H1Z1 online multiplayer game review: A true gem

With Sony Online Entertainment's foray in zombie genre, things are looking pretty good for these kind of games as they are getting full exposure now. How does H1Z1 stacks up against its rivals? Let's find out.


H1Z1 is a game that nobody asked for. It simply appeared one day as Sony Online Entertainment, the developer behind it, released it for PC and PS4 all of a sudden. Nobody could have even imagined that they were making something as big as this game. It was kind of a shock but in a good sense. Who doesn't want to have some more fun killing off zombies? It was only obvious that people would be really excited about it. And that's what happened. They were lining up to try this game when the first playable demo was released from this game. Let's delve deep and talk a bit more about this game.

Sony Online Entertainment

Before we talk a bit more about the nature of the game, you will have to keep in mind that this game is made by Sony Online Entertainment, a division owned the Sony, who also happens to be in the console business. So why would they release a game on PC? It certainly sounds a bit ridiculous to me. But they release every game they make on PC as well as on Sony consoles. None of their games has made it to Xbox consoles though, which is pretty obvious considering that they are in competition with those guys for over a decade now. It's to be expected. But what's with the PC obsession? I am not complaining here. I am just speculating as to what can be the reason to release their games on PC as well, especially when they don't release any of their single player games on PC? Well, as a matter of fact, everyone loves making more money. And we know that PC is the primary market for MMO games. That's probably the reason why they have released HIZ1 for PC as well. Who knows what's going on under the wraps? Well, let's save it for some other day. We certainly don't want to talk about the publisher here. Let's talk about gameplay elements.


Although I would have really liked to see them going with the single player element with this game, they chose to make an MMO instead. Nevertheless, it's still a great game with all the elements of a strong single-player campaign in it. You'd never feel like you are playing an MMO. It's always tensed as you know that death can come from any direction. You wouldn't be prepared for it. The team at Sony Online Entertainment has done a great job with making this game a narrative experience with the sense of an open world game experience. You'd never feel constrained. The world is so huge that it might take hours before you could go from one end of the map to the other. Most of the time. You would not be able to make it to the other end as there are tons of zombies and hostile players waiting for you across the road. Once you are near, they will attack. So keep an eye out for who are your ally and your enemies. Sometimes those you trust the most are likely to stab in the back. Overall, it's such a delight to play.


Honestly speaking, I am really not impressed with graphics at all. Yes, I know this game is an MMO, and they are not supposed to look as good as their single-player counterparts, but I personally feel that they are a bit of short of the mark here in terms of graphics. It would have been great if they could have sharpened the colours that are a bit rough around the edges. The engine itself looks pretty crispy, it's just that there is some work need to be done on polishing it up. It's still possible as it's an MMO. Can they do it? Yes, they can. But will they do it? I am not sure if they will do it. It's not going to be easy for them to revamp the whole game mechanics. So I am guessing that we'd have to be content with what we have right now.


Guns, weapons and ammo are pretty scarce here. You are lucky if you find any gun at all in your playthrough. It's pretty hard to find them anywhere. I was searching for hours one day but still couldn't find anything. It's frustrating sometimes to have to fend off zombies without any sort of weapon. It makes you more vulnerable as you are pitted against zombies all the time. I hope that they tweak the mechanics, later on, to make it a bit easier on newbies like me who haven't; had a lot of time in these types of games in the past.

If you have got a gun, though, this game is going to be one hell of a ride. No, you are not a Rambo, but you are better than those who don't; have anything to defend themselves with. Gunplay feels really authentic. You can feel the bullet piercing through the hearts and eyes when you shoot at your foes. They fall on the ground like a sack of potatoes. That's what is so addicting about the shooting. It encourages you to use your guns less often, but you just can't help but use the guns. It feels so vivid, and for an MMO game, it's really impressive. They have done it finally. It couldn't have been better.


With so many choices around in the market for a fan of zombie genre games and movies, you can pick up anything you like. If you decide to go with DayZ over this one, remember that this game is going to evolve into something much better than DayZ is offering right now. Just get through this initial rocky phase somehow and you are guaranteed to be rewarded as they are adding more new content almost every day since this game has launched. This is a testimony to the determination of developers to continue to evolve this game into much more than a zombie MMO. They want it to be a big immersive world where a player can get lost easily. Good luck with that.


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