EZTalks - Premium quality free video conferencing software - Review and Comparison

Read the review of EZTalks - a professional quality video conferencing software that offers much more features than any other video calling software can have. See how it increases your professional productivity by making the conferences you hold a time of discussing important things rather than trying to hear each over that annoying disturbance that your conferencing software can't deal with.

Have you ever done video conferencing? If you haven't, you should give it a try and if you have already done it then you would be already aware of its advantages. With a proper Internet connection, video conferencing is the next best thing to physically being present with the persons you want or have to talk to.

I myself make use of video conferencing to have long talks with my group of friends on weekends who live quite far. Being able to chat with them for hours in a group without worrying about any charges is one of the best things in life. But then, it is important the connection is strong, video quality is good and there are other features too like chat, photo/file sharing and the ability to add other persons in between the talk.
EZTalks homescreen
There are many such software and apps out there for this purpose, but when you need such tools for professional purposes, your needs and requirements are high. You would need the ability the schedule a call, cross platform compatibility, video recording ability, high quality audio and video, ability to share screen, file sharing capability and the ability to hold private and public conversation simultaneously when in a call.

Today, I bring to you a software that does this all and more - EZTalks. And do you know what the best thing is? It is that it is completely free if you are using it for conferencing with just 3 people. So it makes it really simple to first try it out before you take the decision to buy it for your team or company. Check the quality, evaluate your requirements and if you team members agree, then only pay the small charge for a tool that can bring in so much productivity.

Salient features of Eztalks

HD quality video and audio
You get high quality audio and video whether you join from your desktop or smartphone. It supports 16 HD video conference streams and crystal clear voice quality. No tool can solve the problem of low speed internet connection but if that is not an issue, EZTalks takes care that no matter how many people you have on the conference, disturbances don't spoil the focus you are attempting to give to the discussion being held.
Live Eztalks meeting

Share files and more
You can not only share photos, documents and excels, but mostly any type of file can be transferred using EZTalks except executable. You can also share your desktop screen with other team members or a white board in case you want to explain something to all team members. You can even share applications from your desktop with your team members using EZTalks. You also have annotations and drawing board to make sure you are not limited in any way to share things with your team members.

Share screen EZTalks

Schedule meetings
You can create schedules for meetings that you are planning to hold. These can be daily or weekly sync up meetings or some urgent meeting which you want to hold within a short duration of time. Such meetings won't require passwords from the other users and all they would need is the meeting number.
Schedule meeting EZTalks

Public / Private chats
While you can use the public chat to send some message to the whole conference attendees, you can also make use of the private chat within the same window to send a message to a particular person.

For example, one of the person might not be able to understand something that the team lead is saying, you can just ping that person in private chat explaining in simpler words what the team lead is actually asking for.

Yes, you get online storage too with this tool. For the free plan you get 1 GB of online storage that you will find quite useful to share files with your team members quickly. You want to share a file while in the conference call? Just share the file right there and then so that you don't forget it later!

Forever free
For 3 users, EZTalks is forever free. So if you are planning to use it just for personal purpose, then you don't need to worry about buying it. Use these high class features completely free without worrying about when the "trial period" is over, because there is NONE! So if you are a private tutor, then you just got gold on your hand! A professional class conferencing software with all features unlocked available to you for no price at all!

Premium plans for EZTalks
If you are planning to use EZTalks for more than 3 people then you will have to switch to the premium plan which are available under the names Premium 10, Premium 30, Premium 50 and Premium 100. The count here means the number of people that you will be host on the conference all.

If you need to host even more people you can contact he EZTalks support and they will be able to help you. The division of prices according to the number of persons makes it a very cost effective tool. Most other such tools in the market have a very vague division like free, Pro and Premium which more or less is more than you might be willing to pay.

And l would suggest you to actually check out the prices offered by EZTalks competitors. I did that for myself and found the prices to be quite low to what its competitors are offering.
Take for instance AnyMeeting, the price they are asking for hosting 30 people on their tool for a conference is $18 monthly whereas with EZTalks you get it for just $16.99 per month or a $14/month annual plan!

Now you have chance to get as huge as 50 discount for Premium 10/30/50/100 Annual plan (10/30/50/100 users annual package) with coupon code EZTalks-Tech-50 valid up to June 10, with up to 100 host selectable, please click here (please see the detailed guide at the end of the article) to get detailed guide as to how to get the coupon code work. If you still have any problem, please feel free to contact eztalks at support@eztalks.com

Customer support
You have 24/7 customer support that you can contact anytime online to get solutions to your queries, any bug that you might encounter and limitation that you feel is limiting you to exploit the full potential of your conference calls.

Comparison with Lync
If you are a professional, high chances are you are using Lync for holding conference calls. While Lync also supports video calls, screen sharing, remote control and scheduling of meetings, it does not have any other feature. You don't have a live drawing board to to demonstrate something on the call, you don't get free storage and you have to pop another window to separately chat with another person while a Conference call is going on.

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I am not a bit hesitant to say that right now there is no competitor of EZTalks that comes even near to it. If you are really looking for a video conferencing tool that can enhance your productivity then EZTalks is the way to go.

Step by step to get 50% discount for EZTalks Premium 10/30/50/100 Annual Plan

Let us take Premium 10 Annual Plan as an example
Step 1: Go to https://www.eztalks.com/shop/index
Giveaway EZtalks
Step 2: Click "Buy Now" under Premium 10 to go to the following interface:
Buy Now EZTAlks
Step 3: Change to Annual Plan
Select plan

You need to click "Change to Annual Plan" to switch to annual plan, otherwise, you will get monthly plan.

Step 4: Input Coupon Code and apply
Selected plan
Input coupon code and apply, then, you will get 100% discount
Step 5: Security Checkout
Click "Security Checkout" to follow the steps to finish payment.
Note: You can finish the payment directly if you already registered on the official website, otherwise, you need to register and fulfill the payment after wards.

Note: The coupon code for Premium 10/30/50/100 Annual Plan 50% discount is EZTalks-Tech-50, which is valid until June 10, 2015.

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Guest Author: Mohd Arif07 Jul 2015

EZTalks is a good online platform for video conferencing at a very suitable optimal price. This is a good review article and fully feature-oriented.

Guest Author: stallone11 Dec 2015

Additionally, you may also try a R-HUB desktop video conferencing server.

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