Steam Paid Mods: What is it and why it will destroy PC gaming?

Steam Paid mods are not a new thing. It has been experimented with in the past with multiplyer game. Is it beneficial in the long run to introduce it for the singleplayer games? Let's find out.


Mods – they are such an important part of PC gaming. Ever since the inception of PC gaming, there is one thing that has remained the same for the past 30 years or so. It's called the modding – an a privilege only exclusive to PC gamers. If you are playing on a console, you can't get this feature. Sorry guys, but that's how things are for the time being and that's how it's going to stay for the foreseeable future. You just can't think of modding on consoles as modding is free on PC and there is no such thing as free on consoles. You gotta pay for everything over there. From big DLC packs to content boosters, there is a fixed price for everything. PC, on the other hand, enjoys a vast array of free mods for games that support modding. There are thousands of content creators who voluntarily devote hundreds of hours for developing a mod that others will enjoy. And the best thing about them is they are available to us for free. That's what keeps us coming back to that game for more as there is always something happening in the modding community. There are always some new content available for free. What's not to like here?

Have you ever imagined what will happen if modding were to become paid just like the original games? What if we have to pay for all the mods we download? Valve recently introduced that feature to Skyrim – a game that traditionally has one of the biggest modding communities ever. Let's delve in deep and find out why it's hazardous to PC gaming.

People will work only for money

Nothing inspires people to work more than money does, but one has to understand that modding is not exactly a typical work we do in our offices. It's more of a hobby that can turn into a paid job when someone hires a modder. Until then, though, it remains a hobby – a time consuming one without any sort of pay whatsoever. Now, some people might argue that modders should be compensated in some way for their time. I couldn't agree more. In fact, they are compensated for their time by getting the recognition in the market. They have something to attach in their CV when they search for a gaming job in the market. More than that, a lot of people donate to them directly through PayPal or other means if their work is liked. Heck, some people are being donated more than one can ever earn from a normal job. That's why I find this argument invalid. You can't say that they should be paid more because, there is no need to. Modding will lose its sole purpose if modders start getting paid.

Tons of gibberish

Have you been seeing a lot of desperate people trying to get their mods sold on Steam lately? Yes, I have too. It's because of that recently introduced feature, which allows modders to sell their content for whatever price they'd like. That's why there is an influx of mods on Steam Workshop lately. It's getting harder to find good mods to download and play, and it's only going to get worse. This is only a start. Only a couple of days have passed since paid modding was announced. Wait for a couple of months before you begin to see how wrong they were in introducing paid modding to the Steam Community. Only time will tell where things are going to go, but for now, they are not looking bright.

Fan Backlash

As expected, fans have got tired of it within a couple of days only. They have backlashed. You can already see some for the recent mods with 'take back paid mods signs being attached to them. That should be a good enough sign for Valve that people are not happy with their latest decision. I hope they'd listen to this message and do what they claim to have been doing for last couple of years, and that is listening to public outcries and concerns. Will Valve listen this time around and revert this decision? Only time will tell.

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