Why Rockstar is so successful with its games and other gaming studios are not?

In these times when gaming companies are getting out of gaming buisness and doing something else, Rockstar, the company behind GTA series, is making tons of cash from just a couple of games. What's the secret behind it?


Rockstar Studios, the studio behind legendary games like San Andreas, GTA IV, GTA V, Manhunt and countless other games and series. If you haven't heard about them yet despite even being a casual gamer, it's almost like perpetrating a crime in the gaming world. They are one of the most successful gaming companies around in this business while other companies are finding it pretty hard to turn a net profit every quarter. How do they manage to do that? What is the secret behind their strategy? Let's find out as to why Rockstar is one of the most successful gaming companies around today.

No compromise with quality

I am not saying that they are not making any money or they don't want to make any money at all. It's not a religious or charitable work people. These people work for money, and tons of money. GTA V has sold millions of copies and is still selling like hot cakes on Steam. So don't ever say that they are going to compromise with money. But if you ponder a bit more about the reason behind their recent success with games like Max Payne 3 and GTA V, you'd find that they love making perfect games. If you leave behind Manhunt 2 (Not a bad game by any means), Rockstar has always aced almost all their other games. They give their games the time and love they need unlike other studios who can only see money. And the result? They see nothing but profit in the long term. People have faith in Rockstar Studio. That's why they pre-order their games moments before it even comes out. They already know that this studio is not going to fail them. They know that the game that is in production going to live up to their expectations for sure. Hence, they never even think twice before placing their bet on Rockstar's games. You see, quality is the only thing that matters in the long run. Take that Ubisoft and start giving your games some time before releasing it in totally unfinished state. Don't repeat the same mistake you did last year by Releasing Unity in such a buggy state. That game was plain unplayable. Enough of my ranting though. Let's not derail this topic, which brings us to our next point of discussion.


It might take forever to build a reputation in the gaming community, but once you do it, you can almost bet their your games are going to do well financially. That was the reason why GTA V had made more than their break-even point money by the time people at Rockstar Studios had their dinner. It's not a rocket science. The commitment to the game and an already impressive reputation helped swell their game to millions of copies being sold across the streets of India, US, UK and other countries where this game is so popular. Even in the early days of gaming in India, everyone kinda knew about Rockstar and GTA games, which is testimony to the fact that their games are really famous.

Street smart

Hard work doesn't always pay off as well as you want it to be, but smart work almost always does. Yes, Rockstar is a street smart developer studio. They know what they are doing. They know how to sell a million more copies that it normally would. They know how to whet people's appetite for a game. That's the reason why they decided to release this game on last gen consoles only in 2013 and not on current gen consoles. They knew that once they release the same game on current-gen consoles a couple of months later, those who'd buy the game on last-gen console would want to buy it all over again for a better experience on current-gen consoles. That's why we saw a bump in sales again once it released a few months later on current-gen console.

And we haven't forgotten about the master trick they pulled off on PC. We finally got the game after it released on old gen consoles back in 2013. It's been 2 years of painful wait for PC gamers. While we got a perfect port, there is a solid reasoning behind the delay for almost 2 years. They did it due to various reasons. Believe it or not, releasing a game simultaneously on PC with other consoles affect the sales of game quite drastically., That's why they decided to hold back on the PC release for quite some time and release it to masses for their pleasure when they are finally done with the console version. They released it when they were quite sure that console versions are not selling as much as they used to. Moreover, those console owners who has a PC installed as well, would also like to get their hands on this game again on a noticeably superior platform. It's no-brainer to play this game on PC. After all, that's where you get the best graphics and not to forget, the awesome mod support for this game.

Even though Rockstar is against the modding, it hasn't prevented people from creating some awesome mods for this game already. All in all, the wait was worth it. It was a win win situation if you look at it from anther standpoint. We finally got the game we were craving for and Rockstar just got to make tons of more money from it. They are genius when it comes to world designing, but they also know their dubious ways with selling more copies of a game and making consumers buy their game twice or more than twice for different platforms. Well done Rockstar. I believe credit should be given to them where credit is due. They have done their job perfectly when it comes to GTA V. And now we are expecting the similar kind of work from their next game that is named Red Dead Redemption 2. It's going to be another open-world title, bigger and better than the first one and there is no doubt that Rockstar will ace it as well. Check other open world games also which are interesting.

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