Are days of single player games are over?

Single player games are becoming an increasingly rare thing these days. Are the days of single player games over? Let's take a deeper look and find out the truth behind it.

Single player games once used to be one of the most craved games, but times have changed now. There was a time when anything that contained multiplayer in the game was really loathed and not well received by the community. But now that players have slowly started embracing the multiplayer games, are single-player games really in danger? What will happen to them once multiplayer games go mainstream and developers start making only multiplayer games? Will we ever see a single player game again? Let's delve in deep and discuss a bit more about this hot topic.

More multiplayer focus

It seems as if more and more developers have shifted their focus from making a single player game to making multiplayer games. Most recent example could be Crytek Studio, the studio behind games like Far Cry and Crysis. They have decided that they are only going to focus on mutiplayer games from now on as they are tired of making single player games. Their last single player game was Crysis 3 and we haven't seen anything else from them since then. They were making a Homefront sequel, but it's sold to someone else now, which means that they will only be focusing on Warface, a multiplayer First Person shooter. God only knows when will we return to the single player roots.

Single player games sell better

No matter how many free to play games or buy to play multiplayer games they will make, the fact remains the same – single player games sell way better than their mutiplayer counterpart. It's a hard fact no one denies. Just look at the recent trends. For example Skyrim released back in 2011 and is still selling like hot cakes, well ahead of it multiplayer counterparts. The reason is it's only a single player game, focused on the main storyline and narrative. That's why it's selling more, which is testimony to the fact that there are millions of people who love playing single player games. There is no multiplayer in Skyrim at all, and that's what single player lovers like so much about it.

Take another example of Witcher 3 - a game released just a few days ago, but has already sold more than a couple million copies. Heck, its preorder surpassed a million copies just a few days before this game was released, which says a lot about a game made by only a team of 200 people. This alone should be enough evidence for those who say that single player games just don't sell well when compared to multiplayer titles. Here is your proof.


Piracy is always a huge concern for everyone and it will always be a problem no matter how many precautions you take as a developer and publisher. Hackers would always creep up on your game and would want to break your DRM code. There is a sense of pride in cracking a game and distributing it for free to everyone. You can't stop them, unless of course you make those kinds of game where it's impossible to crack them. Online based games seems to be the only way to go in that case. And as much as we loathe online only games, we will have to admit that they can't be cracked. Only those who'd buy the game will be able to play them. If you are thinking about getting those games for free, you'll have to wait for years before someone is able to emulate the servers and create a custom server. Even then, though, you won't be able to full enjoy the experience of playing that game as some of the features and assets would always be missing from the game. That's why many of the developers who used to develop only single player games are moving towards the multiplayer only direction now. It's bad news, but that's what we'd have to live with now. We have forced them to go that ways, so we really can't blame them for choosing this path.

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It's pretty clear that we are moving towards a future where there would be no place for offline single player games. If you are looking for epic single player experiences, you'll be disappointed in coming days as there are only multiplayer only games lined up for launch.

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