony owns this IP. It's not Dark Souls where Form Software has the right to that game. In this case, it's not the fault of Form Software for not bringing this game to our beloved platform. Blame it on Sony, who is paying Form Software tons of money to never ever bring this game to any other platform, thus depriving us of getting a taste of the awesomeness. Anyways, I have my PS4 ready for when they don't release games on the PC. Of course, I had to pick up a PS4 copy, which, not to mention, is pretty damn difficult to find in India. Moreover, they are overpriced here. Some were selling this game for as much as ÌNR 4000, which is kind of ridiculous to pay for a game that is only going to the last couple of hours. It's really overpriced here. That's why I prefer to get my games cheap on PC. You can always find good deals online where you can as much as 50% off on a new game. Not in case of a console game. Nothing like that is going to happen here.


Combat has been one of the main pillars of strengths of all Form Software games and this game is no different than any other game they have ever made. Perhaps, this game is one of the best games in terms of combat. It's tight, gripping and pretty addicting once you learn how to tackle your enemies using this new combat mechanics. If you have played Dark Souls games and you think that it will be easy since you have the previous experience of playing one of the hardest games ever, think again. This game is going to make you reach for a couple of controllers as there are chances of you throwing your controller away in a rage. Minutes later, though, you'd be sitting next to the game, booting it up to beat that boss that has been troubling you for the last couple of hours. Such is the addictiveness of combat and game. You can never get enough of it. The more you play, the better you become at it. The combat depth goes layers deep here. It's pretty likely that you will never become an expert at every fighting style since there is so much to learn and do, but if you focus on only one or two fighting styles, you should be good to go since you will get some chance to learn those complex mechanics. If you insist on learning all the mechanics, however, you should be able to do in multiple playthroughs pretty easily, but it's definitely not going to happen in just one playthrough for sure. There has to be a limit what you can't and can do in this game and it has been pretty well-defined.


This is probably one of the bleakest games I have ever played. Even though it's not advertised as a horror game, it's going to be spooky as hell when you sit down and put on your headphones to play this game. There is a certain sense of scariness in this game that will be evoked every time you pass through a dark alleyway not knowing what is waiting for you on the end of it. Once I was passing through a bridge pretty nonchalantly as I had just beaten a boss after a struggle of nearly one hour and a couple of times of death. What I didn't realize, though, that there were still a couple of skeletons waiting for me just a few steps ahead. I thought it's gonna be easy and didn't really pay much attention to it. Slashi9ng my sword, I hoped that I would progress through net stage pretty quickly. Tomy surprised, they retaliated. I panicked and lost the battle, dying again, for the…… I don't know how many times. I lost count after 8. This is what can happen if you are not aware of your surroundings. These abhorred hellish creatures will haunt you and make it tough for you to pass through next stage unless you are paying attention to each and every fight, not taking it easy or thumping your chest over a small win. Small of huge, an enemy is an enemy. Bloodborne teaches you to respect your enemies and fight with all you have got. Do you have what it takes to beat Bloodborne? Try it out.


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