The Witcher 3 Guide: Tips, Tricks and Cheats

The Witcher is not a pretty user-friendly game. It can leave you feeling overwhelmed, especially if you are new to go the game. Here is the guide to help your journey.


Witcher 3 is a huge game, bigger than anything I have ever played. Yes, there are procedurally generated games that are infinite in scope. In other words, those games are not hand crafted. Everything is automated. Don't give credit to those games as the world often feels dull. Witcher 3, however, is a whole different ball game. You have choices here, choices that will change the game world, choices that will decided whether a single tribe or the whole village is going to survive the upcoming slaughter. Of course, I am trying to give you an idea about the kind of choices you are going to be making in this game without trying to spoil this game for anyone as I am presuming that you have still not played this game. If you haven't even picked it up yet, you might want to give it a shot as it's one of the best role playing games you'll ever play. This Witcher 3 guide is totally spoiler free. So go ahead with it even if you haven't played it yet.

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Get to as many points of power as you can

Point of power boosts your stamina and magic for a specific amount of time. They don't last long, but if you visit as many point of power early on in the game, you'll find out that killing griffins is quite an easy task. No, it won't make the game easy for you. Not by a long shot. It's just that you'll have more option now while you'll be in combat. You'll no longer need to rely on your sword as magic will do the trick. Did I mention that using magic is one of the most fun things you can do in the game? Yes, the sword buckling is a great thing, but sometimes you gotta use your Witcher power for more fun, and visit as many points of power as you can early on in the game will ensure that you are doing it right.

Main quests and side-quests

There is so much to do in this game that it will leave you feeling overwhelmed with 100s of tasks in your to-do list. If you want to explore the world, fine. Do it by all means. But don't go around picking up all the quests from everyone and everywhere unless you plan on doing them as soon as possible. If you are planning on doing the quests later, you might as well want to pick it up later. The reason I am saying this is because the world is so big that you'll easily get lost in exploring it and totally forget about the quest. And when you'll actually want to do those quests, you'll not recall why you picked up this quest in the first place. "Why am I going to follow a goat?" This is what I asked myself when I saw my quest journal instructing me to follow a goat for some reason. I simply forgot who gave me this quest and for what reason. And I lost my interest in it. The quests will soon become pretty tedious if you don't get why you are doing it in the first place. So remember the rule; only pick up those side and main quests that you actually want to do first.

How to beat a tough enemy

While Witcher 3 is not as hardcore as Dark Souls, It's certainly not as easy game. If you think that you are going to whistle through all the combat with ease, think again. This game will punish you for taking it casually. Yes, Geralt is a mutant, he is pretty tough guy with two swords dangling from his back all the time and he barely breaks a sweat, but he is not invincible in the fight against beasts. You'll have to come prepared with potions and bombs before a fight begins. Make sure that you have applied the oil available from merchants on your swords before going in a fight with any monster. Runes are another thing you need to look for. Yes, they are harder to find, but if you have them, you have already won half the battle. So make sure that you have runes before you go on and delve in deep in higher level fights.

Making Bombs

It's surprising how many people don't even know what is a bomb and how can they make it in Witcher 3. It's not their fault. The bomb is supposed to be a hidden tool, an ultimate weapon, the recipe of which is pretty scarce. Once you find the recipe and the ingredients to make the bomb, you'll not need the ingredients again ever. You can make as many bombs as possible if you have some kind of alcohol in your disposal. Just be sure to save frequently and meditate just after the save. Once you wake up from meditation, you will find that all the items of inventory all replenished. All your potions will be there to use again, and yeah, bombs too, big heavy hitters! They can absolutely crumble the burliest of enemies if you know how to use them properly.


The Witcher 3 is a huge game. I am still playing it and finding new things every day. Every day is a new adventure here with new tribes to find and new enemies to kill. It's pretty likely that I will come across a lot of new tips and tricks and when I will, I am going to update this post with those new tricks. For now, this is all I have, Have you got some of your tricks under the wraps that we haven't heard of yet? Share it with us through the comment section.

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