Helllblade preview: What's it's going to be like?

Hellblade was announced back in E3 2014. Now that we have a gameplay trailer, let's delve in deep and discuss a bit more about what this game would look like.


With the rise of PC gaming in recent years more and more Japanese games that used to be console exclusives are making their way to PCs, which is certainly a good news as Japanese game developers are some of the most talented developers out there, their forte being action and fighting games like Street Fighter and Takken. Bring traditional console exclusive games to PCs certainly isn't going to slow done ever. It seems that more people are getting into PC gaming than before and that's why gaming companies see the potential in PC gaming. They want to make their move towards PC gaming before anyone else does, so it's easier for them that way that fending off competition later on when everybody will be going to fight for a slice of PC gaming market. Once such recent entry into the PC market is of Hellblade, a game announced back in 2014 by Ninja Theory, a console exclusive developer from Japan, who has never made a PC game before. All their Ninja Gaiden games have so far made appearances on PS and Xbox consoles only. Nonetheless, they have recognized that PC is going to be a force to be reckoned with in near future, so they decides to jump on the bandwagon and release their latest game on PC as well along with the usual consoles. And to be honest, it's looking really promising. Never before have I been intrigued by a trailer so much that I went to pre-order the game straight away. Sadly, they aren't accepting the pre-order yet. While they are busy in going Hellblade a finishing touch. Let's talk a bit more about this game.

No more a PS4 exclusive

When we heard that this game is going to be a PS4 exclusive only, our hearts were saddened at first. But right after last year's E3 conference, Ninja Theory announced that his game will be coming to PC as well on layer date, which was such a relief. While we still don't know if this game will release simultaneously on consoles and PC or it will release a bit later on PC after the console release, we are quite content to get this game on PC. Better late than never, right? Look what happened with Destiny? It's such a great multiplayer game, but it's such a shame that this will never come to PC. While Bungie, the developer behind this game, said that they are still looking to find a partner for a PC port, I highly doubt that this is going to happen almost a year after its release. This is what happens when a game doesn't get announced for a PC release initially. It has a risk of never coming to PC ever if it doesn't initially. Thankfully, there is no such risk with Hellblade as it already has been announced that this will be making its way to PC.

Much more than fighting

As I have already stated, Japanese games tend to be pretty action heavy. They have always liked it that way. They don't like to deal with serious games, that's why we don't see games like The Walking Dead or A Tales from The Borderlands doing any good in terms of sale in Japan. So for any game to see better in Japan, action is necessary. I am not saying that other types of games don't do well in Japan., They do, but not as good as games that are action-oriented. So you can bet that Hellblade is going to comprise of a lot of sword slashing and skull-bashing. There is no other way around it for any Japanese developer as they excel at creating these kinds of games. But this time around, they are trying to invoke some complexity and real emotion in this game. They wanna make us feel right at home, something not a lot of Japanese developers can do.

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Amazing Trailer

I am assuming that you have already watched the trailer that released a couple of days ago. If you haven't already. Go watch it. It's totally worth your 2 minutes. One you have seen it, I bet you'd be wanting this game as soon as possible. It's hard to believe that they can render anything like that in-engine. Good job Ninja Theory. You have done impressing well.

The trailer starts with a troubled girl lost somewhere in the woods. At first I though she is going to be the one we need to save here. But as it turns out, she is the main protagonist of this game. Wow, what a plot twist. She is such a badass when she lifts her sword and starts wreaking havoc on her foes. The whole trailer was such a treat to watch.

I normally stay away with all the feminism thing, but I hope that it should be more than enough for the feminists who think that there aren't many women protagonists in games nowadays. Take a look at her face first, then come back and tell me if she doesn't scare you to death. She is dangerous, deranged and pretty near to combustion as the emotions inside her is going to explode. It's an interesting premise to say the least. The only thing remains to be seen is how they are going to capitalize it into something great –something we as gamers would love to spend out precious time on. Can Ninja Theory do it? Sure they can. They have the expertise of creating action games for years now. So I am pretty sure it will be just like any other project for them. But the inclusion of mental illness brings a whole new dimension to the game, which is a tad worrying to be honest. What are they planning to do with this game? We haven't seen much of it except for the details and a gameplay trailer. Hopefully they are going to see much more of this game come E3. Then we will get to know more about it. Till then, we can only speculate as to what are they up to right now.


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