Double Platformer game - Digit & Dash - an iOS game Review

Read the review of Digit & Dash, an iOS double platformer game which provides you amazing challenges and tests how good your reflexes are. Know how do we feel about this new offering from the house of Insomniac Games.

Digit & Dash is a new game from Insomniac Games, the developer of games like Sunset Onedrive. Yes, that's right, Insomniac Games earlier have developed quite a number of games for various versions of PlayStation and Xbox and sometime back they have started developing games for mobile devices too. Digit & Dash is however not their first game for mobile; they had released Fruit Fusion and Outernauts a short while back.


Digit & Dash is a double platformer game where you have 2 characters - Digit and Dash, who are trying to defeat an evil hotdog that they created accidentally. The evil hotdog has separated the two love birds along the two sides of the never ending vertical and now they must reach the end of it to defeat the evil hotdog and reunite. It is a vertical endless runner game where you have to make sure that both your characters are able to avoid obstacles and proceed together. Though the controls are quite simple but to control two characters at the same time is very tricky. It takes some time and a lot of under breath cursing to actually get the controls under hand. Depending on which side of the screen you tap, Digit or Dash will jump from the pipe. You have both obstacles and enemies in the path of both characters along with coins that you need to collect.


There is a brilliant tutorial in the start of the game to get you accustomed in avoiding the obstacles. Initially, the coin are spread in a way that will help you learn when to jump and how to jump to avoid a particular obstacle. While simple taps make your character jump normally, the other jumps are where the actual attraction of the game is. You can jump on your enemy's head to jump even higher. To jump even higher to avoid bigger obstacles you need coordination between the two characters; when one of the character is in the air, tap on the side and the other robot character will slam into the ground making the first robot jump even higher. Both the double jump over enemy's head and the slam jump are a little hard to master and really worth if you want to enjoy the game. They both are actually your best friends and best enemies, they will help you jump over the most formidable of obstacles but require such precision that more or less you will end up activating the former than the latter and end up crashing in obstacle you were just trying to avoid.

Honestly, it is very overwhelming at first. A human brain is not designed to hold focus at more than one place - that's science actually - but this game requires you to do so, which means you end up carefully coordinating your attention between the two sides, alternating your focus quickly enough. And just when you feel that you are getting the hang of the game, the difficulty level begins to rise quite quickly making you even more frustrated. However, to make sure that your frustration doesn't end up making you leave the game, there are intelligently placed checkpoints which make sure that you don't have to start over if you lose one time.
There are total 5 worlds with 5 levels in each world. You can revisit each world to collection all the coins if you really have that much free time!

Wrap up

All said and done, Digit & Dash might be challenging but are really addictive. You will itch to play it again and again once you have started. Of course you will fail, not a few times but many times, but then there are the checkpoints to make sure that you don't lose your interest completely and continue enjoying the game.

Price: $2
Pros: Doubt platformer is a real refreshing challenge, checkpoints in between so you don't lose much of progress, real test for reflexes and highly addicting
Cons: Can feel quite frustrating at times especially with the mix up in double tap and power punch jumps. Only for those with fast reflexes

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