All you need to know about LSI keywords

LSI keywords or Latent Semantic Indexing keywords may be a new and unknown term to many. This article describes what is an LSI keyword and how to use LSI keywords to boost website traffic and increase page rank.


The ultimate aim of any website or blog is to generate more and more traffic and it is quite a tough job to accomplish. Even with a lot of hard work and effort, the results often tend to elude and disappoint most.

With the increasing complexity of search engine algorithms, which are now centered on quality content, the age old practice of dominant keyword usage has all but gone. This does not imply that keywords do not play an important part any more; it simply means that the types of keywords and the ways in which they must be used have changed.

LSI keywords or Latent Semantic Indexing keywords, as they stand for, is one such area that needs to be understood. If understood and applied in the right manner, the LSI keywords can give a real boost to the traffic of your website.

LSI keywords

Understanding what are LSI keywords

Latent Semantic Indexing is an algorithm or process that search engines use to check if your article or blog post actually provides information relevant to the topic of the post or if it is just spam. To do this, the words and phrases in your article are indexed by search engine bots and checked for relevancy among each other. For instance, if your post is about home loans, then the bots will check for words like interest rate, installment, mortgage, etc as they relate to the topic of loans or home loans. Such words and phrases are known as LSI keywords and they add value to your post or article.

After this the search engines determine the density of such words in your article and decide whether your website should receive more traffic or not. Based on this a ratio between the number of times such words appear in the article to the total number of words is developed. If you are using the words or phrases several times unreasonably to increase your rankings, the search engines consider it keyword overloading and will most likely penalize your website for this action by lowering your page ranking. On the contrary, if you maintain a good ratio of LSI keywords, you are likely to see a good boost in your rankings.

How to choose LSI keywords

Deciding the best LSI keywords that can be included in your articles is pretty much dependent on the topic or niche your are working on. According to experts, a good way to begin is by using primary keywords. Though one might be tempted to use synonyms for the primary keywords, such practice hardly has any effect and will help in no way.

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Rather, go to some of the most widely used search engines like Google and Bing and enter your primary keywords. Then make a note of all the words or phrases suggested by the search box. These suggestions are based on the most widely searched terms by real users for that topic. Once the list is complete, you can now use these words and phrases and build your content around them as these are the most useful LSI keywords. Such keywords easily associate with your primary keywords and are liked by search engines.

Gain leverage from your LSI keywords

To take the best advantage of your LSI keywords is to write content that is rich in useful information and relevant with your primary keywords well distributed throughout the article. This is most important and crucial part and must be done very carefully and honestly.

Every post that you publish online, from simple blog posts to reviews to how-to guides, all need good and quality LSI keywords to make impact. Though the search engine bots and spiders work the algorithms and methods to rank your website, your content should still be aimed at providing information to actual people as these bots are clever enough to determine what well-written and informative content must look like.


Latent semantic indexing is not a new word in town and has been there for quite sometime. The reason they are rising in importance is due to the fact that search engines are diminishing the hiatus between what users actually search for and what they really find. By just following simple rules such us improving your writing abilities and using the appropriate LSI keywords, you can greatly increase your web traffic and climb up the search engine rankings quite smoothly.

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