All you need to know about power banks and their safety aspects

This article gives do's and don't and advice related to Power Banks and its usage, charging method and storage. This article provides general frequently asked questions and related matters.

Power bank or rechargeable battery charger is DC storage device which can be used to charge other smart devices which run on DC power. The list includes smartphones, tablets and many more gadgets. A power bank is a DC battery that is commonly made up of Lithium-Ion. Recently you can even find Lithium Polymer type batteries which are considered better compared to Lithium Ion type. Ultimately power bank is a portable USB charging device. A power bank is rated in terms of its storage capacity in mAh (milli Ampere hour). The higher the mAh, the higher amount of DC power can be stored and the more times you can charge your device. If you are planning to buy a power bank for your device, ensure following to keep in mind before selecting any power bank.

How to choose a power bank?

1. By capacity of power bank

Normally smartphone battery capacity ranges from 2000 mAh to 4000 mAh. Thus, simply one should buy a power bank that has more capacity than that of a smartphone. But you cannot charge your phone with 2000 mAh capacity two times if you have a power bank having 4000 mAh capacity. The conversion rate and health of your power bank can reduce the charging level. If you have Moto G and you want to buy a power bank that could give you three times charge cycles, you should prefer 10400 mAh capacity power bank.

The calculation is as under:

80% Health
80% Conversion rate
3 times full charging cycle

Thus, Moto G with 2070 mAh battery can be charged three times with power bank with 10400 mAh (= 3 x 2070 /(0.8 x 0.8) = 9703 mAh)

2. Brand

Always look for a good brand for selecting a power bank. Have a review of the brand you are selecting from friends or from a genuine gadget review website.

3. Guaranty/Warranty

Before buying a new power bank, one should also look for a guaranty or warranty. This gives a trust that the company has made a good product that they guarantee to last. Do not buy any unknown brand without any guaranty or warranty period.

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Safe and Best way to charge power bank

  • Power bank gets heated when you are charging the power bank. So, it is very necessary to charge in cool and ventilated area where heat can be easily disposed off.
  • Do not use and charge power bank under the blanket or pillow. Excess heat may even damage or explode the power bank.
  • Avoid touching the power bank with wet hand and try to keep it in dry places as humidity affects charging and life of power bank too.
  • Keep the power bank connection dust free to have better contact during charging.
  • Always keep it out of children's reach.
  • Do not use gadget when it is being charged by power bank. This may shortens the life of power bank.
  • Always use power bank to charge compatible devices with compatible input-output voltage range.
  • Do not let power bank to fully discharge, this will shorten the life. Always have some charging in it. This will keep charging cycle intact.

Few popular brands for power bank in India

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Author: Timmappa Kamat07 Jul 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Powerbanks have become an essential tool for gadgets these days. What with the kind of activities we have been performing on our smartphones, the batteries have not been able to cope with the workload we have been forcing on them. Also battery technology has not been growing with the same pace as the smartphones.

Among the current breed of powerbanks, I would go with Xiaomi Mi powerbank 10400 mAh.

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