Games like Vindictus: A few action multiplayer games you have to play

Vindictus is really popular everywhere due to its real time combat mechanics which goes layers deep. I wish more games had it. Nevertheless, soem games come close to it. So let's look at some of the similar games like Vindictus.


It's surprising that not a lot of people know about this brilliant South Korean hack-n slash RPG even though it's still doing really good in terms of business and sells after 8 years of its release. Things are looking quite good for this game, especially when you consider that user base for this game just keeps expanding every year. Why wouldn't it? This game totally deserves it. The only reason you and I can play this game is that the developers decided to bring this game to the west instead of just focusing on South Korean market, which, not to mention, is not that big and attractive. But South Korean game developers, for some strange reason, don't like to bring their games to the parts of the world as well. God knows how many awesome games have not made it to this side of the world where there are more gamers waiting for good MMOs. Nevertheless, in one of the rarest moves, this game has been brought to the west. I have played it for tons of hours, and My guess is, you have played it too and are looking for some similar games like Vindictus to kill some of your time. So I am not going to waste your time. Let's move on to the list straight away. Just keep in mind that all the below-mentioned games are real-time sinks as they are all MMO games. They are supped to take hundreds of hours of your time. So only progress towards the list if you are ready to say goodbye to your social life.


It's not as big as Vindictus, not even by a long shot. But don't mistake its shabby graphics for a murky game – it's really good. In fact, it had me hooked for more than 50 hours. Granted. You'll have to replay the same area and beat the same boss for a lot of times. It never gets boring as you come back to the same area with the new set of powers to try some cool things and combos and finish off the enemy.
The good news is, it's totally free to play. Yes, they are not going to charge anything from you to download this game. Yes, there are some microtransactions which might bother you, but nothing is too intrusive so all should be good if you like to keep things free and don't pay a penny for your games. You won't regret jumping in this game.

Black Desert

Black Desert is gotta be one of the best looking games I have ever seen. It's gotta be. I am yet to see an MMO with such realistic looking character models and ambience, especially considering the fact that it has come from a Korean Developer. Those guys don't make too many AAA games. You know. Of course, this game is a nice exception. While this game is yet to be announced for the west. Let's keep your fingers crossed and hope that someday we will get to play this game in English. If it comes here, it's guaranteed to make a lot of noise.

Having played the beta, I can tell you that it's going to be great. It's already looking pretty good for a game that hasn't even been fully made yet. Yes, it's true that they have not realized the whole concept and the game is already looking huge. Just imagine what could happen in the next couple of years as they keep implementing new ideas and stuff into this game. This one of the benefits in being in MMO business. You always have a lot of time in your hands to try out some new cool ideas.

Blade & Soul

Again, another South-Korean game into this list. You can call me biased towards Korean games, but I just can't help it. It's true that South Korean game devs are one of the most underrated in the world. They make some of the greatest MMOs out there in the market, yet they don't get their due share of recognition they deserve. Nonetheless, this game has found the limelight worldwide after being in development hell for the last couple of years. It seems that this game is going to come sooner than expected in the west. If you can understand the South-Korean language well-enough, though. You are welcome to give this free-to-play game a shot.

Dragon Nest

Not as big budgeted as other games in this list. But it sure does give some of the best MMOs a run for its money. First and foremost, it's combat mechanics is surprisingly good and goes layers deep. You have to remember combo keys if you want to beat the enemy efficiently without being clogged to death. It's a steep learning curve, but once you are through it., you'll love every send of being in this game world and fighting enemies just for the sake of it. I found myself repeating the same fight scenario over and over for quite a few times in my gameplay as the combat never gets old. Yes, the cartoonish graphics are a bit dated by today's standard, but this shouldn't stop you from playing one of the most polished games ever made. Don't just go for graphics; go for quality, which is what has made this game enormously popular amongst MMO gamers. It's pretty likely that you'll love it as well if you have a penchant for real-time co bat games. This game has plenty of it, so you are never getting bored.


They say that MMOs are going to be dead. You might have believed them in past. You might have fathomed about them being boring stuff. But then you stumbled upon this list. How do you feel about MMOs now? I am quite positive that your outlook would have changed after perusing this list. All of these games listed here are pretty great, not only because of the amount of dizzying content they have but because of their unique revolutionary combat as well. I for one am a big fan of these games. Which game are you going to pick up next?

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